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Pudding-Sandwich, anyone? FamilyMart has it.

The convenience store chain has created another delicious treat, the pudding-sandwich! Only in Japan.

Asahi Beer Has Gone Pink For Spring!

The no.1 beer in Japan has a special edition packaging to celebrate Spring. Grab a pack and let's go hanami!

5 Great Shinjuku Izakayas With All-You-Can-Drink Options

For a night out in Shinjuku with free-flowing alcohol and great food, check out these five selected izakayas! They're all pretty cheap too.


Try the Vegan Sakura Burger at Botanist Cafe!

The Japanese beauty brand has released a myriad of vegan and vegetarian dishes, amongst them, a vegan, sakura-themed burger to celebrate Spring. And it tastes as good as it looks!

Craft Sake Week 2019 at Roppongi Hills

During 10 days, Roppongi Hills Arena will showcase over 110 breweries in a huge event for sake lovers and foodies.


Ryujinmaru: Warayaki (Straw Fire Cooking) Izakaya In Okachimachi, Tokyo!

Ryujinmaru is a rare kind of izakaya specializing in fish cooked briefly over a straw fire. It's definitely worth the try if you haven't already! Warayaki gives the pieces of sashimi a nice wooden sent.


Crab Buffet In Osaka: 5 Places Worth The Go!

Looking for delicious crab cuisine in Osaka with all-you-can-eat options? Then check out this list! The 5 restaurants included are really popular and comparatively quite affordable for crab.

Osaka City

The Superpowers of Umeboshi

Do you know what umeboshi is? Or why it is considered a superfood? Find out!

Shibuya Garden Farm For Some Super Nice, Affordable Cheese Fondue!

How about some cheese fondue in Tokyo? This place called Garden Farm, which has a location near Shibuya station, is very popular for their fluffy all-you-can-eat cheap cheese fondue.


Lunch in Ginza on the cheap! 5 best lunch specials!

Looking for some cheap eats in chick Ginza? These five restaurants are really worth the try for their awesome value for the price (around ¥1,000) and original items. The list even includes wagyu beef and foie gras!


5 awesome cafes in Kichijoji worth the try!

Looking for some nice sweets, a light meal, a good cup of coffee or a relaxing atmosphere to take a breather in Kichijoji? These five delicious cafes will not disappoint!


Tableaux serves exquisite New American cuisine in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Tableaux, a popular restaurant in Daikanyama, is renewing its menu by introducing New American cuisine by talented young Chef Rachel Dow. Here is what the course looks like.


Eat Fresh at The Blind Donkey

The unpretentious restaurant located in Kanda has the utmost respect for the environment, for the seasons and the ingredients.

5 Foreigner Friendly Bars In Shibuya

These are 5 popular bars in the Shibuya area that tend to attract an international crowd. Most of them are British and Irish pubs and some have live music too.


Transformers Popup Cafe In Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Opens From March 8th!

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the massively popular anime and as an homage to the latest movie, there will be a special Transformers-themed cafe opening in Ikebukuro from March 8 to 31!


Enjoy the Chill Vibes of Okinawa Matsuri 2019

In May, Tokyo will host the Okinawa Matsuri, a festival celebrating the food, music, and art from Okinawa. Come get the good vibes!

Vintage Sake Renaissance 2019

For sake lovers, the Vintage Sake Renaissance (#熟成古酒ルネッサンス) is a chance to taste over 100 types of koshu. What a treat!

Halal Food At Kansai Airport: Complete List Of Restaurants

Looking for halal food at the Kansai Airport? Here are the three restaurants that are certified halal. One specializes in udon and the other two in soba. They also serve various other Japanese foods.


Sichuan Festival 2019 in Nakano

Come taste the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine over the weekend in Nakano, Tokyo!


Bar Gen Yamamoto Serves Omakase Cocktail Sets So Worth The Try!

This hidden gem is a paradise for fruit cocktail lovers. Try Gen Yamamoto san's exquisite cocktail tasting sets (omakase) made from seasonal fruits from all over Japan.


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