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favy features. You will discover the fascination of food & drink in Japan.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Tokyo & All Of Japan | Guide | Reservation

Japan is the country with the most Michelin-star awarded cities! In fact, there are 21 in Nara, 117 in Osaka, 135 in Kyoto and 304 in Tokyo!! As a base of comparison, Paris, comes in in 3rd place, after Tokyo and Kyoto, with 134 stars! If you want fine dining, you're in the right country! This guide features some of the most popular Michelin star restaurants mainly in Tokyo, but also all over Japan. The articles also include an online reservation link in English (reservation fees apply). The phone information of the restaurants is also included so you may try to contact the restaurants directly to get a reservation.

Halal Restaurants In Japan!

Looking for some great restaurants serving halal foods in Japan? This guide is for you! From Japanese to middle-eastern to south-east Asian cuisines, you can discover all kinds of tasty halal foods in Japan.

Things to do in Japan in all regions!

Looking for a convenient guide to what there is to do in Japan by area and time of year? If so, this guide is for you! Our collection of articles includes the best sightseeing spots, events and Matsuri (Japanese festivals) by season in the land of the rising sun.

Exploring Yokocho Alleys: a Guide to the Back Streets!

Yokocho alleys are areas of narrow lanes on the side of a main street where there is a high concentration of pubs, bars and other kinds of eateries. They were originally roughly built local marketplaces during the reconstruction phase post WW2. Yokocho alleys are extremely interesting to visit for their quaint atmosphere, authentic foods, and good drinks!

Spring Season Guide For Japanese Food!

It is part of Japanese culture to enjoy the change of season. In Japan, the spring season is when the weather gets warmer, cherry blossoms bloom and many seasonal vegetables and fruits get picked. We will introduce some Japanese cuisine and desserts that you can only eat during the spring time!

For All Japanese Alcohol Aficionados!

Whether you have tried them or not, Japanese alcoholic beverages are just so amazing! For the Japanese sake to Japanese whiskeys, Shochu, and even Umeshu, plum wines! There's what you need to remember before losing your memory!

Matcha Matcha Matcha! - Matcha in Japan

Matcha is a powerful antioxidant and is a great ingredient to add to your daily routine for your health. It is delicious as a hot tea, as a latte, in dessert and even in savory dishes! Do give it a try, your body will thank you!

Get Into The Christmas Spirit In Japan!

Although mainly a commercial holiday, the Japanese have developed their own traditions inspired by western customs with regards to Christmas. Here are the Christmassy things you can do in Japan!

Vegetarian food in Japan!

Vegetarian cuisine in Japan is incredibly flavorful. Whether it is for religious or moral reasons, or simply because it can be delicious too, vegetarian cuisine in Japan is incredible. Although there are still few restaurants compared to a lot of major cities, Japan also has a vegetarian tradition, Shojin Ryori (Monk cuisine), and there also many cuisines serving vegetarian dishes!

Easy Japanese Recipes

Japanese or Japanese fusion recipes you can try at home! They are simple to make and you can make them whenever you are craving a certain delish dish!

How To Make The Best Of Japan In The Winter!

Japan's winter season has lots to offer, from unique winter festivals to comforting cuisine to warm up the body during the coldest season! Here's your guide to Japanese winter.

Onsen: A Guide To The Onsens In Japan

Onsens are hot springs where you can bathe in hot water, it is an incredibly relaxing experience. Japan has thousands of onsens all over the country. There are indoor and outdoor baths, and they are often indicated on a map with this symbol ♨, or in Japanese with "ゆ” or ”湯”.

A Visit To Starbucks In Japan!

There are more than 20,000 Starbucks stores located around the world, but Starbucks in Japan is unique and creative! For those who want to know about the seasonal drinks, the beautiful designed stores, or just simply the locations of the stores in different areas, you may find these articles useful!

Trick Or Treat: A Guide To Halloween Activities And Treats

Halloween is synonymous with fall and all its delicious treats and all the scary and exciting activities. Here you will find information on what to do and where to eat during this spooky season.

Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festivals) in Japan!

As Japan value seasonal changes, they have a variety of seasonal food and events, and there are so many exciting events happening during summer in Japan! Summer festival is where Japanese culture revive, and where people gather, eat food and sometimes dance along with traditional Japanese summer music. Check out the following popular and unique festivals that Japan has to offer.

Hanabi Taikai: Fireworks Festivals in Japan!

Fireworks festivals are one of the most popular summer events in Japan, and people love watching beautiful fireworks with a yukata and good street food! There are a lot of fireworks festivals happening in Japan during summer, so check out the following articles!

A Guide to Japanese Summer!

Summer is the season of outdoor activities, festivals and most importantly, good food! For those of you who are experiencing Japanese summer for the first time, or just curious what it looks like, these articles can help you to get to know better at amazing Japanese summer culture and food!

Enjoy Your Meal At A Classy Terrace

Japan is a small country with a high population, so it is hard to find restaurants and cafes with a spacious atmosphere. Even so, there are several places with a terrace seating, where you can enjoy the beautiful weather during the day or the romantic night view. We will introduce some of those exquisite terrace restaurants and cafes in Japan!

The Most Casual Experience at Chain Stores!

Japan has a variety of chain stores including cafes, sushi, ramen, beef bowl, fast food, etc. It is very common for these chain stores to release seasonal or limited edition menu that uses seasonal vegetables or fruits, which is usually only available in Japan. Check the following articles to find out what kind of chain stores there are in Japan, what is different from stores overseas, and for more information on Japanese chain stores!

Play With Animals While Drinking Your Coffee!

Have you ever been to an animal cafe? Drinking your cup of coffee while playing with animals is a rare experience! In Japan, animal cafes have been trending, and there are many animal cafes likes dog, cat, rabbit, hedgehog, owl, snake, bird, goat cafes and more! Articles with information and reviews about animal cafes will be posted here!

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Michelin Star Restaurants In Tokyo & All Of Japan | Guide | Reservation

Halal Restaurants In Japan!

Things to do in Japan in all regions!

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