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5 good tempura options in Ikebukuro

Here are 5 restaurants in Ikebukuro serving some satisfying tempura. They all have pretty cheap options, and some have fancier evening courses.


Warm Up With a Scrumptious Hot Smoothie at FICO & POMUM JUICE [Omotesando]

Looking for a spot to warm up with a nice, hot drink and a healthy treat in Aoyama/Omotesando? FICO & POMUM JUICE has what you need! The "healthy fast food" cafe offers unique and delicious hot beverages including "hot smoothies" that will keep you warm for the whole day! Many great vegan options too!


All the 11 Michelin star tempura restaurant of Tokyo

Here is the complete list of all the Michelin star tempura restaurants found in Tokyo. Three of them earned 2 Michelin stars and eight of them have 1 Michelin star. Reservation information is also provided.


Tenkuni Ginza's heavenly tempura

In the Ginza area, Tenkuni is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants for tempura. They serve delectable voluminous tendon bowls for around ¥1,500 and some deluxe Japanese set courses as well.


Tempura Tsunahachi Ginza (no pork, Muslim-friendly menu)

You can experience Muslim-friendly high-end tempura at Tsunahachi in Ginza. Here is the information.


5 unagi (eel) restaurants in Ginza with a solid repuation

Delicious foods abound in Ginza, so it can be hard to decide where to eat. For unagi, you won't be disappointed with any of these five amazing restaurants! They're about average in price for unagi but exceptional in quality.


Tenichi Ginza Locations in Central Tokyo

The restaurant chain Tenichi Ginza is a solid choice for high-end tempura in Japan. Here are some of the main locations in central Tokyo.


Favy's Online Guide to Japanese Foods (Japanese Foods List)

This is a Japanese foods list of sorts, with about 30 of the most popular Japanese dishes. Curious about a specific Japanese food? Find it below and click for more information.

10 Incredible Desserts In Ginza You Must Try!

Ginza is a classy Tokyo district known for its high-end boutiques. It's also an unmissable gourmet dessert spot in Tokyo! It has an embarrassment of riches if you're looking for some refined desserts, so here is a list of some of the best in the area to make your life a bit easier!


[Kyoto] A New Kind of Sushi at 'Sushi Time' (Halal + Vegan Sushi Too!)

Sushi Time is a brand new sushi restaurant next to Kyoto's famous Nishiki Market that serves a very unique kind of sushi. Not only is the sushi here shaped like a doughnut, but it's also certified as 100% halal, including the super-rare halal Kobe beef sushi! For anyone looking for yummy sushi in a fun atmosphere should give Sushi Time a try!

Kyoto City

Top-Notch Ginza Sushi With a View: Sushi Fukuju

With one of the best locations in Ginza, Sushi Fukuju is a stand-out sushi restaurant that delivers on quality, innovation, and atmosphere. For anyone looking for an unforgettable sushi experience in Ginza, Fukuju is an excellent choice.


9 good vegetarian restaurants near Ginza Station!

These nine restaurants are all within a 10-minute walk from Ginza station. They serve a variety of cuisines so you're bound to find something you like!


Ginza Bakery's castella biscuit sandwich is heavenly

Stop by Ginza Bakery near Ginza Itchome station to try one of the area's famous sweets: the cream-filled castella biscuit sandwich. Available in plain or in rum & raisin flavours.


Fujimon in Shibuya: A solid yakiniku option for delicious wagyu

Fujimon is a yakiniku restaurant where you can eat some premium cuts of wagyu beef. Some of their cuts are so fresh that you can even eat them raw. Price is about ¥5,000 to ¥6,000 per person for dinner.


Here's a list of some awesome izakayas in Ebisu!

Looking to enjoy drinks, good foods, and the perfect izakaya atmosphere in Ebisu? Then this list is for you! These are some beloved-by-the-locals drinking holes near Ebisu station.


Sakaba Ebisudou: One of the best izakayas in Ebisu

Sakaba Ebisudou is a well-kept secret in Ebisu. It doesn't even have a sign indicating that it's a restaurant but the regular customers rave about it. Find out all about this secret izakaya that is one of the best in the area.


5 good vegetarian restaurants in Asakusa, Tokyo

Here are some good options for people looking for vegetarian or vegan foods in Asakusa! All the restaurants presented in the article are within a five-minute walk from Asakusa station.


5 best Iidabashi coffee shops and cafes that are fun to try!

Here are five well-known coffee shops and cafes in Iidabashi that are totally worth the try, either for their unique coffee and sweets or for their great atmosphere.


Yamatoya Otojiro: delicious & affordable seafood izakaya near Kanda

The Kanda area has a lot of good restaurants, and Yamatoya Otojiro, a seafood izakaya, is definitely one of them. Eat lots of fresh sashimi and drink of a couple of cups of sake and it shouldn't cost you more than ¥4,000.


Essential Japanese Foods: Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Karaage is a Japanese word that refers to boneless, bite-sized pieces of fried meat (usually chicken). It's one of the most popular foods in Japan and can be found at restaurants and convenience stores everywhere. This article will tell you all about karaage, including how to pronounce it, links to great restaurants, and a recipe!

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