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【Hokkaido 】Burgers Only Available in Hakodate: 'Lucky Pierrot'

When it comes to Hokkaido's Hakodate, most people likely think of seafood or other fresh Hokkaido specialties. However, the one restaurant that shouldn't be missed in the southern Hokkaido city is a local burger chain called Lucky Pierrot. Just what is the magic of this shop? Read on to find out.


All-You-Can-Eat Hokkaido-Style Feast at 'Hokkaido Beer Garden' Sapporo

'Hokkaido Beer Garden' is a spacious and clean restaurant in Sapporo with a stylish Hokkaido-esque design, and all-you-can-eat Hokkaido specialties including fresh Ghengis Khan (lamb barbecue), giant crab, and Hokkaido Wagyu (beef). This is the perfect place to get a quintessentially Hokkaido meal!


Kobe Beef Brunch With a Riverside View! Mercer Brunch in Kyoto

Mercer Brunch Terrace House Kyoto is a classy restaurant at a premium location next to the Kamogawa river in downtown Kyoto. The restaurant serves a phenomenal brunch (with Kobe beef options!), and also turns into a romantic dinner spot once the sun goes down.

Kyoto City

Deep Osaka: One-person Hot-Pot and Sukiyaki at 'Nabeya'

'Deep Osaka' articles take you to Osaka restaurants that are off the beaten path and probably unknown to most tourists. This time, we're visiting 'Nabeya,' a local Osaka joint specializing in sukiyaki and nabe dishes.

Osaka City

Donburi in a Can! 'Yoshinoya' is Now Selling Canned Rice Bowls

'Yoshinoya' is a well-known chain restaurant that specializes in donburi(rice bowls) at a super cheap price. The restaurant recently began selling canned versions of their donburi, which can be eaten at room temperature without any cooking!


[Tokyo] Three Unique Cafés Worth Checking Out!

Tokyo is a city with a great café culture, and there are hundreds of quality cafés throughout the city worth exploring. Today, we're introducing 3 unique cafés where you can get amazing latte art, awesome food, or awesome café deserts. Enjoy!


Washoku Lunch Sets + Make-Your-Own Matcha Experience at 'Kyoto Gatten'

'Kyoto Gatten' is a "Tempura Pub" restaurant in Kyoto that offers the chance to experience a wide variety of traditional Japanese foods and beverages all in one place! Starting this summer, the restaurant is offering a 'Matcha Experience,' included with lunch where guests can make their own matcha!

Kyoto City

Bubble Tea Ramen... Is This Really a Thing??

Yup, this is really a thing. Tokyo's super-popular ramen chain 'Menya Musashi' has created a tapioca milk tea tsukemen that they are offering for a limited time. It seemed too ridiculous to be true, so we went to check it out for ourselves!


Must-Try Gourmet Burger By a 24 Year-Old Chef: 'Farms' [Harajuku]

'Farms by Good Munchies' is a brand new, gourmet burger restaurant that opened in June, 2019 in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood. The restaurant is the second location of a highly-regarded burger shop called 'Good Munchies,' with a focus on artisan ingredients and unbeatable service.


Japanese Fishcylopedia: Shirasu (Whitebait)

Shirasu is the Japanese word for the boiled and partially dried fry (baby fish) of the sardine family. The small, see-through (white when cooked) fish that are a popular ingredient in Japanese cooking. In addition to being delicious, they are also very nutritious!

65 Street Food Stalls at Hirome Ichiba in Kochi!

Hirome Market (Hirome Ichiba in Japanese) is located near Kochi Castle, and is a place for locals and visitors alike to fill their stomachs with some delicious local and international food. The nostalgia-inspiring market building is packed with approximately 65 street stall-style restaurants!

Kochi City

Ramen With a Giant Brick of Chashu On Top! [Toriton]

Located 2 minutes away from Urawa Station, Just north of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture, 'Toriton' is a ramen shop that serves a bowl called 'Megaton Ramen,' which has one of the largest pieces of chashu you'll ever see!


Mouth-watering, Authentic Taiwanese Food in Tokyo|TenTen Kitchen

Ten Ten Kitchen is a Taiwanese restaurant that will let you want to taste every day. The restaurant, hidden away in Setagaya, on the outskirts of Tokyo, has always featured authentic Taiwanese food. The cooks skillfully use Japanese ingredients in combination with Taiwanese cooking techniques to create delectable dishes.


Michelin-Rated Restaurants in Osaka You Don't Want to Miss!

Honestly, many of Osaka's best bites are unlikely to ever find their way into the prestigious Michelin Guide. However, if you're curious to try a Michelin-rated restaurant, here is a list of some of the best in Osaka. The brief list includes 3, 2, and 1-star picks, as well as Osaka Specialties.

Osaka City

Beer Bubble Tea?? 4 Special Tokyo Bubble Teas to Try This Summer

Tokyo is buzzing about bubble tea right now. The Taiwanese tea drink featuring tapioca pearls has spead like wildfire throughout the city, and now some wacky variations are starting to appear. Here are 4 interesting bubble teas that we want to try this summer!


5 Ramen Restaurants You Need to Try in Nagoya!

Nagoya is a fantastic place to eat. What the city lacks for in activities, it makes up for with its delicious restaurants and local cuisine! Here is our list of 5 ramen restaurants that shouldn't be passed up in Nagoya!


Cherry Daifuku Mochi!

For a limited time this summer, Koufukudou, a well-known wagashi (Japanese sweets) chain will be offering cherry daifuku mochi! Most people have probably had the strawberry version of this popular sweet, but the rarer cherry version is also delicious!

Koharuken: Making Amazing Katsudon since 1912

Koharuken is a long-established western-style restaurant that has been active since the Meiji era. Their specialty is the katsudon, rice bowl with deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and vegetables.

Must-Visit Shrines of Japan: 2,000 Year-Old Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto

Shimogamo Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto, dating back more than 2,000 years. The shrine has a forest, beautiful buildings, and special 'mizu mikuchi,' fortunes that only appear when you dip them in water. This is a special place in Kyoto that is often overlooked by tourists!

Kyoto City

Japan and France Meet at Terunari

Terunari offers a variety of innovative Japanese and French cuisine. Japanese and wine. French and sake. Enjoy this delicious mixture!

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