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Akiba Zettai Ryoiki: a must-go maid cafe in Akihabara! [PR]

We visited the Akiba Zettai Ryoiki maid cafe in Akihabara today! This is one of the best cafe of its kind in the area. A must-go place if you are visiting the famous town. Read on to find out how our experience was like!

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Akihabara: the top place to go for maid cafes!

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Akihabara, Tokyo's so-called "electric town", is probably best known for its stores selling all sorts of gadgets, video games and many other things related to the otaku (geek) culture. It is also the area in Tokyo where we find the highest concentration of the so-called "maid cafe". We went to Akihabara to find out about this iconic Akihabara cafe genre.
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We decided to go to this famous place called Akiba Zettai Ryoiki, the No. 1 maid cafe on TripAdvisor's popularity ranking! It was located at about a five minute walk from the Akihabara Station.

Akiba Zettai Ryoiki: kawaii maid cafe

As we walked in the cafe, we were greeted by friendly and energetic maids with cat ears! Apparently, this place was created by the gods for cats to take on human form and show their respect to their goshujin (master) because of a sense of moral indebtedness towards humans. So there you have it. It makes sense to me anyway.
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We were immediately guided to our table by one of the smiling cat-maids.
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She then proceeded to explaining in very simple terms how this place works and how to enjoy the maid cafe's experience.

How it Works

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The maids were very attentive and made sure we understood everything. How it works is quite simple: there is an entry fee of 600 yen with a one drink order required. It costs an additional 600 yen for every extra hour you stay at the cafe.

During that time, you can order delicious and very colorful and cute dishes and drinks. Note that English and Chinese menus are available.

You can have friendly conversations with the cat-maids. Simply say nyan-nyan (Japanese equivalent for meow) and they will come to your table for a chat!

What's more, there is a stage in the cafe on which the maids sometimes perform wotagei dances! Wotagei is a type of cheering dance involving clapping, jumping and chanting slogans. It's really entertaining to watch!
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Oh, and as a surprise, you'll even receive cat ears of your own!

Cute and Delicious Food!

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First we ordered this refreshing pale pink soda drink. There is some kind of art work held by the straw so you look like a maid yourself when you drink it. The maids were worried my nose would be too long for it to work on me, but it seems like it turned out OK!

As is the case every time you are served something, the cat-maids do some kind of a cute ritual and prayer with you for your food to taste even more oisshii (delicious).
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Here we are blessing the food. I think we nailed it! The omu-rice (omelette-rice) tasted awesome!
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Doesn't this omu-rice and salad look good to you? They were actually really tasty! The rice beneath the omelette with the cat face was a delicious stir-fry and the brown sauce tasted something similar to a Japanese curry sauce.
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The maid skillfully decorated the dish with ketchup right before our eyes. You can choose what you want written on the side of the plate.
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The last thing we ordered was this unicorn-like parfait! A mix of ice cream and whipped cream with a cherry soda-like taste. It wasn't too sweet, just delicious!
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Before leaving, I got my picture taken with one of the maids! We do here the classic pose of joining our hands together in the shape of a heart while our chin is resting on our other hand. This is a great way to end this awesome experience! It only costs 600 yen to get a souvenir photo.

Time to go...

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Finally it was time for us to go. The maids all joined in to give us a final farewell. Akiba Zettai Ryoiki had a very nice, relaxing atmosphere with great staff members!
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All I'm left with now is this precious souvenir... Thank you everyone at Akiba Zettai Ryoiki!
We had a great time here. It was definitely worth going! This kind of experience is so unique to Japan. If you are in Akihabara make sure to stop by Akiba Zettai Ryoiki!
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