Updated: April 22, 2017
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5 Gorgeous Teppanyaki Dinners In Sapporo

Let's spend a little luxurious night in Sapporo. Your family and friends will be surely satisfied with delicious grilled meat and fresh seafood and vegetables!

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1. 21CLUB

S 003u https://r.gnavi.co.jp/h111702/
Have an elegant dinner at the restaurant located 100 meters above the ground.
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Enjoy Wagyu beef and fresh seafood with a variety of wines.
北海道 札幌市中央区 南十条西 6-1-21 プレミアホテル 中島公園 札幌 25F
6-1-21 Minami 10 Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Location: 3 min. walk from the 3 Exit of Nakajima Koen Mae station, Nanboku Line
0115128158 (reservation only 05058683193)
[Sat/Sun/National Holidays] Lunch: 11:30~15:00
Dinner: 17:30~23:00
Bar: 17:30~23:30
Average cost of a lunch per person: ¥5,000~
Average cost of a dinner per person: ¥15,000~¥20,000

2. Teppanyaki GAGNER 鉄板焼 GAGNER

P022003812 480 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001119269/
Inside of the restaurant is luxurious and sophisticated. You can enjoy grilled meat with the five senses at the counter bar.
P022052597 480 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001119269/
The restaurant offers a fusion of teppanyaki and French cuisine.
Teppanyaki GAGNER 鉄板焼 GAGNER
北海道 札幌市中央区 南四条西 3-1-2
3-1-2 Minami Shi-Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Location: 3 min. walk from Susukino station, Nanboku Line
0115967910 (reservation only 05055717577)
Average cost per person: ¥5,000~

3. Teppan Lounge Shun 鉄板ラウンジ 旬

S 002j https://r.gnavi.co.jp/e0tct1v30000/
Here is a casual Teppanyaki shop, and there are table seats. Convenient for family and friend gatherings!
S 0n6q https://r.gnavi.co.jp/e0tct1v30000/
Course contents using local ingredients will be monthly changed.
Teppan Lounge Shun 鉄板ラウンジ 旬
北海道 札幌市中央区 南6条西8-2-1 ホテルローヤルステイ サッポロ 1F
1F Hotel Loyal Stay, 8-2-1 Minami Roku-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Location: 8 min. walk from Susukino station, Nanboku Line
0112115381 (reservation only 05055706837)
Average cost per person: ¥4,000~¥5,000

4. Sutekimaruyama ステーキ円山

S 0n5i https://r.gnavi.co.jp/h083100/
The interior of the restaurant is modern Japanese style. The virgin forest of Hokkaido spreads outside the window. You will have a luxurious moment!
S 004b https://r.gnavi.co.jp/h083100/
Wagyu beef and seafood from Hokkaido are provided.
Sutekimaruyama ステーキ円山
東京都中央区銀座2-4-18 アルボーレ銀座ビル8F
2-4-18, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Location: 3 min. walk from the 4 Exit of Susukino Station, Nanboku Line
0115624129 (reservation only 05058690473)
[Mon-Sun] 17:00~24:00
Average cost per person: ¥6,000~¥8,000

5. 石狩 Ishikari

03 https://www.anahotel-sapporo.co.jp/restaurant/ishikari/
Ishikari is a restaurant inside the ANA hotel, but it has only 20 seats. You can enjoy wonderful dishes in such a private and luxurious atmosphere.
07 https://www.anahotel-sapporo.co.jp/restaurant/ishikari/
石狩 Ishikari
北海道 札幌市中央区 北三条西 1 札幌全日空ホテル 26F
1 Kita 3 Jonishi Chuo-ku Sapporo Hokkaido
Location: 9 min. walk from Sapporo station
Average cost per person: ¥10,000~¥15,000
I would like to introduce super tasty Japanese food!!!

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