Updated: July 14, 2017
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"Menya Ittou" Is A Ramen Store Worth Lining Up For!

There are hundreds of ramen restaurants, and yet people line up specifically for the store, "Menya Ittou." Find out what is so alluring about this bowl of ramen in this article!

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Menya Ittou (麺屋 一燈)

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Menya Ittou is located 3 minutes away from Shin-Koiwa station. With their ramen being ranked as the best in Japan on a gourmet website, it is known as a ramen store that is worth lining up for! People from all over Japan come just to eat this bowl of ramen.

What Makes It Worth Lining Up For?

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The main ramen that people line up to eat is the "Special Seafood Tsukemen." It comes with many toppings like eggs, meat chashu, meat balls, and green onion.
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You dip the thick and chewy noodles into the rich seafood soup. The soup is a seafood and chicken based soup and is not too rich nor too light.

Still...Don't Want To Line Up?

If you are interested but do not want to line up, aim for 14:00 pm! It is the prime time and you may be able to go in without lining up if you are lucky!

Menya Ittou

1-4-17 Higashi Shin-Koiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
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