Updated: July 19, 2017
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Kuzukiri: Japan's Unique And Elegant Summer Dessert

Kuzukiri or kuzukiri noodles is a Japanese traditional dessert of summer. It is originated in Kyoto, and made from kudzu root powder, a kind of starch used in Japanese cuisine. Now, know about kuzukiri and kudzu powder, and you will get familiar with the Japanese tradition.

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What is kuzukiri

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Kuzukiri is on of the Japanese traditional desserts that represent Japan's summer. It is originated in Kyoto, and you can find anywhere in Japan at Japanese style cafes or grocery stores today. The transparent noodles look very refreshing and make you cool down.

Kuzukiri is made from simple ingredients, water and kudzu powder. It is usually served with kuromitsu (black sugar syrup) as the noodles themselves don't have much taste. The texture is amazingly smooth, soft, and unique.

What is kudzu powder

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Kudzu or kuzu powder (kuzuko in Japanese) is a starch powder made from the root of the plant calld kudzu. It has been used in Japanese cuisine, both dishes and desserts, for a long time. Since it takes much time and effort to produce the powder, it is often mixed with potato or corn starch.
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Kudzu flowers
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Kudzu root
Kudzu powder is said to be good for your health in various ways. According to the history of Japan, people used to have it as a medicine long time ago. It can improve the blood circulation, help digestion, and calm the nerves. It is also a good source of antioxidants and flavonoids. It is still common to drink kuzuyu (literally means kudzu hot water), which is made from kudzu powder and a little suger dissolved in hot water, to prevent and recover from illness.
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Kuzuyu topped with yuzu peel

How to eajoy kuzukiri

The most comon way is simply put kuromitsu (black suger syrup) and eat with chopsticks.
It is also common to dip the noodles in the kuromitsu sauce on the side and eat. Often come with kinako (soy beans powder), so you can enjoy the noodles in three ways, dipping only in kuromisyu, kinako, or both.
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It is getting popular to put more toppings like fruits and matcha.

Try this elegant and healthy cooling dessert in summer!

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