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5 Cheap Sushi Restaurants In Niigata That Are Surprisingly Good

These are 5 Niigata restaurants that serve some excellent quality sushi in spite of being on the cheap side. You don't need to spend a fortune for decent sushi in Japan. Enjoy!

Niigata City

The Best Peking Restaurants in Tokyo!

If you're craving Peking cuisine, here are some of the best restaurants to try in Tokyo! Enjoy!


Usagiya Cafe For The Ultimate Wagashi Experience In Ueno

Usagiya Cafe is an offshoot cafe of the iconic Usagiya shop of Ueno that has been serving what many consider the best dorayaki in Tokyo for over a century.


The Coolest Restaurants in Tokyo!

All genres included, these are some of the coolest restaurants in Tokyo you definitely should check out! Have you ever enjoyed a meal while looking at a gigantic aquarium? Or a molecular bar which will make you rethink completely how you think about food. Check out this list for more interesting recommendations.


Usagiya In Ueno: Tokyo's Emblematic Dorayaki

Looking for a traditional sweet around Ueno? Then you have got to try the dorayaki of Usagiya, an iconic shop with a history of over 100 years.


Things To Do In Kasumigaseki, Tokyo

Kasumigaseki is the center of the political world in Japan. Here is an area guide of this important Tokyo district.


Alcatraz Tokyo Closed Down, But It's Not The Only Of Its Kind!

Alcatraz Tokyo closed down, but luckily there are many other wacky and weird restaurants to check out in Tokyo! Check out our suggestions below!


Itosho: A One-Star Michelin Restaurant in Tokyo

If you're vegan or vegetarian and would like to know what refined Japanese cuisine is all about, you should definitely come to try this one-star Michelin restaurant in Azabujuban in Tokyo! Each dish is prepared carefully and is a delight to the senses. In fact, you don't need to be vegetarian to appreciate this delicate cuisine.


Kokura Castle And Its Japanese Garden

Kokura Castle is a must-visit spot if you are going to Kitakyushu. The castle has a beautiful Japanese garden too that you can access for a small price.


BTS will be in Tokyo on November 13th and 14th, 2018!

Mark your calendar! The Bangtan Boys are coming to Tokyo Dome as part of their world tour on November 13th and 14th!


Must-Try Alternative Burger Joints in Tokyo!

Here are some must-try alternative burger joints in Tokyo. Gluten-free, vegan or unique burgers. All these burger places are worth checking out!


Points Of Interest Of Nerima Ward: An Area Guide

Nerima is a large ward in the northern part of Tokyo. If you want to find out what there is to do in this part of town, check out this guide for the major attractions and some selected outstanding restaurants.


Michelin-Starred Vegetarian & Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in Tokyo

For la creme de la creme in terms of vegetarian dining in Tokyo, you should try these four Michelin-starred restaurants. Featured here are Shojin ryori restaurants, a tempura restaurant and a kaiseki cuisine resto. Enjoy!


The 9 Inhabited Izu Islands Of Tokyo: Their Distinctive Traits

There is a group of islands to the south of Tokyo called the Izu islands that are technically part of the metropolis. Here is what they look like and what they are famous for.


The 10 Damn Coolest Bars In Tokyo!

Here's a list of the 10 coolest bars in Tokyo you should check out while you're here. From old-school Japanese cocktail bars to absinthe bars, we got you covered!


All About The Alice In Wonderland Restaurants In Tokyo!

If you're an Alice in Wonderland fan, you're in luck because there are many Alice in Wonderland-themed cafes in Japan- 6 to be exact. 4 of them are in Tokyo! Here we will introduce all the Alice in Wonderland cafes in Tokyo, each of them has its own unique theme!


5 Best Places To Have Sushi In Tottori Prefecture

This is the list of some really well-regarded sushi restaurants in Tottori. Two are in Tottori City and three are in Yonaga. The selection includes everything from cheap sushi train to high-end.


Taylor Swift Will Be in Tokyo on November 20th and 21st, 2018!

Boys and girls brace yourselves, "America's Sweetheart" Taylor Swift is coming to Tokyo Dome for the tour on November 20th and 21st!


3 Places To Have Sushi Around Harajuku For All Budgets

Harajuku is not exactly known for sushi but there are a couple of good addresses in the area. Here are three shops worth the go if you are looking for sushi in Harajuku.


Top 10 Must-Try Japanese Street Food!

Japanese cuisine is so incredibly delicious, and the best part is that you can find something delicious in a wide variety of price ranges. Of course from high-end restaurants, but street stalls are also really tasty too! Here's a list of Japanese street food you definitely should try!

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You Need To Try Sake Lees Ramen At Ginza Kazami In Ginza, Tokyo!


"Rishotan Shosaikan" In Kinshicho, Tokyo: Chewy Rice Noodles In A Succulent, Rich Stew Made With Cubed Pieces Of Meat!

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Trias Dining: A Lovely Dining Experience in Shibuya, Tokyo!


Want To Try Local Japanese Tempura And Soba Noodles?


Charlar Bar in Shibuya, Tokyo: Great Place To Come Chat With Your Friends While Enjoying Great Food And Drinks!

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