Updated: July 13, 2017
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Mizu Manju : A Traditional Summer Dessert of Japan That Is Too Beautiful To Eat

What is Mizu Manju (水まんじゅう/水饅頭)? It is one of the Japanese-style desserts (also called wagashi) in summer. This is a ultimate guide to this jelly-like beautiful dessert mizu manju, including the definition, variations, and how to make.

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What is Mizu Manju

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Mizu manju is a Japanese dessert or confection (wagashi in Japanese) that is traditionally eaten during summer. Mizu manju is a type of Japanese dessert called manju (まんじゅう/饅頭) that is a cake usually made from flour or rice powder stuffed with sweet red bean paste. Mizu (水) means "water". Not like common manju, the exterior of the mizu manju is made from kuzu starch, which makes the cake translucent and jelly-like appearance. That's why it is also called "kuzu manju".


The most common and popular type is the one with sweet red bean paste filling. Often have a edible leaf in it as well.
This has sakura (cherry blossom) in it.
Right - red bean paste / Middle - matcha / Left - peach
Mizu manju is sometimes served in the cold water with ice.
These mizu manju look like dango (団子), another Japanese dessert that is made of mochi on the sticks.


# Ingredients

- 40g kuzu starch (葛粉)
...you can use corn or potato starch as a substitute for kuzu
- 50g sugar
- 360ml water
- 100g sweet red bean paste (divide into 8 balls)

Note: This recipe is easy version. Also uses the basic red bean paste as the filling.
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# Directions

1. Put water and sugar in a bowl and stir until the sugar gets completely dissolved.

2. Add kuzu starch and mix with the liquid well

3. Strain with a sieve and pour the liquid into a pot

4. Using a spatula, mix the liquid all the time on medium heat until the liquid turns translucent and sticky.

5. Using a spoon, place a spoonful of the mixture on the cling wrap, put red bean paste on it, and then wrap the paste in the translucent mixture.

6. Put all eight mizu manju in a bowl of cold water with ice to chill.

Try the refreshing summer dessert, mizu manju!

Also check out other Japanese summer desserts and dishes!
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