Updated: July 18, 2017
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GOMAYA KUKI: The Hottest Sesame Ice Cream Store in Tokyo!

GOMAYA KUKI is an ice cream store that opened on 3/12/2017 in Omotesando, Tokyo. Ever since then, they have been attracting countless individuals with their "the world's richest sesame ice cream!"! They are now tremendously popular among all ages, let's find out why!

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Ever since GOMAYA KUKI opened in Omotesando, it has been covered on media like TV and magazine, and people, regardless of their nationalities, are falling in love with their rich sesame ice cream. They only use sesame made by Kuki Sangyo Corporation, which is a very famous company in Japan. No wonder why their ice cream is so rich and high quality, right?

The Sesame Ice Cream Craze! So many posts on Instagram too!

It is kind of obvious that Japanese people would love sesame ice cream, but what are thoughts of people from outside Japan? Believe it or not, there are many Instagram posts that shows how popular their sesame ice cream is!
People describe the sesame ice cream as "unworldly", "can legitimately taste the 9000 sesame seeds after one bite", "perfect balance of sweetness and sesame flavor", etc!
A lot of people are looking forward to coming back again and trying the rest of flavors! You can try so many different combination that you will never get sick of it!

9,000 sesame seeds in a scoop? Isn't that surreal? Give it a try!

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Kuro (Super rich)
GOMAYA KUKI aims to provide the world's richest sesame ice cream by using 9,000 sesame seeds in one ice cream!
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Shiro (Super rich)
The Kuro ice cream uses black sesame, but this Shiro ice cream is made of white sesame seeds. You may taste less sesame for the Shiro sesame ice cream, but you can still enjoy the rich, flavorful and pleasing sesame taste.

Make your own combo! 2 scoops for ¥500!

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There are 6 options to choose from! You can choose two flavors for just ¥500.
From the top left: Kuro (super rich), Kuro (rich), Goma shio (sesame and salt). From the bottom left: Shiro (super rich), Shiro (rich), and Tsubu-tsubu zakkoku (mixed grains)!
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The most popular combination is Kuro (super rich) and Shiro (rich), or Shiro (super rich) and Kuro (rich)! As dark as charcoal color, their Kuro sesame ice cream is probably the most popular among all six flavors! It is so rich that it reminds you of thick, creamy chocolate.

Free-flow toasted sesame seeds for toppings and what, sesame oil!?

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You can add sesame toppings for free. Many of you might understand sesame, because you can easily imagine that sesame and the sesame ice cream go really well together, but what about sesame oil? It's a new way to enjoy the sesame ice cream! The sesame oil that they use is also from traditional sesame store, Kuki Sangyo Corporation. According to the staff there, sesame oil and Shiro makes the best combination!

Order a drink and relax at "laundroid cafe"!

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Right next to GOMAYA KUKI, you can see a very classy cafe called laundroid cafe! If you order a drink you can sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of laundroid cafe! laundroid cafe is a new style cafe that exhibits laundroid, the world's first automated laundry holding machine.

Try GOMAYA KUKI now in Omotesando!

It is officially summer in Japan, and ice cream is a necessity, and there is no other perfect summer treat than the sesame ice cream. If you are around Omotesando, or looking for a place to cool down, visit GOMAYA KUKI! You will forever be in love with their richest ice cream on earth!
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