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All About Wagyu (Japanese Beef) + Ranking Explained (A5? A4?)

We're here to answer your wagyu-related questions! Wagyu literally means 'Japanese beef.' Of wagyu cows, almost 95% are of the black-haired (黒毛 'kuroge') breed, of which there are many sub-breeds including all the most famous types of wagyu (Kobe, Matsuzaka, etc.)

Amazing duck meat sukiyaki and more at Torinago in Ebisu

An original and delicious restaurant option in Ebisu is Torinago. They specialize in poultry cuisine and boast quite possibly the most beautiful and tasty duck meat sukiyaki set in Tokyo.


Where to Eat Wagyu Ramen in Tokyo! Our top Picks

Wagyu is quite a rare topping to find on ramen, and even in Tokyo, the ramen capital of the world, there are only a handful of places to get it. Here are 4 of the best, with details included. Enjoy!

80% of people have this at Hare curry house in Ginza

Hare is a cheap curry house (options under ¥1,000) in Ginza serving some of the most satisfying curries there is in Tokyo.


Sushi Tokyo Ten Shinjuku (Inside NeWoMan) Details and Info

Sushi Tokyo Ten is a popular sushi restaurant located right outside the ticket gates of Shinjuku Station's New South Exit. The restaurant offers an authentic Edomae sushi counter experience at a very reasonable price considering the high quality. Read on for more details.


Wagyu Tantanmen Served in a Cup at Jikasei Mensho in Shibuya's PARCO

Jikasei MENSHO is a newly opened ramen shop inside Shibuya's PARCO shopping center that serves a very unique and delicious bowl of wagyu tantanmen! We guarantee it's unlike any ramen you've tried before and is totally worth the try!


Ginza Ramen Shop Makes Ramen Without a Seemingly Critical Ingredient!

'Chuka Soba Ginza Hachigo' was opened in 2018 and earned a place in the Michelin Guide in just one year! The chef has French training, and has crafted a delectable bowl of ramen that doesn't include a certain ingredient that is indispensable in basically all other ramens!


This Ramen Shop Made it Into the Michelin Guide After Just 1 Year

Nishiogi Tou is a newcomer to the ramen scene that was good enough to be added to the Michelin Guide after just a year of operation! The shop's ramen features handmade noodles, incredible soup, and sakura woodchip-smoked chashu that make it a standout bowl!


Dine As the Guest of a Vampire at Ginza's 'Vampire Cafe'

Ginza is home to one of the spookiest restaurants in Tokyo; the 'Vampire Cafe.' The small restaurant is only open at night and is run by an ill-tempered vampire named 'Count Rose' who is hundreds of years old.


Scrumptious Taiyaki Crammed Full of Red Bean Paste in Asagaya, Tokyo!

Have you heard of Taiyaki? It's a traditional Japanese sweet that looks like a fish-shaped waffle. They can be filled with various sweet fillings, but anko (red bean paste) is the most traditional filling. There's one special shop in Asagaya, Tokyo that offers taiyaki that are absolutely jam-packed full of anko!

What is Soba? (Japanese Soba Noodles)

Soba is one of the classic Japanese noodles that everyone needs to try! The noodles have been used in Japanese cooking for longer than most other foods that are now synonymous with Japan, including sushi and ramen. Soba is not only delicious but quite healthy as well! Read on to learn more.

Tempura Mochiku: one of the top tempura restaurants in Ginza

Tempura Mochiku will make you discover authentic delectable and sophisticated tempura. Open for lunch and dinner, it's located at just a 2-minute walk from Ginza Station.


Sobakiri Mimaki: awesome value soba noodles (Akasaka-Mitsuke, Tokyo)

Sobakiri Mimaki located near Akasaka-Mitsuke Station offers one of the must-try foods of Japan: soba noodles. The tasty noodles come as part of set meals consisting of various other delectable Japanese foods (tempura, katsudon, etc.).


Tempura Hachimaki: affordable and delectable tempura in Jimbocho

Tempura Hachimaki has got to be one of the best tempura houses of long-standing in old Tokyo. It's pretty cheap too, and the portions are generous. If you're craving some deep-fried Japanese comfort food around Jimbocho, this is where to go!


Best Ginza Restaurants for Dinner (From Cheap Eats to Fine Dining)

Ginza is filled with restaurants of all varieties, from affordable hole-in-the-wall joints to Michelin 3-star restaurants that require reservations months in advance. Here is a list of some of the best places to have a great dinner, from "fancy" to "affordable." Enjoy!


Tempura Iwai: authentic high-end tempura in Ginza

Tempura can be just as refined as Edomae high-end sushi. To experience some of the best tempura there is in Tokyo, Tempura Iwai is a choice to consider.


Sweets to try at the Tokyu Food Show in Shibuya

A fun place to visit in Shibuya is the underground floor of the Tokyu Department store, where you can find the Tokyu Food Show. Here are some sweets that you might want to try while you explore this gourmet spot.


Ten Tempura Uchitsu in Hiroo: perfect decor & incredible tempura

Ten Tempura Uchitsu in Hiroo offers the pinnacle in terms of tempura cuisine. The restaurant is praised both for its delectable cuisine and beautiful venue.


Sakanaryori Akai in Ginza: try their beautiul and tasty Kappo

Sakanaryori Akai is a famous restaurant in Ginza serving Kappo, a kind of traditional fish cuisine you should absolutely try.


5 good tempura options in Ikebukuro

Here are 5 restaurants in Ikebukuro serving some satisfying tempura. They all have pretty cheap options, and some have fancier evening courses.


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