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Rich, Gourmet 'Taikotsu' Ramen at 'Taisho' in Ginza

'Taisho' is a ramen shop serving gourmet bowls of specialty sea bream broth "Taikotsu" ramen that recently opened in Ginza. For ramen lovers seeking a refined and unique bowl of noodles, this place is definitely worth a visit!


Coconut Glen's Coconut Ice Cream is a Must-Try in Omotesando!

Looking for some rich-tasting, natural ice cream in Tokyo? Then Coconut Glen's organic coconut vegan ice cream is an option you have to consider! Here's all about this new delectable ice cream shop in the Omotesando/Harajuku area.


Prime Rib Zen: Affordable Wagyu and Japanese Craft Beer in Akihabara!

This is wagyu like you've never experienced it before! Aged for 30 days before roasting at low temperature in the oven for 7 hours, this super-tender prime rib will blow you away! If you're looking for a unique meal in central Tokyo, 'Zen' is an awesome option.


Amazing tomato-based sukiyaki at Basara near Ginza

In the Ginza area, near Kyobashi station, you can have one of Tokyo's most original and tasty sukiyaki dinner. Try Basara's tomato-based sukiyaki for a guaranteed delectable experience.


Shokusai Shubo Matsumoto: exquisite Agu pork shabu shabu in Naha!

Agu pork is one of the must-have local specialties when you are in Okinawa, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is by having it in the perfect shabu shabu at the famous restaurant Shokusai Shubo Matsumoto.


29ON GINZA: Member's Restaurant with Mind-Blowing Meat Courses!

The popular 29ON members-only restaurant specializing in meat-based cuisine now has a location in Ginza, Tokyo! Enjoy original courses of sous-vide cooked meats that include top-quality wagyu beef.


Odaiba's Ramen Park: 'Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai'

Located in Odaiba, Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan "Mai" is one of the coolest collections of famous ramen shops in Tokyo. If you're on the hunt for a great place for lunch in Odaiba, this place should be on your radar!


What is 'Kaisen Don?' (+ How is it Different from 'Chirashi Sushi?')

Have you heard of kaisen don? It's a popular Japanese dish that is basically a bowl of sashimi on top of a bed of rice. If you like sushi, you'll love kaisen don! Make sure you try it while in Japan.

Incredible chocolate sweets in Daikanyama at Hi-Cacao

Try some of the best affordable chocolate sweets in Tokyo at Hi-Cacao in Daikanyama. You must try their signature Fondant Chocolat!


Ryutenmon: gorgeous and delectable Chinese restaurant in Ebisu

For some amazingly beautiful and tasty Chinese cuisine in central Tokyo, a good choice is definitely Ryutenmon in Ebisu.


'Satén' is One of the Best Places to Enjoy Modern Matcha in Tokyo

Are you a fan of matcha? Searching for the best places in Tokyo to drink delicious matcha (and single-origin green tea)? If so, a trip to Satén in Tokyo's Nishi Ogikubo neighborhood needs to go on your list of cafes to try in Tokyo.


Chronic Tacos is now in Ginza, Tokyo!

Craving some tasty affordable Mexican cuisine? Then you might be glad to know that Ginza now has its own Chronic Tacos restaurant!


Scrumptious, authentic Russian cuisine in Ebisu at Godunov

If you'd like to try something completely out of the ordinary for Tokyo, consider going to this great Russian restaurant in Ebisu!

Tokyo Station

Fat Burger: Shibuya's top fat, juicy American burger joint

Looking for some hearty American burger in Shibuya? Then Fat Burger might be just what you are looking for! Located just a 1-min walk from the station's (Hachiko exit).


Monnan: incredible chicken cheese Korean fondue in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo!

Monnan Gamja has rapidly become one of the most popular restaurants in Shin-Okubo because of its jaw-dropping cheese fondue dishes.


5 of the best Russian restaurants in Tokyo (not too pricey)

These five restaurants are all very popular because they offer delectable authentic Russian cuisine. All of them have amazing dinner courses under ¥6,000, and two of them have super affordable lunch sets as well (around ¥1,000).


Edomasa: iconic Tokyo yakitori restaurant in Nihonbashi

Connoisseurs of yakitori agree that Edomasa is the real deal for an outstanding yakitori experience in Tokyo. The restaurant of long-standing serves succulent yakitori at a reasonable price too.


Have You Heard of 'Okinawa Soba?' (Okinawa's Local Ramen)

Okinawa soba is one of the soul foods for the people of Okinawa Japan, and one of the foods you must try while in Okinawa (or Tokyo!). What makes Okinawa's version of ramen special? read on to find out.

Lemon Rice TOKYO: fresh lemon rice bento near Shibuya station

For something light, fresh-tasting and different, try Lemon Rice TOKYO's popular lemon rice bento. The shop is located just a 3-minute walk away from Shibuya station.


What is Japanese Ponzu Sauce? (+ Recipe to Make Your Own at Home!)

Ponzu is a Japanese sauce that is tart, umami-filled, and slightly salty. You might be wondering: What is ponzu made of? Is there a substitute? Can I make my own? Read on to learn more about ponzu and have all your questions answered! (A recipe is included at the bottom of the article)

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