Updated: August 17, 2017
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DAYONE - A Variety Of Creative Ochazuke in Roppongi, Tokyo!

Have you ever tries ochazuke? Ochazuke is a Japanese comfort food where people pour tea over a bowl of cooked rice and toppings. There is a popular shop called "DAYONE" in Roppongi, which specializes in Ochazuke menu. We went to try their popular menu "Wagyu (Japanese beef) Chazuke"!

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DAYONE (だよね。)

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DAYONE is a small restaurant located 4 minutes walk from Roppongi station. It is specializing in ochazuke menu. They open until 5am.

What is ochazuke?

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Ochazuke or chazuke is a Japanese comfort food. They pour tea (or sometimes seafood stock) over the bowl of cooked rice and toppings (usually seaweed and seafood like salmon). It is light and easy to digest, so people commonly eat when they don't have appetite or they are sick.

Creative ochazuke menu

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Besides regular ochazuke, DAYONE is known for serving the unique and a variety of ochazuke menu that you can't find anywhere else, such as curry and tomato flavors.

We ordered "Wagyu Aburi Chazuke" (1480 yen).
Wagyu is a high-quality Japanese beef and aburi means grilled, so this ochazuke (chazuke) had slices of tender beef on the top.

Time to eat

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It had a lot of thinly sliced beef. They were grilled on the surface and rare on the inside.
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First, you eat the rice and wagyu beef without pouring the soup. The beef itself was very tender and seasoned with sweet and savory sauce.
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Then, pour the dashi over the beef and rice. The hot dashi soup and juicy beef just went perfectly with together.
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Their dashi (seafood broth) is made from selected and various ingredients like seaweed and bonito. It is not too salty nor bland, and you can enjoy the natural flavor.


I recommend you to try ochazuke at DAYONE when you are in Tokyo! You will have a delicious and unique ochazuke experience.
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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