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What is Takoyaki? Osaka's Famous Soulfood

You might have heard the word before, and wondered what this famous dish is. Here we will explain what takoyaki is and where to eat this tasty snack both in Tokyo and in Osaka!

10 Authentic "Must-Eat" Foods Of Tokyo

Tokyo has so many facets that its unique cuisine often gets overlooked for other aspects of its rich culture. Here are the local foods of Tokyo you should try!


Delicious Restaurants in Shibuya With Vegetarian Options!

Sometimes it's tough travelling with a friend with different dietary restrictions as you. You're vegetarian, but your friend isn't, or vice versa, well here are some amazing restaurants which do in fact serve meat and fish, but also have vegetarian menus!


Sendagi Area Guide, 3 Spots You Shouldn't Miss

Sendagi is a residential area in old Tokyo that is one of the most charming and quaint in the city. Here are some places of interest in Sendagi.


What Do Japanese People Eat For Breakfast?

Ever wondered what Japanese people have for breakfast? Take a look to see what the Japanese eat for breakfast and it'll give you an insight into why they have such a healthy lifestyle! Also, we'll tell you where to grab the best breakfasts around Tokyo.


Cheap & Tasty Restaurants in Shinjuku For Less Than¥1,000!

After a busy day of shopping and sight-seeing in Shinjuku, you'll probably want to grab a cheap and hearty meal for dinner. Here's where to get a delicious and filling meal in the area for less than ¥1,000!


The Best Lunch in Shibuya For Around¥1,000!

Here are the best places to grab lunch for around or less than ¥1,000 in Shibuya!


Good News For Everyone! Mariah Carey Japan Tour 2018 In the Fall

Good news for everyone! Mariah Carey will have an additional performance on November 1st, 2018 for Mariah Carey Live in Concert Japan Tour 2018. Everyone get ready for it!

Nightlife In Nagoya: Some Spots You'll Be Glad To Know

This selection contains information on some of the best clubs, live houses, izakayas and authentic bars in the city of Nagoya.


What Is a Japanese Bento & How To Make It?

Here's some information on how to make Japanese bentos, but first what are they? And if you're feeling lazy, here are where to buy some delicious ready-made ones. Especially if you're about the ride the shinkansen!

The Best Sukiyaki Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo!

What is sukiyaki? It is thin slices of beef cooked in a broth with tofu and tons of vegetables. It is then dipped in a raw egg. It is simply heavenly! Here's a list of the must-visit sukiyaki restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo! (All price-ranges included).


Have You Ever Tried Taiyaki, The Grilled Fish Sweet?

Have You Ever Tried Taiyaki, the grilled fish sweet? It's not at all what it sounds like. It's an addictively tasty sweet you can find in Japan, and now also in many stores across the world!

The Best Restaurants in Nakano, Tokyo

Wondering where to grab a bite around Nakano Station? Here are some of the best restos in the area!


Halloween In Shibuya 2018, From Oct. 27 - 31

Expect the biggest crowds in Shibuya on October 31st (Wednesday), with plenty of people likely to start the party from the previous weekend.


Tokyo Motor Show (Next Edition Planned For 2019)

The next bi-annual international auto event will be held in the fall of 2019. It features some of the most visionary vehicle concepts of around 30 of the world's biggest manufacturers.


Hakata Mangetsu: Bang-For-The-Yen Izakaya Chain With ¥199 Beer!

Hakata Mangetsu 博多満月 (literally "Hakata full moon") is worth the go for its cheap, delicious foods and drinks! The Tokyo chain also serves some awesome regional cuisine from southern Japan.


Hanbey: AWESOME Showa-Style Izakaya You Must Try!

Showa has the best atmosphere you can imagine for an izakaya with its retro Showa Era decor and music. The menu is super cheap and good too. A must-try!

Tsukada Nojo Izakaya In Japan: For The Best Chicken Dishes

The free-range chicken used is so fresh that they even serve it in sashimi! Tsukada Nojo is definitely one of the best cheap izakayas that serves quality foods.

Kin-no Kura: Good Cheap Nomihodai Izakaya Chain In Japan

Nomihodai is the Japanese word for all-you-can-drink. Kin-no Kura is a great place for typical izakaya foods and free-flowing alcohol at a reasonable price.

Tsubohachi: One Of The Best Chain Izakayas In Japan

Tsubohachi is pretty much on top in terms of bang for your buck in the izakaya industry of Japan. Here's why people like it so much and what you should try out.

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You Need To Try Sake Lees Ramen At Ginza Kazami In Ginza, Tokyo!

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