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Humongous Yakitori for less than ¥500!? Try "Robatayaki Kaizoku" in Tokyo! [PR]

"Robatayaki Kaizoku", located just a 2 minute walk distance from JR Kinshicho station, is an authentic Robatayaki place where local Shitamachi atmosphere can be felt. They offer humongous Yakitori that is as long as 30 cm and fresh fish directly sent from Tsukiji fish market. They also have Warabimochi for limited time offer! Check out "Robatayaki Kaizoku" if you are looking for a place to eat in Kinshicho.

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"Robatayaki Kaizoku"

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Robatayaki Kaizoku is established in 1977, and this long established restaurant has been serving Robatayaki for more than 40 years!

Robatayaki is a type of cuisine that was originated in Sendai, Miyagi, where you sit around the Irori fireplace and use charcoal to grill seafood and vegetables using a long Shamoji (rice scoop).

This restaurant, "Robatayaki Kaizoku" offers selected seafood and Sake along with traditional local atmosphere. Their popular menus include not only Robatayaki but also Sashimi served in a Masu (a box that is used to measure sake).

Because their Yakitori are thoroughly grilled, they taste amazingly delicious!

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Left "Negima O-gushiyaki" ¥490 (tax included), Right "Tsukune O-gushiyaki" ¥460 (tax included)

These Yakitori are 2.5 times bigger than a size of standard Yakitori! They use domestically produced chicken and skew them on a 30 cm long iron skewer, grilled everyday at the restaurant.

You can choose from two flavors which are "Tare" (sauce) or "Shio" (salt), and you can have an authentic taste that "Robatayaki Kaizoku" has been offering ever since established in Kinshicho.
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"Hanpanyaki" ¥470 (tax included)

Hanpen is a type of food made from white fish. Fresh white fish captured are minced at the spot and frozen instantly in order to keep its taste and freshness.

Hanpenyaki is basically a grilled Hanpen, which is grilled with soy sauce coated on top. Hanpen is really soft and has a mild taste, but with say sauce it adds roast flavor with crisp on the outside. It comes with butter, and it is recommended to eat Hanpenyaki with butter!
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"Kaizoku Foil-yaki" ¥680 (tax included)

This is a menu that has been long loved by local customers! The container is made of aluminum foil, and inside is a soup-style foil-yaki that contains different types of mushrooms, scallops and oysters. Foil-yaki is a popular cuisine in Japan, where seafood and vegetables are baked in foil.

The soup is rich in umami extracted from oysters, scallop and mushrooms. It goes really well with some sake!

Fresh fish from Tsukiji fish market everyday!

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"Sashimi Moriawase" Kaizokuoumori 9 kinds ¥1,750 (2 pieces each).

This gorgeous looking dish, "Sashimi Moriawase" (Sashimi assortment) is served in masu, which is a container used for measuring sake. Their fish used are delivered from Tsukiji fish market every day, and you can enjoy fresh Sashimi here! The price is reasonable too.

Ingredients of the day are displayed at the counter!

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Inside the restaurant near the counter seats, all fresh ingredients such as fresh fish from Tsukiji and vegetables are displayed along the counter. It is such an exciting experience to actually get to look at what ingredients are used to cook as well as grilled on Irori fireplace.
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Aside from the counter seats, there are table seats where you can take off your shoes and relax.


This article introduced the long established authentic Robatayaki restaurant, "Robatayaki Kaizoku". They offer Robatayaki and fresh seafood that is delivered from Tsukiji fish market every morning. You should also check out their exclusive Warabimochi which is only available until the end of August! Definitely check this place out when you are in Kinshicho area.
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