Updated: December 14, 2017
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NAKIRYU 鳴龍(screaming dragon): Epic Ramen Joint In Tokyo. With The Michelin Star To Prove It!

Looking for the best ramen in Tokyo? Then, you need to try Nakiryu in Otsuka. It is one of the only two ramen shops that got a Michelin star. Here is a guide (menu, price, tips, etc) you should read before you visit.

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NAKIRYU is a small ramen shop opend in 2012 in Otsuka, Tokyo. They got one Michelin star in 2017 and became the second Michelin starred ramen shop. Their "tantan men" (担々麺), a kind of spicy ramen, is famous and extremely delicious. Although it has a star, they serve ramen at the same reasonable price as other ramen shops, so you can experience a Michelin dish for around 1000 yen.

Location and hours

Just a 5 minutes walk on the south exit of Otsuka station, and you will find NAKIRYU on a courner near a small park. There is only a small sigh at the entrance and the shop doesn't look like a ramen shop, but don't worry, you are on the right path. Usually people are lining up, so you won't miss it.
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Since it is one of the most famous ramen shops, you can't avoid waiting for like 60~90 minutes. It is recommended to visit at 11:00 and earlier, or later than 13:30 on weekdays. There are usually less people in line.

One nice thing is they lend you an umbrella or a parasol so you don't have to wait under the rain or strong sunshine.


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After entering the shop, you first need to purchase a ticket from the vending machine. They have four kinds of ramen.

辛麺 on the top is their signature menu, tantanmen (担々麵), a spicy ramen. mala tantanmen (麻辣担々麵) is spicier and sula men (酸辣麺) is sourer.

醤油味 is soy sauce flavored ramen menu and 塩味 is salt based remen menu. You can choose from some different toppings for ramen, but 特製醤油拉麺 and 特製塩拉麺 on the left (the larger buttons) have every toppings. つけ麺 is a type of dipping ramen.
You can also add toppings like a soft boiled egg from トッピング (topping). ご飯 is rice bowl menu and アラカルト is side dishes only available at dinner time. ドリンク is drink menu.
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After you get a ticket, take a seat and pass it to the chef. You can watch him making your ramen in front of your eyes. Just around 5 minutes and your bowl of ramen will be served.
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If you don't know what to get, just go for the tantanmen (850 yen). Once you take your first slurp, the noodles will blow your mind... you won't be able to stop eating! The homemade thin noodles have a perfect texture, smooth and slightly chewy. The soup is spicy yet creamy and unbelievably flavorful with various spices and ingredients.
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For spicy food lovers, mala tantanmen (900 yen) would be a good choice too. It is not just spicy but rich in flavors. It looks similar to the regular tantanmen but tastes totally differen. So if you go with someone else, it would be great to get two of them and compare.
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If you are not a big fan of spicy food, their other ramen menu are as sophisticated as tantanmen. You won't regret trying it!

Worth a star and worth the wait!

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Have an unforgetabble ramen experience at Nakiryu, and your Tokyo trip will be much more special.

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