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Yakitori 'Ichimatsu' in Osaka: Information and Reservations

Ichimatsu is the newest of just 3 yakitori restaurants in Osaka to earn a Michelin star. It's a small (12 seats) restaurant that's become difficult to reserve due to its popularity and incredibly delicious Hinai Chicken yakitori. If you're looking for the best yakitori in Osaka, Ichimatsu just might be it.

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Osaka's Kitamura: Sukiyaki to Try at Least Once Before You Die

Searching for the best sukiyaki in Osaka? Your search is over. Kitamura has been open in the same location in Shinsaibashi since 1881 and is so delicious that it earned a Michelin star.

Osaka City

Michelin-Starred 'Yuno' Should be Top of Your List for Kaiseki in Osaka!

Yuno is one of the top kaiseki (traditional Japanese) restaurants in Osaka. The chef serves delicious food that incorporates local Osaka produce and presents his dishes in beautiful arrangements that are as beautiful as they taste! The restaurant has a Michelin star and is a superb option for those seeking a traditional and delicious Japanese meal in Osaka.

Ginza Yamaji: Famous Kaiseki and Half Year-Aged Sea Bream Chazuke!

Ginza Yamaji is one of the best places in Ginza to get a high-end kaiseki course meal. If you've got the money to spend, you won't regret choosing Yamaji for a fancy dinner night in Ginza.


Oryori Yamada in Sapporo is a Cute, Family-Run Restaurant With Great Kaiseki!

Oryori Yamada is a small, local Hokkaido restaurant run by a husband and wife that serves some truly outstanding Japanese 'kaiseki' course meals. The restaurant has only been open since 2017, so it is still relatively unknown but is well worth the visit for anyone searching for an excellent Japanese Kaiseki meal in Sapporo.


5 top restos and izakayas for shabu shabu in Okinawa

Restaurants in Okinawa offer some pretty amazing shabu shabu made with domestic vegetables and Okinawa-raised pork. Here are 5 of the best you can find on the island.


Mouthwatering Sushi at Michelin-Starred 'Takuzushi' in Sapporo

Takuzushi is one of Sapporo's top spots for super high-quality sushi right now. The stylish sushi shop serves super fresh sushi using the best ingredients of the season and a special red vinegar rice 'shari' that perfectly balances the flavor. If seeking high-quality sushi in Sapporo, you can't go wrong with Takuzushi.


Kappo Iwaki: Unforgettable Traditional Japanese Kaiseki in Osaka

Kappo Iwaki is a truly outstanding Michelin-starred restaurant in Osaka's Kitashinchi, near Osaka and Umeda Station. The food here is traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine, the highest form of Japanese cooking. Anyone looking for a memorable and delicious meal that features the best of the season's ingredients should give the omakase course at Kappo Iwaki a try!

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Kisui: Michelin-Starred Kappo Cuisine in Sapporo You've Got to Try!

Hokkaido is known throughout Japan as the best place to get the very freshest ingredients, be they vegetables, meat, or fish. Japanese traditional cooking (sometimes called 'kappo') is the very best way to prepare fresh Japanese ingredients and bring out their flavors. One of the top Kappo restaurants in Hokkaido is called Kisui, which is located in Sapporo.


Takagaki no Sushi: Unbelivably Good Sushi in Ningyocho, Tokyo

Takagaki no Sushi is a newcomer to the Tokyo sushi scene, offering incredibly fresh, impeccable sushi served in a cozy and intimate setting (an old building from the Taisho era with just 6 counter seats). It's still unknown among tourists, but that's likely to change very soon!

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Taiwan Cafe Zen in Omotesando serves amazing colourful teas and drinks!

Taiwan Cafe Zen serves an original drink: the butterfly pea tea. It serves all kinds of other colourful drinks too, and some popular local foods from Taiwan.


You've Got to Try the Ultra-Fancy Kushikatsu at 'Kushikatsu Bon'

Kushikatsu is a local Osaka specialty and is one of the foods that every visitor absolutely has to try while in the city. There are many famous kushikatsu restaurants in Osaka, but none quite so fancy as 'Kushikatsu Bon,' which serves a fantastic omakase kushikatsu course worth dreaming about!

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Sushi Ginza Onodera: One of Ginza's Top Edomae Sushi Restaurants

Ginza has quite a few high-end sushi options to choose from. One great option is a restaurant called 'Sushi Ginza Onodera,' which serves outstanding, flawless edomae-style sushi in a great atmosphere with excellent service. The restaurant's sister shop in LA actually was awarded 2 Michelin stars, so the quality is unquestionably good!


A Happy Pancake Shinjuku (Shiawase-no Pancake) | Fluffy Pancakes!

A Happy Pancake in Shinjuku Sanchome is a convenient place to try Japan's famous fluffy pancakes in central Tokyo. Here's what their famous pancakes look like.


Fanciest Bowls of Ramen in Tokyo

These are 5 of the fanciest bowls of ramen in Tokyo, from beautifully arranged tsukemen to Ginza ramen with wagyu on the top. Enjoy!

What is Narutomaki? (The White and Pink Thing on Ramen)

What's the white and pink emoji? What is the swirl thing in ramen? What does it taste like? Why is it a ramen topping? Find out below!

Mr. Farmer Shinjuku: Super Healhty Resto With Vegan Options

If you're looking to get a good dose of fresh fruits and veggies in Shinjuku, then Mr. Farmer might be your best bet. They have lots of good vegan options too!


The Ultimate Sashimi Recipe (With Clear and Simple Instructions)

This advanced sashimi recipe has been developed over many years of trial and error. I have made it into a very simple set of instructions that most people should have no problem following. Good luck, and happy sashimi making!

You've Got to Try This Luxurious Lobster Miso Ramen in Shibuya!

There's a restaurant just 3 minutes away from Shibuya Station called 'Onisoba Fujiya ~Premium~' that sells a must-try bowl of lobster miso ramen. Definitely check it out next time you're in the area!


What is Hakata Style Ramen? All About the Popular Tonkatsu Ramen.

Both inside of Japan and around the world, one of the most popular types of ramen is called 'Hakata Ramen.' This article will talk about the origins of Hakata ramen and introduce the original Hakata ramen restaurant (it's still open)!

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