Updated: August 09, 2017
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Kagari: You Must Try The Beautiful Creamy Ramen In Ginza!

Looking for the best ramen in Tokyo? Just visit Kagari, one of the most famous ramen shop located in Ginza, and you will have a great and unique ramen experience.

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Kagari (篝)

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Kagari is a famous ramen shop in Ginza, Tokyo. Ever since they opened in 2013, they have been very popular and people from all over the country (and from abroad) are always lining up on the narrow alley. It is located near Ginza station, just 3-5 minutes walk away.
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I suggest you arrive at around 10:30 or 17:00, 30 minutes earlier than the time they open, to avoid a very long line.
It is such a small shop with just 8 counter seats. You can enjoy the nice and traditional atmosphere and watching the chefs making the ramen in front of your eyes.


<English menu is available>
Look at this beautiful white ramen! It is their signature menu "Tori paitan soba (鶏白湯SOBA)". The soup is made from chicken broth, which is super creamy and flavorful. The toppings are amazing too, the slices of chicken breast are very tender and juicy, and the veggies are fresh and perfectly cooked.
Regular size is 950 yen and large size is 1050 yen.
The noodles are nice and chewy that go well with the rich soup.
They offer another kind of ramen called "Niboshi shoyu soba (煮干醤油SOBA)", regular 900 yen and large 1000 yen. Niboshi means dried sardines, so the soup is rich in flavor of fish and soy sauce.
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They also serve tsukemen menu. Tsukemen is a kind of ramen where you dip the chilled noodles into the hot sauce. The toppings are served on a separate plate too. Regular 1000 yen, large 1100 yen.

Ultimate creamy ramen experience at Kagari!

They have been so popular that there are four locations today, the first shop in Ginza, at a mall next to Ginza station, Otemachi, and Urawa. Just give it a try while you are in Tokyo!

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