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10 Best Soba Restaurants in Tokyo!

Soba (蕎麦/そば) is a Japanese noodle dish made from buckwheat. It is such a common dish in Japan and can be served at home or in both casual and fancy restaurants. Here is the ultimate list of best soba restaurants in Tokyo you need to try! It includes from nice restaurants to cheap fast food chain, so check all places to decide where to go!

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Kanda Matsuya (Akihabara)

It is one of the most famous soba restaurants in Tokyo. It is a long-established restaurant with over 130 years of history.

You can have the traditional handmade soba noodles priced reasonably (650 yen~). You can watch the whole process of making soba by chesf too which is impressive and exciting.


5 minutes walk from either Kanda, Akihabara, Awajicho, or Ogawacho Station.

Kyourakutei (Kagurazaka)

Kyourakutei has been awarded a prestigious Michelin star. They are famous for handmade soba, fresh tempura (Japanese-style deep fried seafood and vegetables), and local sake.

You can try two kinds of soba noodles made in the different ways all in one plate (1050 yen). Get the freshly fried tempura too and experience the best combination of flavorful soba and crispy tempura.


4 minutes walk from Iidabashi station.

Soba Sasuga (Ginza)

Soba Sasuga is a famous Michelin-starred restaurant specialized in Juwari soba (十割そば), it means 100% buckwheat soba.

Their menu is simple so you can enjoy the natural flavor and fine texture of their soba. Regular hot soba and cold soba (with dipping sauce) are 1000 yen and both taste amazing, totally worth a star.


5 minutes walk from either Ginza, Higashi-Ginza, or Ginza 1 chome station.

Tamawarai (Harajuku / Omotesando / Shibuya)

Tamawarai is another Michelin-starred soba restaurant with nice and calm atmosphere, although located near a busy shopping area.

The owner has made a great effort to serve a perfect handmade soba. He even owns a buckwheat farm. Since the noodles have a rich flavor and fine texture, one bite will amaze you. They have a variety of soba served cold or hot (around 1000-2500 yen). An English menu is available.


7 minutes walk from Meiji-jingu-mae station.
10 minutes walk from either Harajuku, Omotesando, or Shibuya station.

Honmura An (Roppongi)

It was a very popular soba restaurant in Manhattan, NY, for 16 years . The owner came back to Japan to reopen a shop in Roppongi.

One of their popular menu is "uni (sea urchin) soba" (3000 yen~). As the menu says, it has plenty of fresh and rich sea urchin over the noodles. You can have the most luxurious soba experience ever.


1 minute walk on the 4B Exit of the Roppongi Station.

Daian (Shinjuku)

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Daian is like an izakaya (Japanese style bar). You can enjoy a soba set meal during the lunch time and various appetizers and sake besides soba during the dinner time.

They offer a variety of toppings for the handmade soba such as vegetables, mushrooms, fish, and meat. You can get your choice of soba served with a small side dish at around 1000 yen. If you go for dinner, you can order Japanese style appetizers and sake as well as noodles.


1 minute walk from the south east exit of JR Shinjuku station

Bikyo (Ikebukuro)

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Bikyo offers a reasonably-priced handmade soba and tempura. Their soba is juwari soba (100% buckwheat), so you can enjoy the natural flavor.

The regular soba (in hot soup or with cold dipping sauce) is 650 yen, which is cheap for handmade soba. One of the recommended menu is "bukkake natto" which has natto, granted daikon, chopped green onions, seaweed over the chilled soba noodles.
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5 minutes walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro station

Narutomi (Tsukiji / Higashi Ginza)

Narutomi is a famous restaurant near Tsukiji fish market. You can enjoy the nice atmosphere while watching the chefs preparing dishes.

Many of their customers like the tempura as well as handmade juwari soba. They offer many kinds of tempura which are perfectly light and crispy on the outside. Popular menu is "gobo tem seiro" (1100 yen), it means burdock (gobo) tempura (tem) cold soba (seiro).


3 minutes walk from Tsukiji Shijo station
5 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza station

Minatoya (Toranomon)

There are many tachigui (standing) soba shops around the country, especially in a busy city like Tokyo. Minatoya is probably the most popular one, serving quick, cheap, and great soba. The shop doesn't have a big sign, but you can't miss it because there is usually a line. The waiting line often gets long at lunch time, but it moves quit fast.

Their noodles are firm and chewy which go well with the sweet, savory, and a bit spicy soup. Regular soba without any topping is 600 yen.


7 minutes walk from Toranomon or Goseimon station.

Fuji Soba (near stations)

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Fastfood-style soba is worth trying too! Fuji soba is the biggest and most famous and soba chain in Tokyo. There are as many as 100 shops in Tokyo. Most of them are small but easy to access as located near stations. They open 24 hours.

All menu items are reasonably priced from around 300 yen to 500 yen. You can choose from a variety of soba such as beef soba and tempura soba.
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Explore authentic soba in Tokyo!

Tokyo has tons of soba restaurants. If you look for the incredible soba experience, just try these restaurants. Great soba flavors will spread in your mouth!
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