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How Did Tsukemen Become as Popular as Ramen?

Tsukemen (dipping ramen) has seen an incredible boom in popularity in recent years. Just how did it become so popular? The reason for its massive popularity today can be traced back to its creator, Kazuo Yamagishi and his outlook on ramen making.

Enjoy discount beef tongues at Merino for beef tongue days!

Enjoy beef tongue (gyutan) to your heart's content at shabu shabu chain Merino in Ginza and Yokohama with a ¥910 discount on the course. The deal lasts from September 1st to the 10th.


Harutaka: one of Tokyo's most refined sushi experience

Two Michelin-starred sushi at a prestigious address. You can enjoy the experience either at the counter or in a private room. Reservation link is included.


Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi Hills Location (2 Michelin Stars!)

Looking for incredible quality sushi in Tokyo? Then Sukyabashi Jiro Roppongi Hills Location might be an option for you. It is run by none other than the son of Japan's best-known sushi chef Jiro Ono.


The Most Beautiful Fruit and Cream Sandwiches in Tokyo! [Jules Verne]

'Jules Verne Coffee' is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe in Tokyo's Koenji neighborhood (west of Shinjuku). In addition to amazing coffee that has previously taken an award at a coffee roasting competition, the shop serves some of the most beautiful sandwiches you'll ever see using fresh, seasonal fruit and cream.


Venture to Northern Hokkaido for Incredible Cooking at 'Umesasa'

'Umesasa' is a Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant that is a bit of a journey to get to. Located in northern Hokkaido, in a small town called Kitami, this restaurant serves one of the tastiest course meals around. If you're looking to go off the beaten path to get some amazing Japanese food, this is the restaurant for you.


Starbucks Japan: new colourful frappuccinos and autumn food lineup!

Starbucks Japan is introducing some vividly-coloured early fall apple frappuccinos. Some interesting food items made through special collaborations are also being featured this fall.

Taste the Famous Tsukemen of 'Tomita' Near Tokyo Station!

'Tomita' is perhaps the most highly-regarded ramen shop in all of Japan, having been crowned Tokyo's best ramen shop by TRY (Tokyo Ramen of the Year) 4 times! The original location is in neighboring Chiba prefecture, but as of 2019, a new location was opened in the middle of Tokyo at Tokyo Station! If you're curious to try this legendary tsukemen, it's now easier than ever!

Tokyo Station

Want to Really Get to Know Some Delicious Sake? 'Nihonshu Tada' is Where You Should Go!

'Nezu Nihonshu Tada' is an izakaya that is totally focused on serving the most delicious nihonshu (sake) they can find. It's an izakaya, yet they serve course meals that are designed to pair perfectly with various sakes. The restaurant was good enough to be listed in the Michelin Guide as a Bib Gourmand Restaurant and shouldn't be missed if you're a true sake fan!


Have Increddible, Premium Kobe Beef in Kobe at 'Takakura'

Kobe Beef is famous around the world for its quality and is the most expensive of all wagyu (Japanese beef). To be certified as 'Kobe Beef,' the cattle must meet stringent standards and be raised within Hyogo Prefecture (where Kobe is). If you're looking for a delicious kobe beef meal right at the source in Kobe, look no further than 'Kobe Gyu Takakura.'


All you need to know about 1Kara's solo karaoke boxes in Japan

1Kara is a new kind of karaoke catering to people who prefer to go it alone. The rooms are like recording studios. There are several locations in Tokyo located near major stations. Give them a try!

Sushi Daimon: Michelin Starred Sushi Restaurant in Toyama

Enjoy the freshest seafood caught from Toyama Bay at Sushi Daimon located near Shin-Uozu Station in Uozu City, Toyama. The traditional restaurant is run by a chef that was awarded one Michelin star.

Toyama City

Eating Japanese School Lunch at '6 Nen 4 Gumi' in Shinjuku!

There's a restaurant in Shinjuku called '6年4組' (roku nen yon gumi) that serves authentic Japanese school food in dining rooms that look exactly like classrooms! It's certainly a very unique experience that offers the opportunity to learn what Japanese people grew up eating at school.


Reserving at Tokyo's Legendary Cocktail Bar 'Ben Fiddich'

Ben Fiddich is a small bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo with some of the best cocktails in the world. The bar is listed at number 49 by 'World's 50 Best Bars' and has gained popularity in recent years thanks to a youtube series called 'Japan's Greatest Bartender.' If you're a cocktail fan, Ben Fiddich can't be missed while you're in Tokyo!


Bistro 35 Steps: delectable Japanese cuisine in Shibuya

Looking for a good restaurant/izakaya in Shibuya with a warm casual atmosphere and great Japanese food? Then you should definitely consider Bistro 35 Steps as an option!


Why Does Osaka Have so Few Ramen Shops?

Osaka, the city at the center of Japan's second-largest metropolitan area, is surprisingly known as a ramen wasteland. Sure, you can find good ramen there if you know where to look (see below), but the ramen shops are surprisingly sparse when compared to the rest of Japan. Read on to find out why.

Osaka City

Komeda's Coffee's 'Otona-Noir' is back by popular demand

You can once again enjoy Komeda's Coffee's Otana-Noir, a seasonal Danish, ice cream, and coffee syrup dessert at every restaurant in Japan from September 4th, 2019.

Sushi Hoshiyama: Delicious Michelin-Starred Sushi in Osaka.

Osaka isn't known for its sushi like Tokyo is, but the city still has some really outstanding restaurants where world-class sushi can be found. One such place is at 'Sushi Hoshiyama,' a Michelin-starred sushi restaurant not too far from Osaka Station.

Osaka City

What is 'Kyoto Ramen' and Why is it so Rich?

Kyoto cooking is known for being light and refreshing, with mild and subtle flavors that accentuate the natural flavor of the ingredients used. Why then, is Kyoto-style ramen so rich?

Kyoto City

Totally Terrific Tempura in Tokyo: Michelin-Starred 'Hasegawa'

'Tempura Hasegawa' is a Michelin-starred tempura restaurant located near Tokyo's Kinshicho Station. The young and talented chef serves some of the tastiest and most delicate tempura around. Anyone searching for truly outstanding tempura in Tokyo shouldn't miss a chance to visit Hasegawa!


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