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Mitalashi Dango - Delicious Japanese Sweet

Mitalashi dango is a delicious traditional Japanese sweet. If you don't know what mitarashi dango is, don't worry. This article will introduce everything you need to know, including what mitarashi dango is, the recipe of mitarashi dango, and the places to eat mitarashi dango in Japan.

Kyoto City

Simple Home Made Gyoza Recipe!

What are gyozas and how can you make them at home by yourself? It's actually much easier than it seems! Try it for yourself and enjoy these home-made delicious dumplings.

Unique Themed Cafes You Must Try in Akihabara including Maid Cafe!

Akihabara is a famous place for electronics, anime, and especially maid cafe. These days, there are more and more unique themed cafes in Akihabara. This article will introduce some of those unique cafes in Akihabara.


Nightlife In Naha: Best Bars, Clubs, Izakayas In The City

Looking to enjoy the nightlife of Naha? Here are some good spots! The list includes an authentic Okinawan Izakaya, popular bars and nightclubs.


Kohaku: An Absolutely Sublime 3-Star Michelin Restaurant in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Kohaku makes for an incomparable dining experience in Kagurazaka. The delicacy and skill with which each dish is prepared will leave you speechless.


Tokyo American Club: An All-In-One Destination!

Tokyo American Club is definitely a go-to no matter the occasion! It is a great place to bring a date to enjoy high-end Japanese or American cuisine, to bring your family for fun-filled activities, or simply for some me-time at the gym and spa!


MOS Burger Japan: Japanese Rice Burgers & Much More!

MOS Burger is the second largest fast-food franchise in Japan! MOS Burger now even has branches all over the world! They were the first to come up with the rice bun! While you're in Japan, come enjoy the Japan-limited and seasonal menu items!

Endo Sushi In Osaka: High-End Sushi At Ramen Joint Prices

Sushi Endo is THE sushi restaurant you have to go to in Osaka if you're travelling on a budget. For about ¥1,000 a plate you get the quality of sushi served at high-end restos.

Osaka City

An Area Guide Of Omotesando, Tokyo

Omotesando is a popular destination for tourists and for Tokyoites alike. It is a green, chic boulevard in the heart of Tokyo's fashion district. Here are some things to do.


Area Guide Around Daimon Station, Tokyo

If you are in the Daimon Station area, here are some interesting things you could do.


Things To Do In Hongo, Tokyo

Area guide of the Hongo district of Bunkyo-ku in Tokyo. Famous in the area are the Universtiy of Tokyo, the Football Museum and the Hongo-Kyusui Park.


Salone 2007: Breath-Taking Italian Cuisine in Yokohama!

Salone 2007 was awarded first place by Tabelog in 2016 for the best Italian restaurant. This creative and delicate Italian cuisine will surely leave you speechless! Come try it for yourself in Yokohama!


Yuba The Very Popular Japanese Dish...But What Is It?

Yuba The Very Popular Japanese Dish...But What Is It? This article will show you what yuba is, how to make it and where to eat it too.

5 Best High-End Italian Restaurants Of Tokyo

Japanese people generally love Italian cuisine, so naturally, there are some outstanding Italian restaurants to discover in Tokyo. Here are some of the best.


Most Amazing Kissaten's (Japanese Cafes) in Roppongi, Tokyo

These are the most amazing kissaten's (Japanese cafes) in Roppongi, Tokyo you need to try while wandering the area. Japanese cafes have an understated charm that you will surely grow to love. They are peaceful and the service is always polite. Kissatens give you a taste of Japanese Showa fashion and culture.


Kagurazaka Ishikawa: Impressive Kaiseki Cuisine in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Kagurazaka Ishikawa is a three-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo you won't want to miss, both for the ambience and the delectable kaiseki cuisine!


5 Best Kyoto-Style Sushi Restaurants In Kyoto (Under ¥3,000)

Did you know that Kyoto has its own regional kind of sushi? Well, it does! It is quite particular because it is vinegared and seasoned. Here are the places to try it in Kyoto.

Kyoto City

Three-Star Michelin Sushi Restaurant, Azabu Yukimura

Azabu Yukimura is a 3-star Michelin sushi restaurant. This incredible restaurant of kaiseki cuisine is located in Azabujuban in Tokyo.


Things To Do In Japan In August: Event Calendar

From matsuri to awa odori to fireworks festivals, August in Japan is an event-filled month. Here are the major events that you definitely shouldn't miss.

Hachioji Matsuri 2018 Event Information For The Festival

Enjoy a major Tokyo traditional summer festival in the city of Hachioji in western Tokyo: the Hachioji Matsuri.


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American Steak For Less Than ¥1,000 At Canyon City Steak House In Akihabara, Tokyo


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