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Deli Fu Cious: A Sushi-Style Burger in Nakameguro, Tokyo

Deli Fu Cious is a restaurant run by a Michelin awarded sushi chef. This restaurant specializes in fish burgers which are both photogenic and delicious!


Ushigoro-Kan: Awesome Quality Wagyu Yakiniku And Sake In Ebisu

If you are looking for a reasonably priced Japanese "wagyu" yakiniku restaurant, Ushigoro-Kan is one of the best choices in Ebisu. It also serves some excellent sake to pair with your meal.


Chavaty: The Best Milk Tea You Can Imagine In Omotesando, Tokyo

Chavaty in Omotesando serves milk tea that is made from the world's best black tea for milk tea and Hokkaido's top quality milk, pasteurized at low heat.


What is Yokohama's Must Eat Cuisine?

Here are the must-try dishes while enjoying a wonderful stay in Yokohama! Be sure to pack an appetite because there is so much tasty food to try!


All You Need To Know About The Seasons Of Tokyo

Tokyo is located in a sub-tropical climate zone characterized by long hot summers and mild winters. The Japanese often say that Tokyo has four distinct seasons, but they can be broken down into a couple of other sub-seasons too. Here is all about the climate of Tokyo.


Delicious Creamy Somen Noodles In Ebisu At Sososo

You can enjoy an Azushima-style somen in Ebisu at a restaurant called Sososo. Their somen noodles are much more springy than the standard ones. A new kind of somen that is worth the try.


What is Tonkatsu? (Different from Tonkotsu)

What is "Tonkatsu"? You've probably heard of this dish, which is easily confused with "Tonkotsu". Here's an explanation as to what it is and where to enjoy it in Tokyo!

Weather In Japan In May - Essential Information

May is a beautiful month in Japan! The temperatures are really warming up and you're not as likely to suffer from the dreaded rainfalls of June's rainy season.

Autumn In Tokyo: 5 Best Spots For Autum Leaves

Here are some of the best spots in Tokyo to enjoy some stunningly beautiful autumn colours! We've even included some parks with night-time light-ups!


The Best Sesame (Goma) Desserts In Tokyo!

For all you sesame lovers out there, be sure to check out this very popular Japanese ingredient in the form of a dessert - many different types of desserts to be more precise. Enjoy and have an awesome culinary experience in Tokyo!


Suehirogari For A Yakitori Date in Nakameguro, Tokyo

Suehirogari is a Michelin Guide recognized yakitori restaurant in Nakameguro. It's a great place to bring a date as you can sit close to each other at the counter seats and enjoy delicious food together.


Weather In Japan In April - Essential Information

Planning a trip to Japan in April? Here is all the essential information you need to know about the weather in Japan for that period!

Weather In Japan In March - What You Need To Know

Information on the weather in Japan in March. Average daytime high temperatures included for major cities.

Addictively-Delicious Cheese-Filled Dutch Pancakes At PATH!

The pancake boom is still at its peak in Japan, and what's amazing about it is that there are so many types of pancakes to try with different flavours and textures. The Dutch pancake is like a Danish and is crunchy on the outside and is soft on the inside with melted Burrata cheese inside.


What is Onigiri? (Japanese Rice Ball)

Onigiri is an awesome dish that can be eaten right about any time of the day. It can be breakfast, a snack or a meal on the go. It can be stuffed with your favourite ingredients and can be prepared at home or bought in specialized restos or convenience stores.

Weather In Japan In February: Essential Information

Information about the weather in Japan for major cities throughout the country.

Weather In Japan In January. Essential Information

Information about the weather in Japan in January. Included are average temperatures for major cities and precipitation trends.

Arirang's Mysterious Hot Dog Is So Hot Right Now! That Cheese Pull Though!

The Korean boom was thought to be slowly dying down in Japan, but it has clearly regained in popularity lately! The Korean gourmet trends often come to Japan one by one and can be especially seen in Tokyo's Korean town, Shinokubo. You need to try this cheese hot dog!


5 Awesome Street Foods In Shinjuku And Where To Have Them

Looking for some of the best street foods in Shinjuku? Here is a useful guide that includes info on outstanding gyoza, yakitori, and various sweets shops.


All You Need To Know About The Weather In Japan In December

Planning to visit Japan in December? Here's what you need to know about the weather!

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