Updated: August 15, 2017
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Best Places to Try Dorayaki in Tokyo!

Dorayaki is a long loved traditional Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) that looks like two pancakes with red bean fillings in the middle. It has an elegant sweetness, and that's what makes people love Dorayaki. There are places you can try out Dorayaki in Tokyo, so check out the following places!

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Dorayaki has been changing its form and shape since it was invented long time ago. Wondering where today's dorayaki was invented? Usagiya! They have been offering Dorayaki for more than 100 years now, and their unchanging taste is one of the reasons why they remain so popular. Located around a 4 minute walk from Okachimachi station, this place is usually crowded, so be there early!


Around a minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa station No.2 exit, this is another dorayaki store that is long-established. It is a little different from other dorayaki that you may have - It's more fluffy and filling! If you are around Asakusa, then you should definitely give it a try! It will be a perfect snack. There are lines all day, which explains how good their dorayaki is!


Sogetsu is located just a minute walk from the south exit of Higashi Jujo station. Sogetsu is one of the famous and authentic dorayaki stores in Tokyo, which was established in 1930. What you have to try here is their "Kuromatsu", which has rich brown sugar taste with a hint of honey. It's super fluffy, and red beans paste has a bean texture, which makes it a satisfying and delicious sweet. Can you believe it's only ¥108? Definitely worth a try!
Just a heads up there's going to be a long line, so make sure to be there early!


If you want to purchase dorayaki for souvenir, you should try Suzumeya, located around a 7 minute walk distance from JR Ikebukuro station east exit. Suzumeya's dorayaki has smooth texture, and the red bean paste has well balanced sweetness that makes you want to eat them forever. It's recommended to eat it on the day since there's a risk of losing dorayaki's fresh taste. Go there early before it sells out!


If you are looking for an authentic dorayaki experience around Mistukoshimae station or Ningyocho station area, check out Seijuken. Established in 1861, this store is really popular since Edo period. Their dorayaki has satisfying amount of red bean paste, but it's not too sweet, and it uses sugar that is light and pure honey. The pancakes are really soft and moist. Just a few minute walk from Ningyocho station A5 exit, or Mitsukoshimae station (Ginza or Hanzomon line) A1 or B6 exit.

Azabu Shogetsudo

Located in Hiroo, around a 10 minute walk from Hiroo station, this place offers dorayaki made of buckwheat! The pancakes are soft, and the red bean paste is not that sweet, so even if you're not a dessert person you'll love it! It also contains gyuhi, which is a mochi! They also have a cafe space where you can relax and enjoy their desserts.


Do you love red beans? Try Yoshiya, located at a 2 minute walk distance from Higashi Ginza station. Established in 1922, on the back street of Kabukiza, they offer delicate dorayaki with thinner pancakes, and it's popular for its design! You can order and make your own dorayaki as they offer a service where they put a brand on dorayaki. It's perfect for a birthday gift or for special occasions like weddings!
Unlike other dorayaki, since the pancakes are thinner, you can taste the red beans fully. They also make their dorayaki at the store, so they only have limited numbers available. Be there early!


Just a 2 minute walk from Sendagi station, this place offers unique dorayaki! Usually dorayaki has red bean fillings, but Kunpu has dorayaki with fruits flavored bean pastes! Their lemon dorayaki is a must-try. Kunpu offers unique Wagashi experience overall, where you eat wagashi with sake. Wagashi is commonly eaten with green tea or matcha, so it's a novel idea! If you want to try new types of dorayaki, Kunpu is strongly recommended!


This article introduced you to the best dorayaki places to try in Tokyo. We hope you find your favorite dorayaki from stores mentioned above!
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