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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Ramen In Tokyo!

What is the king of Japanese fast-food? We can say the answer is Ramen! Taking a walk in Tokyo, you'll find dozens of ramen shops, and I'm sure you'll get lost at which shop you should in. Here, take a look at these best ramen you in no.1 city of Japan, Tokyo. With this list you can enjoy the best of Japanese ramen.

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Fuunji 風雲児 @Shinjuku

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Fuunji is a ramen shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Whenever you visit, you'll see the long lines for this very popular shop. While it is famous for their thick seafood-based Tsukemen, you should the simple ramen too. Kamatama ramen (like Kamatama Udon, one of popular Udon) is also worth a try.

Menyamusashi Bujin 麺屋武蔵 武仁 @Akihabara

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Menyamusashi Bujin is a ramen shop in Akihabara, Tokyo. Near Akihabara Station, and the Showa-dori Exit(昭和通り口) is the most convenient to access! The Chef's masterpiece is "Tsukemen," dipping soup noodles. The filling Chashu is like a big beef steak! The dipping soup is thick and flavorful "Tonkotsu" base.

Men-ya Ishin 麺や維新 @Meguro

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Menya Ishin is a ramen shop in Meguro, Tokyo. A 5 min walk from Meguro station. This shop is located when heading to Shirokanedai station area. Surprisingly enough, this shop is noted for being published in The Michelin Guide 2015 Bib Gourmand section for their proven superb taste. This most popular ramen is a soy sauce-based broth mixed with both chicken as a main ingredient and boiled and dried sardines. People say it has a sharp taste, but it also exudes a certain tenderness.

Mutekiya 無敵家 @Ikebukuro

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Mutekiya is a ramen shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The main feature on their menu is the “Tonkoku Shoyu Flavored Ramen”. “Tonkoku” is the store’s special rich soup made from pork bones. As the name states, the soup that has body is very popular! The back fat that floats on the surface of the soup has the perfect sweetness. The most popular “Honmaru-men” is ¥800.

AFURI アフリ @Harajuku

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AFURI is a Ramen shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. A popular Ramen shop located 3 minutes’ walk from JR Harajuku Station, where waiting in a line is inevitable. The distinctive feature of their Ramen is the golden soup made with natural water. In the simple-tasting soup seasoned with citron salt or soy sauce, you can enjoy the flavors of thin noodles and ingredients.

Saikoro サイコロ @Nakano

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Saikoro is a ramen shop in Nakano, Tokyo. Their ramen, served with special soup made from dried sardine and pork bone and homemade chewy thick noodle, is absolutely delirious. An additional nice surprised on niku nibo Chinese noodle is the roasted pork slices covering the entire bowel top.

Miso Flavor Store Matador みそ味専門マタドール @Kita-senju

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At "Miso Flavor Store Matador", you can enjoy a rich bowl of miso ramen made from stewed beef bones. You won't find this kind of ramen anywhere else! The Rich Miso Ramen is made from stewing beef bones in miso. You can enjoy the great match between the taste of miso and beef. The moist noodles complement with the rich miso flavor of the soup.

Menya Ittou 麺屋一燈 @Shin-koiwa

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Menya Ittou is located 3 minutes away from Shin-Koiwa station. With their ramen being ranked as the best in Japan on a gourmet website, it is known as a ramen store that is worth lining up for! People from all over Japan come just to eat this bowl of ramen. You dip the thick and chewy noodles into the rich seafood soup. The soup is a seafood and chicken based soup and is not too rich nor too light.

Japanese Noodles Soba Tsuta 蔦 @Sugamo

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Tsuta was the first ramen restaurant to get a Michelin star. Their speciality dish is the soba with wontons in shoyu broth. The broth had surprising flavor depths, with a nice hint of truffle oil.

Shinasoba Yakumo 支那そば 八雲

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Yakumo's specialty is Wonton noodles in soy-sauce flavored soup. You can select from two flavors: thick black soy sauce, or light white one. You'll enjoy the difference of two types of wonton: the one with shrimp in it, and the other with meat.
支那そば 八雲 (Shinasoba Yakumo)
ADDRESS: 東京都目黒区大橋1-7-2 オリエンタル青葉台2F
2F, 1-7-2 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
NEAREST STATION: Ikejiri-ohashi station

Chinese Noodle Shibata 中華そば しば田

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Shibata's Chukasoba (Chinese noodle) is getting reputation for its soup and roasted pork. You'll taste the soup made with combination of two types of soy sauce, some chicken and seafoods.
中華そば しば田 (Chinese Noodle Shibata)
ADDRESS: 東京都調布市若葉町2-25-20
2-25-20 Wakaba-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
NEAREST STATION: 10 minutes walk from Sengawa station (仙川).

Shinka 進化 @Machida

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Shinka's simple Shio Ramen is fascinating people with its clear soup and thin noodle. Staying in Machida, you can't miss it.
NAME: 町田汁場しおらーめん 進化 (Shinka)
ADDRESS: 東京都町田市森野3-18-17-103
3-18-17-103 Morino, Machida-shi, Tokyo
NEAREST STATION: 14 minutes walk from Odakyu Machida station (小田急町田)

Oshima 大島 @Funabori

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At Oshima, you can enjoy the best Miso ramen in Tokyo. For thick food lover, this ramen with garlic in it is completely worth trying.
NAME: 大島 (Oshima)
ADDRESS: 東京都江戸川区船堀6-7-13
6-7-13 Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
NEAREST STATION: 8 minutes walk from Funabori station (船堀)

Guchoku 愚直 @Naka-itabashi

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Its price (650 yen), not to speak of its taste, is one reason that Guchoku's Tonkotsu ramen is getting lots of fans. Once you try it, you would be a fan for the combination of tonkotsu soup and thin noodle.
NAME: 愚直 (Guchoku)
ADDRESS: 東京都板橋区大谷口北町12-7 セブンマンション 1F
1F, 12-7 Oyaguchi Kitamachi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
NEAREST STATION: 8 minutes walk from Nakaitabashi station (中板橋)
I really love Ramen and Japan! No Ramen, No life.

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