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Star Bar Ginza in Ginza, Tokyo: One of Asia's Top Bars!

Star Bar Ginza was named one of Asia's best bars! After trying one of their amazing signature cocktails prepared with the uttermost care, you will understand how it gained its status!


Haru Matsuri: Here Are The Most Famous Spring Festivals In Japan

From March to May, here are the most important spring celebrations in Japan. These are the so-called, "haru matsuri", which literally means spring festivals.

Bar K6 in Kyoto For Superb Cocktails!

Bar K6 is a sophisticated bar in the heart of Kyoto with amazing cocktails and a great whiskey collection. You can ask the bartenders for their recommendations and they will surprise you with something novel and amazing!

Kyoto City

Itamae Sushi in Tokyo, #1 in popularity!

Itamae Sushi is a super popular chain sushi restaurant with ten shops in Tokyo. Find out why they're so sought after!

Best Cheap Eats In Shinjuku Off The Beaten Path

Looking for some great cheap food in Shinjuku in restaurants with character? These are the places you should try!


What's the Meaning of Hanami?

With the cherry-blossom season coming soon, learn the meaning of the ancient tradition of "flower-viewing"!

Kikunoi in Akasaka, Tokyo, Will Transport You Right to Kyoto!

Akasaka Kikunoi is a 2-Star Michelin Restaurant right in Akasaka, Tokyo. Although it is in the centre of one of Tokyo's most famous and business district, you will feel as though you are in calm and beautiful Kyoto. What a wonderful escape for a few hours!


Tenryuji Temple In Kyoto, A Must-Visit Zen Temple In Arashiyama

Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto is one of the most stunning places in the old capital. Here is information about this Heinan Era site of scenic beauty.

Kyoto City

Akasaka Kikunoi: Kyoto's Kaiseki Cuisine in Tokyo

This 2-Michelin star kaiseki restaurant serves exquisite traditional Kyoto flavors in the middle of Tokyo.

Toki Sushi For Cheap and Delicious Sushi in Osaka!

Toki Sushi in Osaka is a must-try restaurant for an authentic, yet surprisingly affordable sushi experience in Osaka!

Osaka City

5 Sake Bars In Kyoto You'll Be Glad To Know About

Looking for some really nice relaxing bars where you can have some good quality Japanese sake? This is a list of 5 places in Kyoto that you'll find just that!

Kyoto City

Yakitori Imai For A Classic Yakitori Dinner With A Modern Twist!

Yakitori Imai is an authentic yakitori restaurant in Shibuya with a modern and cool interior. They serve all your classic yakitori dishes, but they also serve champagne and wine, as well as some of their creative original dishes!


High-End Yakiniku at Yakiniku Jumbo In Shirokane, Tokyo

Yakiniku Jumbo In Shirokane, Tokyo serves top-quality Japanese beef (Wagyu). You can enjoy amazing yakiniku with your friends or family in a modern and welcoming atmosphere.


Tokyo & Kyoto Cherry Blossom 2019 Forecast

Cherry Blossom (sakura) 2019 season in Tokyo is forecasted to start on the 21st of March and be in full bloom from the 29th. For Kyoto, the season should start on the 27th and be in full bloom on from the 3rd of April.

Try Delectable Teppanyaki at Misono Osaka!

Misono's main restaurant is in Kobe, but they have branches in Tokyo and Osaka as well. They serve amazing teppanyaki which is cooked right before your eyes by professional chefs. Be sure to try it while you're in Japan!

Osaka City

Numazuko in Tokyo For Cheap & Delicious Sushi!

Numazuko is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Tokyo with branches in Shinjuku, Ginza and Yokohama. You can have a delicious and filling meal for ¥2,000-¥3,000! More about this resto here.


5 Excellent Options For Halal Restaurants In Shibuya

If you're Muslim and are looking for delectable Halal food in Shibuya, you should definitely give these five popular restaurants a try! This list contains both traditional restaurants of Japanese cuisine and international ones.


Kotaro, A Must-Try Izakaya in Shibuya, Tokyo!

Kotaro is a modern izakaya in the heart of bustling Shibuya, Tokyo. You'll have the chance to try the chef's 'omakase' and try some wonderful and novel combinations. It is quite a popular restaurant, so be sure to make a reservation beforehand!


Ukai Toriyama: An Amazing Robatayaki Restaurant at Hachioji, Tokyo

The Mount Takao area is a lovely place to visit if you need to get away from Tokyo for a little bit. Tokyo is a fun and exciting place, but sometimes you need to refresh somewhere with a lot of greenery and fresh air. Ukai Toriyama is the perfect place to go after hiking and it serves typical and delicious Japanese cuisine, robatayaki!


Here Are The Halal Tokyo Banana Products

Here is a list with pictures of the Tokyo banana products that are Halal! You can get castella cakes, Kitkats, langue de chat cookies, and pie-like biscuits.


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