Updated: July 28, 2017
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Imagawayaki: All You Need To Know About This Traditional Japanese Street Dessert!

Have you ever heard of Imagawayaki? It is a type of Japanese dessert and this article will tell you what it is, what it is made of and where to find it!

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What Is Imagawayaki?

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Imagawayaki is a Japanese dessert that is also called Ooban yaki or Kaiten Yaki. The name depends on the region, but as it is a dessert that started selling during the Edo period, the original name is Imagawayaki. It is a dessert that the outer layer is like a pancake and the inside is filled with sweet red beans (azuki). Nowadays, they also have custard, chocolate and many other flavors.

How Is It Made?

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First, the batter is poured into each circle on the pan.
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Once the batter is heated for a while, the fillings such as azuki beans are carefully topped onto the batter.
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Then, two of the circular pancakes are combined together. Once the two are combined and the batter is heated up enough, it is done!

Where Can You Find Imagawayaki?

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This old-fashioned and retro dessert can be found in many places. In supermarkets, you can find some that are frozen, so you can warm it up at home and preserve it for many days. You can also find it as a roten stores (outdoor stands) in matsuri and festivals. Or there are also some stores that specialize in selling freshly baked Imagawayaki throughout the year. Here are a few in Tokyo!

Tsukishimaya (月島家)

Tsukishimaya is located 5 minutes away from Azabu-Jyuban station. It is a long-run store and the store owners are an old married couple who have been making Imagawayaki for years. One Imagawayaki is only ¥140 and it is best to first try the most orthodox azuki taste.

Ansha Hiyoko (餡舎ひよ子)

Anya Hiyoko is located inside Ecute in Ueno station. It is a Imagawayaki stand that is created by the famous Japanese dessert store "Hiyoko." As Ueno is famous for the pandas in the Ueno zoo, each Imagawayaki is stamped with a panda, so it also looks very cute! They have flavors such as azuki, matcha, and custard cream and each one is around ¥120~¥150.

Refutei (れふ亭)

Refutei is located 1 minute away from Nakano station. There is always a long line of people waiting to buy Imagawayaki from this store. They have the traditional azuki, but they also have white azuki, azuki with mochi (rice cake), potato filling, chocolate cream, custard, cream cheese and even sausage mayonnaise flavor! Each Imagawayaki is around ¥120~¥150 and you can enjoy from traditional to more modern tastes of Imagawayaki!

Azukiya Ando (あずきや 安堂)

Azukiya Ando is a 5 minute walk from Chofu station. They especially put effort in making their azuki using the red beans transported from Hokkaido. The outer layer is soft like a pancake and matches perfectly with the fillings. As they are famous for their azuki, I would recommend the traditional azuki flavor, but they also have custard cream, white beans and green beans flavor too!


I hope you were able to learn what Imagawayaki is from this article. If you are curious in what this dessert tastes like, visit these Imagawayaki stands to enjoy some freshly baked Imagawayaki!
I love eating good food and discovering new places to eat. I hope to share with all of you some of the places that I recommend!

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