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[Shijo, Kyoto] Matsukiya: Omi Wagyu Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu, and Steak!

Matsukiya is a high-end wagyu restaurant in Kyoto's Shijo Neighborhood that offers a mouth-watering menu of sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and steak. The meat comes directly from Matsukiya's wholesale storefront in neighboring Shiga Prefecture and is of outstanding quality.

Kyoto City

5 outstanding yakiniku restaurants in Kagurazaka

There are plenty of amazing yakiniku restaurants in the Kagurazaka-Iidabashi area. Here is our selection of some of the very best!


5 incredibly good yakitori izakayas in Kagurazaka

So many great yakitori restaurants are in and around Kagurazaka. Here are 5 that are popular with the locals, and that you absolutely won't go wrong with!


5 incredible miso ramen restaurants in Sapporo

When in Sapporo, having all the miso ramen your body can take is a must. It's one of the most iconic foods of Hokkaido. Here are 5 super popular joints serving some of the best miso ramen in town.


5 excellent Sapporo Korean restaurants

Got a craving for some nice, spicy Korean food in Sapporo? Here are 5 places that shouldn't disappoint!


Kagurazaka Shinsen: top-tier yakiniku restaurant in Kagurazaka

Shinsen is a reputable yakiniku restaurant in Kagurazaka. Enjoy lunch set meals and amazing evening yakiniku courses of top-quality wagyu (including Kobe Beef!).


Enjoy some hearty mackerel miso stew at Uoriki near Shibuya

Uoriki is an affordable restaurant in Shibuya serving some amazing mackerel miso stews.


Robatayaki Konoji: Superb robatayaki-style izakaya in Azabujuban!

Robatayaki izakayas are delicious and fun! They use a cooking style that originated in northern Japan centuries ago. The layout is also very particular. Konoji in Azabujuban near Roppongi is an excellent seafood izakaya of that style. We gave it a try. Here's what our experience was like!


Kagurazaka Teppanyaki Nakamura: Incredible Wagyu Beef Experience

Nakamura is one of the most reputable teppanyaki restaurants in Tokyo. Enjoy Kobe Beef and other top-quality wagyu masterfully cooked teppan-style.


Kagurazaka Shun: quiet traditional restaurant with amazing food

Kagurazaka Shun is a great option for a ¥4,000 to ¥7,000 superb traditional dinner courses. You can also enjoy some really affordable lunch sets as well.


Kagurazaka Shozantei: superb Wagyu yakiniku and beef bowls!

Shozantei has it all when it comes to a terrific Kagurazaka dining experience. You can enjoy some top quality Wagyu Beef in a traditional atmosphere.


Kagurazaka Kado offers a unique traditional dining experience

Kado is a wonderful restaurant serving affordable kappo cuisine in Kagurazaka. Here's a brief introduction of the restaurant and its evening course.


Kagurazaka Veri: outstanding mid range-priced Italian restaurant

One of the best options in Kagurazaka for Italian cuisine has got to be Veri. The lunch course is ¥3,800 and the dinner course is ¥7,800.


Soba in Kagurazaka: 5 restaurants to have the area's famous food

Kagurazaka is known for its traditional atmosphere. It terms of food, soba (buckwheat noodles) is a local specialty. Here are 5 restaurants that are definitely worth the try.


Kagurazaka Hanten: cheap chuka restaurant with a jumbo gyoza challenge

Hanten is one of the best cheap options in Kagurazaka. It has really good Chinese food and people also know it for its jumbo gyoza challenge.


A Look at the 2.5 Hour Sushi Course at Ginza's 'Sushi Fukuju'

Sushi Fukuju is a sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo with amazing views of the city and an incredible omakase course that lasts 2 and a half hours. For a high-end sushi experience that you won't soon forget, this is one restaurant you'll definitely want to consider.


5 Ramen Great Ramen Shops at Yokohama's Ramen Hall: 'Japan Food Hall'

Yokohama has some great ramen and is even the birthplace of iekei ramen which is now popular throughout the country. If you're in the city and looking for a good place to go for ramen, head to the newly opened 'Japan Food Hall' which hosts 5 different ramen shops in one building!


Bamiyan Menu: Cheap Ramen, Fried Rice, Gyoza, and Stir Fry

Japan has quite a few family-style chain restaurants that are popular for their cheap prices and parking lots, meaning they are easy to bring the whole family to. Bamiyan is one such restaurant, serving classic Japanese-Chinese food at locations around the country.

The Guide to Eating Pancakes in Shinjuku: 8 Best Pancake Restaurants

Fluffy pancakes, modern pancakes, dessert pancakes, classic pancakes... Looking for some great flapjacks in Shinjuku, Tokyo? Look no further than this list of 8 of the best pancake restaurants in the neighborhood.


The Best Affordable Restaurants Near Ogikubo Station

Are you looking for a spot to grab a delicious bite of food in Ogikubo, Tokyo? Here are some of the best restaurants serving awesome yet affordable food. Enjoy!


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