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3 Insane Food Challenges In Tokyo

3 kg of katsudon, 2.5 kg of curry, and 1.5 kg of gyoza. Finish your meal in a set time and it's free! Are you up for the challenge?


Different Types of Dumpling Cuisine in Japan

There are different types of dumplings to try in Japan so here's a list of what to get and where! And also, an easy recipe to make at home.

5 Sublime Vegetarian-Friendly Indian Restaurants In Tokyo

Here are five of the best Indian restaurants in Tokyo that are vegetarian or have some outstanding vegetarian options!


Japan's Deadliest Food

New Year is a killer season in Japan. The reason? Death by Mochi.

5 Restaurants With Vegetarian Sushi Sets In Tokyo

Vegetarian sushi isn't easy to find in Tokyo, so here are 5 places that serve beautiful vegetarian sushi sets that go way beyond the kappa (cucumber) sushi.


The Most Beautiful Japanese Foods!

Japanese cuisine is known for being incredibly delicate and flavourful, it is also very intricate in its preparation and beautiful plating. You don't even have to spend a fortune to enjoy Japan's beautiful cuisine. Here are some of the most beautiful Japanese dishes you should try!

5 Must Try Falafel Restaurants Around Tokyo!

Vegetarian or not, falafel sandwiches are simply the best! Come try these Middle-Eastern staples in Tokyo!


5 things you didn't know you could make in a rice cooker

As its name obviously states, a rice cooker cooks rice. But did you know you can make an array of dishes using this amazing kitchen appliance?

Tokyo Midtown's Outer Space-Inspired Christmas Illuminations 2018

Midtown Christmas is one of the most spectacular Christmas illumination events in Tokyo. The event is held from Nov. 18 to Dec. 25 at the Plaza Area of Tokyo Midtown located near the Roppongi Station.


Huge Sake Tasting Event At UNU Market In Tokyo, Nov. 17-18

Aoyama Sake Flea is back at the United Nations University's farmers market for its 9th edition. Enjoy a great variety of local sakes from across Japan!


Best Ice Cream Shops in Harajuku, Tokyo!

If you're an ice cream lover, this is are the best possible places to enjoy amazing ice cream in the famous Harajuku district in Tokyo. Harajuku is an inevitable sight-seeing spot in Tokyo while walking around this interesting part of town, you should stop by to have tasty ice cream any time of the year.


5 Sandwhiches Only Japanese People Could Have Come Up With

These sandwiches are staples in Japan but are highly unlikely to be found anywhere else. See what Japanese sandwiches look like, both sweet and savoury.


Best Shabu Shabu in Kobe

Kobe is worldly famous for its delicious beef. We ranked the best shabu shabu restaurants, from high end to cheap! Take your pick!


How Many People Die From Blowfish Poisoning Every Year in Japan?

Many people are both curious yet scared of trying this typically Japanese dish. But is the fear justified? How many people do actually die from blowfish poisoning every year?

Fantastic Rainbow Cheese Hot Dog In Shin-Okubo, Tokyo!

We tried the rainbow hot dog of Chunchon Cheese Takkarubi (春川チーズタッカルビ). This street food originally from Korea is not only super photogenic but it tastes great too!


5 Best Shabu Shabu Restaurants in Shibuya!

Looking for good shabu shabu in Shibuya? Check out these 5 selected restaurants that are within an 8-minute walking distance from the Shibuya Station.


SAMA in Harajuku, Tokyo, Serves The Much-Talked-About Hokkaido Soup Curry!

SAMA is right at the exit of Harajuku's famous Takeshita street. SAMA is originally from Hokkaido, but there are also branches abroad, and of course, in Harajuku. There are many different curry flavours to try, as well as the Harajuku-limited menu item: the Frankfurt sausage curry.


Japanese Sweet Potato! What The Fuss Is All About!

It's autumn season again, and that only means one thing: all the best Japanese desserts are available! Sweet potato, chestnut, pumpkin! While the weather is getting cooler, you can enjoy the ultimate comforting snack, Japanese sweet potatoes! If you've never tried them, you've been missing out your whole life!

Succulent Gyutan (Beef Tongue) At Tannosuke In Yokohama!

At just a 3-minute walk from Yokohama Station, you will find the Yodobashi Yokohama branch of Tannosuke. They serve thick gyutans (beef tongue) grilled yakiniku style. You can have a set meal of selected 13mm thick gyutan and other great options. Give these umami-filled gyutans a try!


For Taiwanese Mazesoba In Tokyo, Head To Menya Haruka in Harajuku!

Only 30 seconds from Meiji-Jingumae Station, you will find Taiwanese mazesoba, Menya Haruka. This restaurant, a branch of Nagoya's grand prix winner, Menya Hanabi, finally made its way to Harajuku! Menya Haruka is famous due to its super meaty mazesoba bowls! You can try it for ¥500!


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