Updated: August 07, 2017
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For Meat Lovers: Here's A Must-Go Restaurant Called Meat Market In Koenji, Tokyo!

Meat Market is a yakiniku restaurant that doesn't only have the famous and beloved Japanese-style grilled meat, but also meat sushis and the super popular roast beef bowl! Here's more on this shop.

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Meat Market

Meat Market is a popular restaurant in Koenji, Tokyo. You can get to the Koenji Station (JR Chuo Line) by taking a 5 minute train ride from Shinjuku. Head south in the Pal Shopping arcade and you will find it to your right after a 7 minute walk from the station.


The meanu at Meat Market is all about, lo and behold, MEAT! It is a yakiniku restaurant (Japanese-style grilled meat) where you can grill the meat yourself at your table. But, the quite outstanding thing you'll notice about this place is that it also serves many kinds of meat sushi!

Meat Sushi

For 190 to 450 yen you can get meat slices topped on a nigiri-style sushi! Some items are slightly grilled (above) whereas others are serves raw (below). Both are very delicious. Raw meat is sometimes found at Japanese restaurants but is very rare to find it as a sushi topping!

Meat Bowl: Roastbeef Don

A dish that has exploded in popularity recently is the roastbeef don (bowl of rice with a generous amount of roast beef on top). Meat Market has just come out with its own version.
The prices vary between 980 yen for the regular one, 1,180 yen for a large one, and 1,380 for the "dream size" one. What's more, you can have a large amount of rice at no extra cost with this dish and it is served with a miso soup.
At a little extra cost, you can even have it smothered in white sauce! This item is so popular that it sells out quickly.


You should also try some of the delicious grilled meat the store serves.
The prices are reasonable and grilling your own meat is just loads of fun. Excpect to pay between 2,000 and 3,000 yen for your meat for dinner and a little more if you order drinks.

Summer Only Special

During the summer season they serve a beef cutlets set dish for 1,000 yen. This is also a very popular choice! Many people are familiar with the pork cutlets dish tonkatsu but using beef is quite original!


Hope you'll enjoy enjoy going to this meat lovers' paradise! For other things to do in Koenji check out the following links!
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