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McDonald's Japan: Menu Items And Prices

Along with the standard burgers and fries, the Japanese restaurants have some interesting and unique menu items that you might want to try out. Here what you'll find at a McDonald's in Japan and the prices!

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McDonald's Japan

People in Japan often go to Mcdonald's to have a chat with friends or study for relatively long periods of time. The restaurants tend to be crowded with middle-school students playing video games, cards or studying. Of course, McDonald's Japan is very popular for a quick cheap-eat as well. You can get items that are pretty close to what you get everywhere else, but there are also some very unique, sometimes bold and bizarre items too. Some are reflective of the Japanese food culture and some are just wacky creations. Here's a presentation of the Special items you get in Japan and some of the popular standards with the prices.

Special Japanese-Style Burgers

McDonald's incorporated some ingredients of the local food culture to make original burgers.

Grand Teriyaki Burger [390 yen]

Gran teriyaki l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/
The Grand Teriyaki Burger is close to a standard burger with the standard beef patty and lettuce, but you can a sweet and salty teriyaki sauce added to the mix, which gives it a distinctive Japanese flavor. Teriyaki cooking uses traditional ingredients such as soy sauce and mirin (sweet sake).

Shrimp Filet [380 yen]

Ebifileto l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/
Japanese love seafood so naturally you get burgers that reflect that local taste with a burger that contains a filet of deep fried shrimps. The filet is crispy on the outside and has a sweetish shrimpy taste that many people like. It has a light tomato and garlic cream sauce to complement the shrimp taste.

Egg And Cheese Burger [200 yen]

Eggcheeseburger l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/
Japanese are also huge consumers of eggs. You can get this Egg and Cheese Burger for just 200 yen.

Some Standards

Big Mac [380 yen]

Bigmac l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/
Standard Big Mac. The meat is from Australia and New Zealand.

Double Cheese Burger [320 yen]

Doublecheeseburger l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/

100 To 150 Yen Menu

Japan has an unbelievably cheap value menu of just 100 to 150 yen including taxes. For the price, these items are not bad at all.

Apple Pie [100 yen]

Hotapplepie l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu
As a dessert, you can get this hot apple pie.

Soft Twist [100 yen]

Softtwist l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu
You can also get a small size "soft twist" ice cream cone.

Chicken Crisp [100 yen]

Chickencrisp l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/burger/
Chicken Crisp is surprisingly good for the price. There is also a beef burger of the same size available and a cheese burger for 130 yen.

Shaka Chiki [150 yen]

Shakachickenredpepper l http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/
This item is pretty interesting and unique to Japan. It's simply a piece of deep fried chicken served with either a hot pepper or cheese powder seasoning. The way to eat it is to put the powder inside the paper bag it comes in, shake it so that the powder covers the piece of fried chicken, then finally rip off the top part of the bag to eat it.

Limited Time Offer Items (Often The Weirder, Or Most Unique Stuff)

Triple Cheeseburger (¥390) CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!

Retina 26850841 340802026405791 6379716750677631933 o
This is the McDonald cheeseburger on steroids; three beef patties and three times the cheese. Just the reliable McDonalds cheeseburger taste in a size that should satisfy people with a big appetite.

Double Cheese Cheeseburger (¥390) CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!

Retina 26841222 340802073072453 3532949500764542479 o
This burger uses two different types of cheese, white (mild flavor) and yellow (stronger flavor), and two beef patties. It has an intense savory and rich taste.

Spicy Cheeseburger (¥390) CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!

Retina 26758647 340802023072458 2528493825960432693 o
They've also released a spicy version of the double cheeseburger. The hot sauce is not that spicy so you shouldn't have any problem with this one even if you don't like strong spicy foods. This one is probably the best of the series as the spiciness adds a different twist to the classic that is worth trying.

Spicy Fries (+¥30 with set) CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!

Retina 26685493 340802029739124 4083043555160325474 o
For a limited time, you can also have these spicy fries for an additional ¥30 if you take them as a set. The set price for the three burgers above is ¥690.

Chocolate Potato Chips

McDonald's Japan sometimes surprises everyone with bizarre limited time offer items such as these Halloween-special chocolate fried potatoes. People either hated or loved them.

Pikachu Choco-Bana Fleury

The Pikachu Choco-Bana Mc Fleury (290 yen) was available for a limited time during the summer of 2017. Some items such as this one appear seasonally and may or may not reappear the following year.

Tuskimi Burger

Retina retina 21366795 291251834694144 719429840639155898 o
You can be sure this one will reappear on the menu every year in the fall. Its name literally translates to "moon viewing burger". In Japan, the tradition of giving reverence to the moon during the fall festival has been practiced for over 1,000 years. For the Japanese, the egg yolk is often compared to the moon, so restaurants often make special menu items that include eggs. 2 or 3 Tsukimi burgers come out every year and all of them include a thick round fried egg as a topping.


Hope you found this presentation of Mcdonald's Japan menu in English useful. Also, note that McDonald's Japan has free Wi-Fi.
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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