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The Best Places To Grab Lunch In Kyoto!

Here are some of the best places to have lunch in Kyoto! The restaurants are mostly Japanese cuisine from ramen to tonkatsu, but there is also a Halal Persian and Indian restaurant. What's great about lunch in Japan is you can get something delicious for about 1,000 yen! Enjoy!

Uta Hiroba: All You Need To Know About The Popular Karaoke Kan!

Uta Hiroba is a really popular place to sing karaoke in Tokyo. It is one of the cheapest and has loads of songs, including thousands in English. Here is information on the pricing system, the food, drinks and the details of the major branches in Ueno, Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Big Echo Karaoke: Must-Try Karaoke In Tokyo And All Over Japan

Big Echo is the hugest karaoke chain in Japan. It is a benchmark in terms of good karaoke at a reasonable price. Also, the company has all sorts of brands so you are sure to find a karaoke kan that suits what you are looking for. Here is all you need to know about Karaoke Big Echo.

5 Best Ramen Restaurants In Kagoshima!

Kagoshima has a tradition of ramen-making that dates back a long time. It's a wonderful place to discover some really delicious ramen made from famous local ingredients such as the black pork. This article presents 5 of the very best ramen joints in Kagoshima.

Kyoto Gin Distillery: A Gin That Captures The Spirit Of Kyoto

The Kyoto Distillery is without a doubt a gin that captures the spirit of Kyoto. With its complex mix of local botanicals, and its beautiful aesthetics, this gin makes for a perfect souvenir to bring back for you gin connoisseur friends!

5 Best Ramen Places In Kobe You Must Try!

You may be in Kobe for the legendary Kobe beef, but make no mistake, the city is serious about its ramen too. For unbelievably addictive ramen refer to this list of the 5 best places in the city of Kobe!

Where To Find Unbelievably Good Ramen In Chiba

There are a couple of ramen joints in Chiba Prefecture that are really worth the go. This article presents a list of the 5 best restaurants in the suburban prefecture of Tokyo. 3 of them are in Matsudo City and 2 of them are in Chiba City.

A Super Promotion Now At A Genuine Hokkaido Izakaya in Bangkok! Only 99B For a Plate Of Sashimi!

In Bangkok, Thailand, there are three authentic Hokkaido izakaya restaurants you really need to get to know! The area is flooded with Japanese restaurants, but these are by far the best. The seafood is delivered directly from Hokkaido, and now they are also delivering fresh vegetables!

5 Best Teppanyaki Restaurants in Shinjuku, Tokyo!

Teppanyaki is a cooking style on an iron plate Japan has become very famous for. Nothing tastes better than a teppanyaki steak! But the cooking style is not just limited to beef. You can also have seafood for instance. If you are looking for delicious teppanyaki restaurant in Shinjuku, here are the best places!

An Introduction To Tokyo's Gay District! How To Spend A Fun Night!

Shinjuku nichome is the gay district of Tokyo and is the perfect place to spend a fun time. From delicious restos to fun bars and good cocktails, without forgetting a place where you can dance all night! These are the places to check out while you're in the area! Have fun!

Kyoho (巨峰) Grapes And How They Are Consumed In Japan

Kyoho grapes are perhaps one of the most representative fruits of modern Japan. Developed in the country decades ago and now popular worldwide, here is how the Japanese consume their most famous grapes.

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, Where You Can Have The Most Memorable Kaiseki Cuisine In Kyoto!

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama is a breath-taking restaurant located in Arashiyama, Kyoto. They serve beautifully prepared kaiseki cuisine with a view on the stunning garden. You are bound to have an incredibly memorable dinner!

Best 5 Unagi Restaurants In Shibuya You Must Try!

Shibuya in Tokyo, with all its sleek boutiques that cater to the younger generations, is not exactly the place where you'd expect to find excellent unagi dishes served in the most traditional way. In fact, not only can you find the famous Japanese delicacy, but some of the best eel restaurants in the city are in Shibuya! Here is our selection.

5 Best Restaurants To Have Unagi In Shinjuku, Tokyo!

Shinjuku is a gourmet spot for almost all types of Japanese cuisines. There are a couple of noteworthy unagi (freshwater eel) restaurants that serve the famous dish in the traditional way. If you want to have some excellent unagi in Shinjuku, here are the best places to have it!

Obana (尾花): Sublime Unagi Restaurant In Tokyo

Unagi is the Japanese word for soft water eel. It is a type of delicacy that has been really popular for centuries, and the cuisine has stayed very authentic. For a quintessential Japanese dining experience, you have got to try unagi. One place in Tokyo highly regarded for it is "Obana" in Tokyo. Here is more information on this famous restaurant.

Itoh Dining Kyoto, An Amazing Kobe Beef Teppanyaki Course You Won't Forget!

Itoh dining, a fusion style teppanyaki restaurant located in beautiful and traditional Kyoto. Once you try it, you will be sure to understand why this restaurant is the 6th most popular with foreigners in Japan!

3 Best Things To Do In Japan In June

June in Japan is not the richest month in terms of summer events because it falls during the rainy season so most major summer events tend to be held later on. However, there are a few ones worth mentioning and that we will introduce in this article.

5 Very Best Tamagoyaki Restaurants In Tokyo!

Tamagoyaki, which is a kind of Japanese omelette, is something really worth trying when you come to Japan. Although it may sound bland, when done properly, its fluffy texture and its deep savoury taste make a Japanese delicacy in its own rights. Here are the best places to enjoy this underrated traditional dish in Tokyo.

Giro Giro Hitoshina: Creative Kaiseki Cuisine In Kyoto At A Bargain

Giro Giro Hitoshina is a kaiseki restaurant with an address in Kyoto, Honolulu, and Paris! You won't find such creative and delightful kaiseki cuisine at this price! No wonder it was featured in The New York Times!

7 Best Things To Do In Japan In July!

July is a month packed with fun summer activities in Japan mainly because there are so many traditional festivals called matsuri and fireworks events to enjoy! Here is a guide to the most popular major events that are held every year in Japan in July.

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