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Kura Sushi Asakusa, where you can enjoy Japanese culture and sushi

Kaiten zushi is the japanese for conveyor belt sushi store. It is the most fun and easy way to eat 100 yen sushi in Japan, and Kura Sushi is one popular chain store in Japan, it is nationwide, it is cheap and it is good !


COFFEE MAFIA cosy and delicious coffee shop in Tokyo

Coffee mafia is a small coffee shop with a warm and cosy atmosphere, it is the perfect spot to start your day, get yourself a muffin and pick up your coffee.


Setsubun, an event to pray for peace for the year and pay for disasters

February the 2nd was the day before the equinox and that is the day of the celebration of Setsubun in Japan! Largely celebrated in Japan, Setsubun is part of Japanese culture and is a special moment to attract luck and chase away the demons.

7 Koenji Cafes You'll Be Glad To Know About

Naturally, one of Tokyo's neighbourhoods with the highest concentration of hipsters should have great cafes. Koenji does not disappoint! Here are 7 exceptional places that you go to either for the sweets, relaxing atmosphere, great coffee or delicious light meals.


You will see sake differently once you visit GASHUE in Ueno

Discover the four basic Japanese sake types and what foods to pair them with at Permium Sake Pub GASHUE in Ueno, Tokyo. Tasting sets (four sakes paired with four foods) are available for just ¥1,900.


5 Nakano Restaurants That Are Incredibly Delicious

There are so many good restaurants around Nakano Station! It's truly a gourmet spot worth exploring. Here are some of our picks in that area! We've included cuisines of all genres so you're bound to find something you like.


Nakano Izakayas: 5 Places That Are Simply Awesome

Looking for a cool place with a local vibe to eat and drink in Nakano? Then this is the perfect list for you!


The 5 Best Sushi Train Restaurants in Ueno

Ueno is a battleground area for kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi or sushi train). Here are our top 5 picks to help you choose where to go!


3 Satisfying Kebab Shops in Ueno

Ueno is popular for its street foods, among which you can find some big juicy kebabs. Here are three popular shops that sell good kebabs in or near Ueno's famous Ameya Yokocho.


T's tantan Ueno: discover healthy vegan versions of Japanese classics

T's tantan is one of the most popular vegetarian and vegan option in Ueno. It is actually conveniently located inside Ueno Station's building on the third floor. Here are some of the foods you can have there.

5 excellent options for vegetarians around Ueno Station

Wondering where to have some of the best vegetarian foods around Ueno? Here are our 5 top recommendations!

Ueno 500 Bar: ¥500 budget pizza dinning bar in Ameyokocho, Ueno

For some good pizza in Ueno that won't break the bank, Ueno 500 Bar is an excellent option. Drinks and pizzas are both ¥500.

5 Picks For Great Okonomiyaki in Ueno

Nothing beats good okonomiyaki in good company in a lively izakaya in Ueno. Here is our selection of the top 5 okonomiyaki izakayas in Ueno.


Ueno Yabu Soba, a must-try for all foodies in Tokyo!

Ueno Yabu Soba is an affordable restaurant (¥1,000 - ¥2,000) serving some of the best soba noodles in Tokyo. It's been a flagship restaurant in Ueno since 1892.

5 Best Ueno Unagi Restaurants

Unagi (eel) cuisine is somewhat of an eastern Tokyo specialty, so if you're looking for unagi in Ueno, you're in the right area! Here are 5 fabulous restaurants for unagi in Ueno.


5 Tasty Ueno Yakitori Restaurants With A Splendid Atmosphere

There are so many yakitori izakayas in Ueno that it might be difficult to decide which one to go to. Go to one of these five and you won't go wrong!


5 Awesome Indian Restaurants in Ueno you Need to Try

Ueno is one of the best spots in Tokyo for ethnic cuisine, so naturally, there are plenty of good Indian restaurants to try! Here are our top 5.


5 Best Places to have Breakfast in Ueno

Here's our selection for the best breakfast in Ueno. Our list includes everything from Japanese traditional cafes to popular chains.


Eating Wild Game in Tokyo. Great Restaurants Serving Venison, Boar, etc.

Tokyo is basically heaven for anyone who loves to eat meat. You can find it in pretty much every restaurant prepared in myriad ways. However, wild game such as venison, boar, rabbit, and duck meat is much less common to find. Here is a quick overview of some great places to go if you're feeling like eating wild.

5 Ueno Izakayas The Locals Love To Go To

Ueno is a great spot for cheap eating and drinking! Here are 5 of the best Japanese-style taverns in that area.


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