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Yoshitaka Amano Final Fantasy Exhibition In Ikebukuro, Tokyo

You can see the art of legendary Japanese illustrator Yoshitaka Amano at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro from August 10th to September 2nd, 2018.


5 Great Places For Cheap Sushi Near Shinjuku Station

If you want good sushi in Shinjuku that is not too hard on your wallet, you should check out these 5 selected restaurants!


Area Guide Of Tachikawa, Tokyo

If you are looking for things to do in Tachikawa Tokyo, here are three things that might be of interest.


Ise Sueyoshi: An Unforgettable Kaiseki Dining Experience in Tokyo [Info & Reservation]

For a memorable kaiseki experience, you should stop by Ise Sueyoshi. It is a multi-sensorial experience where the chef is very particular about serving the freshest seasonal ingredients!


5 Awesome Chinese Restaurants In Shinjuku

If you're looking for some really nice Chinese cuisine in Shinjuku, here are 5 good options that are mostly cheap and have a great atmosphere too.


The Best Tofu Restaurants in Tokyo!

Here are the best tofu restaurants to try while in Tokyo. Tofu is such a versatile and delicate ingredient and can be prepared in such a surprising number of ways. Even those who don't particularly like tofu will be impressed by these delicious restaurants!


Shimokitazawa: Best Cheap Second Hand Stores, Cafes, And Bars

Shimokitaza is a hipster district not far from Shibuya. It is served by the station of the same name of the Odakyu Odawara and the Keio Inogashira lines.


Where to Eat The Best Taiyaki in Kyoto

Do you know taiyaki? It is a traditional Japanese sweet made of waffle batter commonly filled with sweet azuki bean paste, but there are other fillings too. If you want to try this delicious food, Kyoto is the place to go.


The Top 10 Best Japanese Foods!

Here's the list of the top 10 dishes you need to try when you're travelling in Japan. Sushi being an obvious one, but there are so many other delicious dishes you need to taste while you're here.

5 Best Ramen Shops In Ramen Town Machida, Tokyo

Ramen lovers in Tokyo should make a special trip to Machida every once in a while because the place is known for its ramen culture. Here are some of the best to try!


5 Places For Cheap And Delicious Sushi In Akasaka

There are some affordable sushi restaurants in Akasaka that are surprisingly good. Here are 5 places where you can have awesome sushi without hurting your wallet.


Cheap Awesome Sushi In Yokohama (Under ¥3000)

Some restaurants defy logic and offer great quality sushi at the price of a meal at a greasy spoon joint. Here are the top 5 of those in Yokohama.


5 Places For Cheap Regional Sushi In Nara

Nara has its own traditional type of sushi, which is similar to nigiri sushi but wrapped in a leaf. Make sure to try it while you are there. It's cheap too!

Nara City

Area Guide Of Mitaka, Tokyo

Here are things to do in Mitaka, Tokyo. Mitaka is a quiet city of Tokyo adjacent to Kichijoji (Musashino City).


Top 5 Best Restaurants Near Tokyo Station!

Here is a list of the absolute best restaurants near Tokyo Station. It includes two Michelin-starred restaurants and all genres of cuisine.

Tokyo Station

5 Best Places In Toyama For Sushi

Here is a guide to sushi in Toyama. We've included sushi restaurants that are outstanding and in every budget range, from cheap and satisfying to very high-end.

Toyama City

Must Try Watermelon Sweets in Tokyo this Summer!

In the hot summer, do you ever feel like you want to eat watermelon to cool down? If you want to eat watermelon, or if you just love watermelon, these sweets in Tokyo are the best sweets for you. They taste exactly like watermelon and also cool you down.


5 Awesome Places To Have Cheap Sushi In Tsukiji

Looking for some great, affordable sushi in the Tsukiji Fish Market? There are plenty of choices, obviously, but these five selected places are particularly worth the go according to us.


The Best Places to Eat Ebi Fry (Deep Fried Shrimp) in Nagoya

Ebi fry or ebi furai, also known as fried shrimp is one of the famous Nagoya food in Japan. It is made of shrimps covered with breadcrumbs and deep fried. If you want to taste ebi fry, Nagoya is the place to go.


Fukamachi Tokyo is a Michelin Tempura Restaurant With a Head Above The Rest!

Fukamachi Tokyo is a 1-star Michelin tempura restaurant you need to try to at least once in your life!


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