Best restaurants you can enjoy Tempura [てんぷら:Tempura] in Japan! Tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. A popular way of eating tempura is to dip them in soy sauce or salt. Tempura is crispy and tasty!
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Tempura Tsunahachi Ginza (no pork, Muslim-friendly menu)

You can experience Muslim-friendly high-end tempura at Tsunahachi in Ginza. Here is the information.

9 Wonderful Restaurants In Ginza!

Ginza is quite a popular place for tourists and people living in Tokyo because there are just so many things to do and great foods to enjoy! Here are eight of the best restaurants the district has to offer.

Must-Try Restaurants In Miyajima, Hiroshima

Miyajima and the great Torii is one of the most famous and popular places to visit in Japan. Although it is a small island with close access to Hiroshima, there are many delicious restaurants within the island that you should visit!

10 restaurants in Asakusa you'll be glad to know about!

Wondering what to eat in Asakusa? The area has a variety of good restaurants. Here are seven of them offering great food and an amazing atmosphere.

5 good tempura options in Ikebukuro

Here are 5 restaurants in Ikebukuro serving some satisfying tempura. They all have pretty cheap options, and some have fancier evening courses.

Tempura Mochiku: one of the top tempura restaurants in Ginza

Tempura Mochiku will make you discover authentic delectable and sophisticated tempura. Open for lunch and dinner, it's located at just a 2-minute walk from Ginza Station.

Tempura Hachimaki: affordable and delectable tempura in Jimbocho

Tempura Hachimaki has got to be one of the best tempura houses of long-standing in old Tokyo. It's pretty cheap too, and the portions are generous. If you're craving some deep-fried Japanese comfort food around Jimbocho, this is where to go!

All the 11 Michelin star tempura restaurant of Tokyo

Here is the complete list of all the Michelin star tempura restaurants found in Tokyo. Three of them earned 2 Michelin stars and eight of them have 1 Michelin star. Reservation information is also provided.

Tempura Iwai: authentic high-end tempura in Ginza

Tempura can be just as refined as Edomae high-end sushi. To experience some of the best tempura there is in Tokyo, Tempura Iwai is a choice to consider.

Ten Tempura Uchitsu in Hiroo: perfect decor & incredible tempura

Ten Tempura Uchitsu in Hiroo offers the pinnacle in terms of tempura cuisine. The restaurant is praised both for its delectable cuisine and beautiful venue.

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