Updated: October 18, 2017
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Coriander Miso Ramen With A Good Feel Cause! Shinbu Sakiya in Shibuya

If you're looking for delicious ramen, but want something a little bit special, Shinbu Sakiya in Shibuya has you covered! This place is a bit of a gem on Dogenzaka. I like to think of them as a delicious ramen joint with a good cause, as they support a Cambodia NGO supporting children in need. If that's not enough of a reason to head here, the ramen here is also next level!

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Shinbu Sakiya on Dogenzaka, Shibuya

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After eating all the ramen under sun you start to wonder if that's it... but then there comes a new place kinda surprises you!

Enter Shinbu Sakiya, a friendly ramen joint on near the top of Dogenzaka, about a 5 minute walk from Shibuya station.

Walking up towards Shinbu Sakiya you'll pass many other restaurants and eateries, however don't be lured astray from your mission - eating a one of a kind ramen dish in Tokyo!
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Now before you head in to the restaurant and take a seat, look towards your right and you'll see the ticket vending machine. Everything you can order is on here. There's even English on the menu which helps us foreigners out!

I order the Coriander Miso Ramen with homemade chili oil. It costs 1030 yen and is totally worth the somewhat of a splurge!

If you're feeling thirsty you can also order beer, whisky highballs, chuhai, and coke with the press of a button!
Inside you'll notice a warm and friendly atmosphere. The guys in the kitchen a super friendly and offer a traditional Japanese ramen shop hospitality. Notice the "Irassshai!" as you walk in (meaning "welcome").
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Hand you're ticket over and take a seat. They'll bring you an "oshibori" (wet towel) to wipe you hands, and your face if you fancy it.

Now if you're a little clumsy like me make sure to grab one of the paper aprons/bibs. It'll totally save your shirt from any splashes!
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In just a few minutes you'll bowl of deliciousness will arrive and you're ready to dig in! Make sure you give the soup a try before you mix everything up!

It's loaded with coriander and the homemade chili oil clearly visible on top - I love spicy stuff! There's also a terrifically tender piece of char siu pork placed neatly on the side. Underneath is bean sprouts and al dente egg noodles.

It's definitely a unique mix of flavours with savoury miso soup base with ingredients traditionally not really used in Japanese cooking - coriander and chili. Combined, you get a tasty South East Asian & Japanese Ramen dish!
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As you get further down into the bowl and through the noodles you'll notice that the soup has taken a different flavour. As you mix through the coriander the soup absorbs the flavours and gives a beautiful new touch to the dish. YUM!
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One thing to note about Shinbu Sakiya is that for every dish served at the restaurant 2 yen goes towards a local NGO based in Cambodia that supports children with education and other resources. Now you may think 2 yen isn't that much but as this place makes a tonne of ramen every day it totally adds up! Just eating here is a good cause - not just for your palate, but also less fortunate children in Cambodia.

If you want to make a larger donation just let them know!
After your meal why not hit the pavement and take a stroll around the streets in Shibuya. Better yet, why not head back down to the Shibuya scramble crossing and attempt to cross it in a straight line!

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