Best restaurants you can enjoy Ramen [ラーメン:Ramen] in Japan! Ramen is a noodle dish with soup and various ingredients. Originally, ramen was born in China, but recently, Japanese style ramen has spread around the world. The soup is mainly categorized in soy sauce, miso, pork bones, and Shio.
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6 Of The Best Ramen Joints In Asakusa, Tokyo

The streets of Asakusa still has the old downtown atmosphere and many old-established shops and restaurants still remain. So, when people think of places to go to eat ramen, Asakusa is not a place that they may think of at first. But, there are many good ramen joints, and this article will introduce 6 of them that you should visit.

Try Some Spicy Hot Ramen at "Tokyo Miyoshi" in Asakusa, Tokyo!

Tokyo Miyoshi is the only place where you can have this type of Hakata-Nagahama ramen. The dish is similar to a "tantanmen" (a Szechuan-style ramen dish with chili oil) and is served to you by an establishment managed by a chef with 39 years of experience. The special ramen is only available until the end of the year so don't miss this opportunity!

Torisoba Kotobuki - Ikebukuro, Tokyo : When Life Gives You Lemons, Make An Awesome Bowl Of Ramen!

Torisoba Kotobuki is a ramen shop in Ikebukuro which is famous for its unique ramen topped with many slices of lemon. If you doubt whether it is good, just give it a try to find out!

Mugi to Olive - Ginza, Tokyo : Quality Chicken Broth Ramen Featured in the Michelin Guide

Mugi to Olive is a popular ramen shop in Ginza, Tokyo which has received the Michelin's Prestigious Bib Gourmand Award for three years. They serve a quality bowl of ramen made with great soup, noodles, and toppings. Here is the information and review to read before you visit!

Bum Bun BLau Cafe with BeeHive - Tokyo : Michelin-Awarded Truffle Ramen

"Bum Bun BLau Cafe with BeeHive" is a popular ramen shop in Hatanodai, Tokyo. It has been awarded by the Michelin Guide for 3 years since 2015. Here is a review of their specialty menu "White truffle shio ramen" and also Japanese dessert "Kakigori"!

Tantanmen Hoozuki - Nakano, Tokyo : Amazing Spicy Ramen With A Strong Shrimp Flavor!

There is a must-try ramen shop in Nakano, Tokyo, especially if you are a spicy food lover. It is called "Tantanmen Hoozuki" which serves amazing, unique tantanmen (a kind of spicy ramen). Here is a review of their specialty menu "tantanmen"!

Tokushima Ramen: 5 Must-Try Ramen Joints In Tokushima City!

Traveling to Tokushima, Shikoku? If so, or if you happen to live there, one thing that must be done is trying the local ramen! Tokushima has developed its own ramen style and it's so delicious that its popularity has been spreading in other parts of Japan. Here's where you should go for some of the best ramen in and around the city of Tokushima.

Shinpuku Saikan : Delicious Black Ramen In Azabu Juban, Tokyo!

Shinpuku Saikan is a famous and long-established ramen shop that originated in Kyoto. There is a branch in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, where you can try their special ramen with the black soup!

Shichimencho - Tokyo : Flavorful Ramen with Three Different Kinds of Meat

Shichimencho is a must-try ramen shop in Uguisudani, Tokyo. Here is the information of the shop and also a review of their specialty ramen "Special Shoyu Ramen"!

Mensho Tokyo - Incredible Lamb Ramen For An Unique Ramen Experience in Tokyo!

Mensho Tokyo is one of the most popular and famous ramen shops in Tokyo. Many people from near and far come to eat their special ramen which is made of lamb broth. Here is the basic information of the must-try ramen shop "Mensho Tokyo" that you need to know before you make a visit!

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