Updated: July 19, 2017
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ONLY IN SUMMER! Tokyo's Top Hiyashi Chuka You Need To Try Instead of Ramen

Eating ramen is probably one of the must-do things while you are in Japan. But this time, how about trying a Japanese popular comfort food hiyashi chuka instead of ramen? It is a cold ramen, or sometimes called ramen salad, that many of ramen shops in Japan offer only in summer. So, here is a list of popular hiyashi chuka places in Tokyo!

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What is hiyashi chuka?

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When summer comes, many of the Japanese crave for hiyashi chuka (冷やし中華). It is a chilled ramen noodles topped with ingredients such as ham, tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggs. Ramen shops offer the dish only during summertime.

If you want to know more about hiyashi chika (including how to make), check the link below!

Yosuko Saikan (揚子江菜館)

Located 2 minutes walk from Jinbocho station, this restaurant is said to be the place where hiyashi chuka was born long time ago.

Their hiyashi chuka (1510 yen) is served beautifully like mountain. The sauce is sweet and sour, which is refreshing in the hot summer. It also has some boiled shrimps and shiitake mushrooms as toppings.

Keiraku (慶楽)

This is a famous Cantonese restaurant located very close to Yurakucho and Hibiya station.

Their signature menu is gomadare (sesame paste sauce) hiyashi chuka. The sauce is incredibly rich, creamy, and flavorful that goes well with the nicely cooked noodles and toppings. They also offer spicy hiyashi chuka, and both are 1230 yen.

Isoji (いそじ)

3 minutes walk away from Yoyogi station, you can find this small ramen shop called Isoji. They only have counter seats.

Their hiyashi chuka is famous for the uniqueness and great taste. Usually the bowl and toppings for hiyashi chuka is different from ramen, and Isoji's hiyashi chuka is served like a ramen. The sauce is made from pork stock and seafood broth which is amazingly flavorful. The tender sliced grilled pork and soft-boiled egg on the top are great too. 940 yen.

Senrigan (千里眼)

A ramen shop located 8 minutes walk from Higashi Kitazawa station is very famous and people often make a line to eat their hiyashi chuka.

Look at this tower-like hiyashi chuka! It has a plenty of vegetables, roast pork slices, garlic, and more. It doesn't only look exciting, but tastes great. Especially the noodles are nice and thick, which makes it easier to eat all these toppings. It is just 850 yen.


Don't miss incredibe summer dish, hiyashi chuka! It will cool down your body in the hot summer.
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