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5 Excellent Okonomiyaki Restaurants Near Kyoto Station

These are the best restaurants to have great okonomiyaki within a 10-minute walk from the Kyoto Station.

Kyoto City

Excellent Tempura In Tokyo For ¥1,000: 5 Restaurants To Know

Looking for some great tempura in Tokyo that won't break the bank? If so, these 5 restaurants are for you to discover!


Pop-Up World Trigger Cafe In Harajuku, Tokyo (From Dec. 14, 2018)

Good news for fans of the World Drigger Anime! The series will become the theme of a cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo, for a limited time from Dec. 14, 2018 to Jan. 27, 2019.


Sangenjaya's Back Alleys Area Guide (Sankaku Chitai)

Sangenjaya has a yokocho, an area of back alleys, that is really worth the go! Here is an area guide of this famous spot called Sankaku Chitai.


Top 5 Cheap Tokyo Shabu Shabu For Less Than ¥3,000!

Here is a list of very popular shabu shabu restaurants in Tokyo that have a cheap all-you-can-eat option below ¥3,000. For a little extra, you can also add an all-you-can-drink option. These restaurants are easy to find because most of them are chains with many locations across Tokyo.


Jiki Miyazawa: 1-star Michelin Kaiseki Restaurant in Kyoto

Kaiseki cuisine is a typically Japanese type of cuisine which everyone should try at least once during their trip to Japan. If you want a taste of Kyoto's splendid unique cuisine, be sure to make a reservation at the 1-star Michelin restaurant, Jiki Miyazawa.

Kyoto City

5 Great Places For All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku In Shinbashi

The all-you-can-eat courses introduced in this article range in price from about ¥3,000 to ¥8,000. There are also some all-you-can-drink options and some courses that include some excellent quality Japanese beef.


Ginza Iwa: An Unforgettable Sushi Experience at a 1-Star Michelin Resto

Ginza Iwa is well-established sushi restaurant in the heart of Ginza. Although the chef is young, his many years of experience do not go unnoticed when he prepares the sushi with agile hands. What's more is the sushi is still quite affordable for its quality.


Good Quality Yet Affordable Lunchtime Teppanyaki In Tokyo!

These 5 teppanyaki restaurants serve some of the best and most expensive teppanyaki for dinner in Tokyo but have some surprisingly affordable lunch options. For great value lunchtime teppanyaki in Tokyo, give them a try.


Voyagin's Michelin-Star Reservation Service

In terms of Michelin-starred restaurants, Japan is the place to visit, as it is the epicentre of Michelin stars in the world. Here is a guide on which outstanding restaurants to try in Japan and how to make a reservation. Santé!

Lunchtime Tempura In Shinjuku For Less Than ¥2,000 | Top 5

Here are 5 of the best places around Shinjuku Station where you can have a satisfying tempura meal for less than ¥2,000.


Awesome Kaitenzushi in Shinjuku

Kaitenzushi, literally translates as "rotation sushi", was created in Japan in the 60's and is still very popular after decades. Here is a selection of awesome conveyor belt restaurants in Shinjuku.

Dog Friendly Cafes in Tokyo

If you can't get enough of your furry friend's company, you can bring them with you to these cafes in Tokyo! Woof woof!

Pizza Lovers Be Sure To Try Pizza Studio Tamaki in Roppongi, Tokyo!

It might seem counterintuitive to get pizza in Tokyo, of all places. But throughout your trip to Japan, you will definitely hear many people say that the best place they've ever had Italian cuisine is in... Tokyo! Pizza Studio Tamaki is la creme de la creme in terms of pizza in Tokyo!


The Different Seaweeds in Japan!

There are so many different types of seaweed available in Japan. Here's how to eat it and their specific health benefits.

5 Exquisite Yakiniku Restaurants In Sendai

Sendai is famous for its beef, so what better place to have yakiniku? Here are some of the best yakiniku restaurants in Sendai.


Must Eat Foods Of Hakodate - Seafood And More!

The beautiful city of Hakodate is a gourmet power spot in Japan! If you go, you'll be glad to know these 5 popular restaurants serving the best of Hakodate!


5 Best Affordable Teppanyaki Restaurants In Osaka

Looking for affordable teppanyaki in Osaka? If so, make good note of these five excellent restaurants! Their prices range from about ¥1,000 to ¥4,000.

Osaka City

5 Best Places To Have Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki In Tokyo

Looking for some awesome Hiroshima style okonomiyaki in Tokyo? If so, you should definitely try out one of these five very popular restaurants. The taste is as good as what you'd get in Hiroshima!


5 Affordable Yakiniku Restaurants In Ginza

Ginza is known for its many high-end restaurants that can cost up to ¥30,000 per evening. There are some much more affordable options, however. Here are 5 yakiniku restaurants that are really good and that will cost you at most ¥5,000.


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