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Karuizawa, Nagano's Must-Eat Local Foods and Top Restaurants

While visiting the mountain town of Karuizawa, there are a few local Nagano specialties that you have to eat! We'll introduce those below, along with some recommendations of restaurants to eat at!

Tokyo Station's Ramen Battleground: 'Ramen Gekisenku'

Connected to Tokyo Station in the basement of the KITTE Marunouchi building is a ramen-lovers paradise; 5 famous and delicious ramen shops lining a hallway called 'Ramen Gekisenku,' which means 'Ramen Battleground' in Japanese! Looking for a phenomenal bowl of ramen near Tokyo Station? This is the place to go!

Tokyo Station

'Shodai' in Ebisu, Tokyo Serves Curry Udon With a Peculiar Topping!

There's a seemingly normal udon restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo that serves a very unique bowl of curry udon with a most peculiar topping. It looks like whipped cream, but is it??


You Can Pick Up These Japapese Eggs by Pinching the Yolk!

In Japan, there's a special brand of egg called 'Tsumande Goran' that has a yolk which can be picked up by pinching it with your fingers!

All About Shiawase No Pancake (A Happy Pancake) Restaurant in Japan!

Shiawase no Pancake (A Happy Pancake) is a restaurant with locations throughout Japan that is famous for its super-fluffy pancakes. This style of pancake is unique to Japan, and is definitely worth trying while you're here!

Unique Street Foods to Try In Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street (Nippori Sta.)

Trying local foods is always one of the best parts of taking a trip to a new city. Tokyo is so huge that even individual neighborhoods have their own specialties! Yanaka Ginza is a retro Showa-era shopping street located near Nippori Station that is worth visiting for the atmosphere and, of course, the food!


Tamago Kake Gohan Specialty Restaurant is a Must-Visit for Egg Lovers!

Eating raw eggs is part of Japanese food culture, and tamago kake gohan is one of the simplest dishes that features a raw egg. Although people usually make tamago kake gohan at home, there is a restaurant called 'Kisaburo Nojo' that offers customers the opportunity to compare gourmet eggs as they eat this simplest of Japanese comfort foods!


Nair's Restaurant Ginza: legendary curry house you must try in Tokyo

Nair's Restaurant is an Indian restaurant of very long-standing in Ginza. It's famous in Tokyo for being the first to offer authentic curry. We went to try out their super famous Murgi Lunch. Here's all you need to know about it and the restaurant.


Tamago Kake Gohan (Raw Egg Over Rice) + Is It Safe to Eat Raw Eggs?

One of the simplest Japanese comfort foods is called 'tamago kake gohan' (卵かけご飯)and consists of a raw egg cracked over a bowl of white rice. Eating raw eggs might seem strange to some, but it's actually safe to do in Japan (see below for details).

Sandogu Inn Kobeya: all-you-can-eat ¥1,080 bakery buffet (Tokyo station)

In the Tokyo station area, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat freshly baked bread and sandwiches for just ¥1,080 as part of Sandogu Inn Kobya's lunch special.

Tokyo Station

For Delicious Mexican Food in Tokyo, 'La Jolla' Can't be Beaten!

'La Jolla' is a small restaurant located near Shibuya's Hiro-o Station that serves wonderfully delicious Tex-Mex Cuisine just like that found in the southern United States! Considering its size, Tokyo has surprisingly few Mexican restaurants. However, La Jolla is among the very best that the city has to offer and is definitely worth a visit!


Hayashi in Akasaka: Quite possibly the best oyakodon in Tokyo

Looking for a cheap and delicious lunch in Akasaka? Look no further than Hayashi. It serves an outstanding ¥950 oyakodon that has been popular for decades.


Mendokoro Inosho: famous spicy ramen in Nerima worth the try!

Mendokoro Inosho in Nerima, Tokyo, serves a unique kind of spicy ramen, that is not just hot but also deeply savoury and dangerously addictive. Find out why people wait in line to get their bowl.


Pound-ya Roppongi: Bang for the buck wagyu beef

Affordable wagyu steaks, beef patties and wagyudon are available at this popular branch in Roppongi. Located just a 2-minute walk from Roppongi station.


Alfred Tea Room in Tokyo: gorgeous bubble teas that are worth the try

Located in Aoyama, Shinjuku and Harajuku, the famous bubble tea cafe chain offers some of the most beautiful drinks in Tokyo. They're customizable too and they have vegan options.

All About 'Chashu,' the Delicious, Tender Meat Found on Top of Ramen!

Who doesn't love ramen? It's probably the most popular dish in Japan and is on its way to becoming the most popular Japanese dish outside of Japan as well. One of the most ubiquitous ramen toppings is chashu, the tender and flavorful meat slices that sit on top of the bowl. This article will explain what chashu is and talk about some of the different kinds you'll find in the ramen world.

Additive-Free Ramen at 'Shichisai' in Tokyo uses 'Natural Kansui'

'Kansui' is an ingredient that is absolutely essential to ramen noodles, as it gives the noodles their characteristic springiness and taste. However, there are some who worry about the safety of adding artificial additives to the noodles. For those who worry, there's a shop in Tokyo that makes completely natural and additive-free noodles which use 'natural kansui.'


Gyuan Ginza: ¥990 Kobe Beef set?! Here's all about it!

Meat lovers dream of Kobe Beef but the price is more a nightmare than a dream. Not at Gyuan Ginza though! You can have a Kobe Beef patty set for less than ¥1,000. Here's all about it!


What's Back Fat Tonkotsu Ramen? (Answer: Delicious!)

Have you heard of back fat ramen (背脂ラーメン)? It's a type of ramen that features a rich broth enhanced by pork fat (cut from the pig's back, hence the name back fat). 'Hopuken,' the shop that first created back fat ramen 60 years ago is still open, meaning you can go and try the original for yourself!


Tenmabashi Fujikawa: Outstanding, Must-Try Tempura in Osaka

Tenmabashi Fujikawa is a restaurant in Osaka's Temmabashi area that specializes in incredibly delicious tempura courses. The restaurant is a bit on the high end (it has a Michelin star), but is definitely worth visiting for anyone hoping to try some truly outstanding tempura!

Osaka City

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