Updated: August 16, 2017
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"Mr. Kanso" The Wacky Bar That Serves Canned Food And Booze!

You've probably never ever thought of going to a bar that serves up food from a can, but in Japan this idea is not totally out of the ordinary. Mr. Kanso is a quirky canned food bar with character to match. With now over 50 locations across Japan, it's not only super popular but probably now worthy of one thing for the bucket list!

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Canned food that's better than you'd think!

Since starting in 2002 Mr Kanso has become somewhat of a household name when it comes to quirky bars in Japan. Eating canned food is probably not the first choice when it comes to eating and drinking on a trip here, however there is that uniqueness about it that brings a lot of Japanese charm to the experience.
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Now with over 50 locations across the country you can fulfill your "can addiction" in pretty much any major city or town! The exterior designs of lots of locations are pretty identifiable by the large red can barrels and dark red signs.
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The design of some locations even extend into the bar itself with can-like barrels and ruby red wall paint like the interior below.
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It's fun browsing all the can food varieties!

Mr Kanso stocks over 300 different can food varieties from all around the world. Can prices start from 200 yen and go all the way up to 2000 yen! There's all the favourites (or not so favourites) like Spam, sardines, tuna, and chicken, but lots of interesting selections like foie gras, smoked liver, spanish pork, japanese curry, takoyaki, and egg cakes.
Spamh http://cbshop.jp/shop/world
Mr Kanso also does can food and alcohol pairing, matching different canned food with certain whiskies and other spirits.

How about some Gentleman Jack with you yellowtail sir?
They even have their own line of original can food, including red snapper, paella, spicy curry, takoyaki, and rolled egg cakes.
Then there's some more out there foods like sea lion curry and wild bore!
If you're looking for something more "normal" they also started selling original popcorn too. Gyoza flavour?!

Tokyo location

Osaka location

For a full list of locations visit the Mr. Kanso website

Use google translate to find the locations ;)
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