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4 Selected Restaurants to Eat "ANMITSU", A Japanese Traditional Dessert, In Ueno, Tokyo!

Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese dessert that people in Japan love to eat during the summer! Ice cream, mochi rice balls called shiratama, agar jelly with red bean paste are put together to create the harmony of flavors of the anmitsu Japanese dessert.

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What is あんみつ"Anmitsu"?

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"Anmitsu" is a Japanese traditional dessert which is still popular among all generations. In 1930, Anmitsu first came out in Ginza, Tokyo. Anmitsu is made with these characteristic ingredients; small cubes of agar jelly, sweetened beans, red beans paste, soft mochi rice balls called shiratama which literally means "white balls, and some fruits.
Nowadays, the anmistu is seen as a staple summer dessert.

The Traditional Sweetness Found In Ueno, Tokyo

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A "shitamachi" neighborhood of Tokyo
We definitely recommend Ueno for some traditional Anmitsu! In the chaos of the city, you can find many long-established quiet and quaint restaurant-cafes with a history, in some cases of over 100 years! Anmitsu is a kind of dessert that goes well, somehow, with the "shitamachi" (Tokyo's old traditional neighborhoods) atmosphere.
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In Ueno, you'll often see these kinds of store displays of authentic coffee shops that are unmistakably from the Showa Era of Japan (1926–1989). There is a kind of interesting retro vibe that gives visitors feelings of nostalgia. These are the kind of places where you are likely to find Anmitsu desserts! Below is a list of 4 very popular cafe-restos where you can order animitsu in Ueno, Tokyo!

A Long-Established Shop Offering Anmitsu『みはし MIHASHI』

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Mihashi is the most famous Anmitsu shop in Ueno. Nowadays, not only Japanese, but also tourists from a variety of foreign countries visit Mihashi to try the distinctive Japanese dessert.
The Jelly, shiratama rice balls, red bean paste, and syrup are all homemade!

For the summer seasonal menu, strawberry cream Anmitsu is recommended! The sweet-and-sour berries and rich flavor of cream and red beans go extremely well together.

A 100 History in Making Red Bean Ice Cream!『みつばち MITSUBACHI』

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In 1915, the first owner of Mitsubachi created the first red bean and ice cream dessert in Japan. Even after 100 years, this traditional Japanese ice cream dessert is still on the menu!
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Mitsubachi's Anmitsu which includes this ice cream and beans combination is also very good!

The cafe's interior decoration makes you feel like you are in the old Showa times of Japan. Other than Anmitsu, Mitsubachi provides many kinds of desserts such as its original red bean paste dish!

Easy Access from Ueno Park『喫茶去 Kissako』

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Kissako is located in Ueno Park in a traditional tea-ceremony building called Inshotei(韻松亭). Not only can you can enjoy a traditional Japanese taste, but also a traditional atmosphere if you go there.
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Two different flavored ice creams are topped with two different flavored agar jelly and shiratama mochi rice balls. When you want to take a break in the big park of Ueno, Kissako is a perfect place to relax and have a taste of an old-fashioned Japanese dessert!

A Place With A Japanese Nostalgia『芋甚 Imojin』

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Imojin is on the Shinobazu Street(忍不通り). Near the entrance, there is a counter bar. You can watch how the traditional dessert is made once you order. You can then eat it at the counter or take it on the go.
It's common for customers to get something from the takeout menu.

Ice cream wafers are also popular. The ice cream is also quite good.

Traditional Desserts In The Historic Tokyo District Of Ueno

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Ueno is a historically significant place to understand Japanese culture.
For Japanese, Ueno is known as the original place of cultural enlightenment of Japan. There are a lot of art museums and galleries. Temples and historical buildings. Why not try Japanese traditional desserts such as anmitsu in such a location?
And for other useful guides on Ueno, have a look at the links below!
I would like to introduce super tasty Japanese food!!!

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