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A Look at the 2.5 Hour Sushi Course at Ginza's 'Sushi Fukuju'

Sushi Fukuju is a sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo with amazing views of the city and an incredible omakase course that lasts 2 and a half hours. For a high-end sushi experience that you won't soon forget, this is one restaurant you'll definitely want to consider.


5 Ramen Great Ramen Shops at Yokohama's Ramen Hall: 'Japan Food Hall'

Yokohama has some great ramen and is even the birthplace of iekei ramen which is now popular throughout the country. If you're in the city and looking for a good place to go for ramen, head to the newly opened 'Japan Food Hall' which hosts 5 different ramen shops in one building!


Bamiyan Menu: Cheap Ramen, Fried Rice, Gyoza, and Stir Fry

Japan has quite a few family-style chain restaurants that are popular for their cheap prices and parking lots, meaning they are easy to bring the whole family to. Bamiyan is one such restaurant, serving classic Japanese-Chinese food at locations around the country.

The Guide to Eating Pancakes in Shinjuku: 8 Best Pancake Restaurants

Fluffy pancakes, modern pancakes, dessert pancakes, classic pancakes... Looking for some great flapjacks in Shinjuku, Tokyo? Look no further than this list of 8 of the best pancake restaurants in the neighborhood.


The Best Affordable Restaurants Near Ogikubo Station

Are you looking for a spot to grab a delicious bite of food in Ogikubo, Tokyo? Here are some of the best restaurants serving awesome yet affordable food. Enjoy!


Creamy Oyster Ramen in Nakano, Tokyo, that will Take Your Breath Away

It's an exciting time to be alive and eating ramen! Today we will be introducing a ramen shop in Nakano, Tokyo that serves an exquisite and unique bowl of ramen made with a foamy oyster soup. It's quite different than any other ramen and definitely worth checking out!


10 of the Most Interesting, Unique, and Wacky Bowls of Ramen in Tokyo

Tokyo is ramen heaven, with more ramen shops than anywhere else in the world. Among all the ramen, there are a few bowls that stand out for various reasons. Here are 10 of the most interesting bowls of ramen in Tokyo!


Shio Ramen: What it is, How to Make it (Recipe), History, and More!

Shio ramen is one of the main types of ramen that you'll find at ramen restaurants around the world. But just what is shio ramen and how is it different from other types of ramen? Read on to find out and learn to make your own with a video at the end of the article.

The First Ramen Restaurant to Ever Get a Michelin Star Has Moved On

Tsuta was the first-ever ramen restaurant to earn a Michelin Star 5 years ago. However, the shop has packed up and moved to a new location in Yoyogi Uehara, and plans to start a new chapter with a new menu.


Kagurazaka Stagione: delectable Italian pizza course from ¥1,500

Looking for some tasty and authentic Italian pizza in central Tokyo? Then Kagurazaka Stagione is a superb option. But don't just go there for the tasty pizza, the rooftop terrace alone makes it worth the go!


American Working in Shinjuku Shows us His Favorite Lunch Spot

We were curious to know where the people who eat in Shinjuku every day like to eat, so we asked an American named Paul who works in West Shinjuku. He took us to one of his favorite lunch spots and showed us 'niku soba,' a delicious noodle dish that we're glad we tried!


Cogs Dining in Kagurazaka is a bread lover's paradise!

Eat tasty freshly baked bread to your heart's content at one of Kagurazaka's most popular restaurants!


Cheap Beer and Chicken Yakiniku from 9:00 am at Stand Hattori [Osaka]

Looking for a "deep" spot to grab a delicious bite in Osaka? You've come to the right article! Today we'll be introducing a new restaurant that serves chicken yakiniku (not yakitori) and drinks from 9:00 in the morning!

Osaka City

Tokyo Local Shows us His Favorite Shinjuku Lunch Spot

We were curious to know where the people who work in Shinjuku like to eat, so we asked a Tokyo local named Tomo who works in West Shinjuku. He took us to one of his favorite lunch spots and showed us 'niku soba,' a delicious noodle dish that we're glad we tried!


Ramen joints HATE her! Local Daikanyama woman DESTROYS competition with her healthy sandwiches

King George Cafe in Daikanyama, Tokyo, has been the talk of the town. Find out why!


Humongous, stunningly beautiful vegetarian sandwiches in a lovely Daikanyama cafe!

King George Cafe in Daikanyama has these jaw-dropping vegetarian sandwiches you probably haven't seen anywhere else. The interior and terrace are also something else! Find out more about this popular cafe.


5 traditional Kagurazaka izakayas you'll love (¥5000 or less)

Here are five interesting izakayas in the beautiful Kagurazaka district. They all have that unique traditional charm both in their atmosphere and the cuisine that they serve.


8 of the Very Best Wagyu (Japanese Beef) Restaurants in Tokyo

In Japanese 和牛(wagyu) means 'Japanese beef' and typically refers to beef from a specific breed of black-haired Japanese cows. All of the most famous and expensive types of beef fall under the category of 'wagyu,' including Kobe Beef, Matsuzaka Beef, Hida beef, and more. Here are some of the best restaurants in Tokyo for enjoying delicious, tender wagyu!


Ramen Served in a 300-Degree Piping HOT Stone Bowl! (Sekki Ramen)

Sekki Ramen is a new ramen shop in Tokyo's Takadanobaba neighborhood that offers a very unique bowl of piping hot ramen. The stone bowls that this delicious ramen is served in are heated to over 300 degrees Celcius before the ramen soup is added (and consequently boiled). For interesting and tasty tonkotsu ramen, give this place a try!


The Best Places to Eat Steak on Kokusai-Dori in Naha, Okinawa

Lookin' for a hearty steak dinner in Naha, Okinawa? If so, bustling Kokusai-Dori is the place to go! There are plenty of restaurants serving delicious, juicy steak, but we've narrowed it down to 5 of the best. Enjoy!


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