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[Ginza] Authentic Taiwanese Food and High-End Bubble Tea!

The madly popular Taiwanese food truck 'Taiwan Chaho' that saw crowds of people lining up daily for the delicious bubble tea and food has now moved into a brick and motor restaurant in Ginza called re:Dine Ginza. Anyone seeking outstanding Taiwanese cuisine or bubble tea that's a cut above the rest should head to Ginza ASAP!


L'IGNIS in Ebisu serves AMAZING firewood-grilled cuisine!

Good restaurants abound in Ebisu, but L'IGNIS is one that you should put on your bucket list because it's not only great, it also serves something you hardly ever see in Tokyo: firewood-grilled meats!


20+ craft beers at Spring Valley Brewery in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Craft beer lovers this one is for you! Spring Valley Brewery in Daikanyama is one of the best places in Tokyo to enjoy all kinds of delicious and unique beers, and their foods pair wonderfully well with their beers.


Try Sarabeth's afternoon tea set near Tokyo station!

For a luxurious afternoon tea set that isn't too expensive (¥1,800), give Sarabeth's Tokyo station location a try! It's the only location serving the lovely set that has two kinds of savoury sandwiches and five kinds of sweets.

Tokyo Station

All About Menma (food): Taste, Origins, How to Make it + More!

This article is all about menma (the food, not the character from the popular anime 'Naruto'). We will cover the following topics: What is menma? What does menma taste like? Can bamboo kill you? How do you make menma at home? And more. Enjoy!

Ao Corner: impressive hidden izakaya in Meguro, Tokyo

Ao Corner is one of the best-kept secrets of Meguro. Find out all about this affordable izakaya with great food and the perfect authentic atmosphere.


All-you-can-eat buffets in Shinjuku you need to know about

We've included in this article some of the best all-you-can-eat buffets of Shinjuku of different genres (desserts, sushi, meat, vegetables, etc.).


FUGA: nice modern Japanese cuisine in a chic decor

For a fancy dinner in central Tokyo, you might want to try out FUGA located in Shinjuku. You can enjoy some course meals of modern Japanese cuisine that include sashimi and teppan wagyu.


Bistro CarneSio's meaty Italian cuisine does not disapoint! (Ebisu, Tokyo)

Bistro CarneSio in Ebisu, Tokyo, is the talk of the town for some outstanding Italian cuisine. The charcoal-cooked A5 ranked meat is just mind-blowing. And the simple smoked butter bread and rich Italian pasta are other reasons why foodies rave about this place.


Hip Coffee Shop 'Coffee Mafia' in Ginza Offers Great Coffee and Toast!

Looking for a good cup of coffee in Ginza? You might want to check out 'Coffee Mafia,' a hip coffee stand serving delicious pour-overs, toast, and more inside re:Dine Ginza. It's perfect for breakfast for an afternoon break from Ginza shopping!


illy CAFFE in Yurakucho serves authentic Italian coffee and foods

illy cafe now has a location in Japan! The popular coffee chain's location is in Yurakucho. Give it a try for some reasonably priced excellent coffee and Italian foods.


CINA New Modern Chinese in Ebisu is worth the go!

Looking for some really good Chinese food with a different twist? Then CINA New Modern Chinese in Ebisu is a great option.


All about Ikura (What is it? How does it Taste? Is it raw? + More)

What is ikura? Ikura is the Japanese word for salmon roe (fish eggs). Ikura is typically orange and fairly large when compared to other commonly eaten roe. Ikura is one of the more expensive ingredients used in Japanese cuisine, and can be found in sushi, on salads, in kaisen don, or served all by itself. Keep reading to learn more.

Delicious Ramen with Fresh Noodles that are Hand-Cut for Each Order!

Near a small station in the western part of Tokyo, 'Daruma' is a gem of a ramen shop that prepares a mouth-watering bowl of noodles that are handmade and cut as each order is placed! If you're a lover of ramen or noodles or food in general, do yourself a favor and head to Nakano Fujimicho Station to try this ramen for yourself!


Best Restaurants in Sapporo (Affordable to Michelin-Starred)

As the largest city and hub of Hokkaido, Sapporo has a lot to offer in terms of delicious food and outstanding restaurants. Here is our list of some of the very best restaurants in the city, from affordable options to must-try Michelin-starred restaurants. Enjoy!


Rich, Gourmet 'Taikotsu' Ramen at 'Taisho' in Ginza

'Taisho' is a ramen shop serving gourmet bowls of specialty sea bream broth "Taikotsu" ramen that recently opened in Ginza. For ramen lovers seeking a refined and unique bowl of noodles, this place is definitely worth a visit!


Coconut Glen's Coconut Ice Cream is a Must-Try in Omotesando!

Looking for some rich-tasting, natural ice cream in Tokyo? Then Coconut Glen's organic coconut vegan ice cream is an option you have to consider! Here's all about this new delectable ice cream shop in the Omotesando/Harajuku area.


Prime Rib Zen: Affordable Wagyu and Japanese Craft Beer in Akihabara!

This is wagyu like you've never experienced it before! Aged for 30 days before roasting at low temperature in the oven for 7 hours, this super-tender prime rib will blow you away! If you're looking for a unique meal in central Tokyo, 'Zen' is an awesome option.


Amazing tomato-based sukiyaki at Basara near Ginza

In the Ginza area, near Kyobashi station, you can have one of Tokyo's most original and tasty sukiyaki dinner. Try Basara's tomato-based sukiyaki for a guaranteed delectable experience.


Shokusai Shubo Matsumoto: exquisite Agu pork shabu shabu in Naha!

Agu pork is one of the must-have local specialties when you are in Okinawa, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is by having it in the perfect shabu shabu at the famous restaurant Shokusai Shubo Matsumoto.


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