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7 Types Of Sushi In Japan

Do you like "Sushi"? There are many kinds of sushi in Japan. Let's learn about the different types of sushi in Japan!!!


Honmura An - Incredible Soba Noodles Which Were Loved By New Yorkers

It was a shocking news for all soba lovers in New York that the owner of Honmura An closed the shop there and went back to Japan. Today, he is serving the delicious soba in Roppongi, Tokyo.


Mitalashi Dango - Delicious Japanese Sweet

Mitalashi dango is a delicious traditional Japanese sweet. If you don't know what mitarashi dango is, don't worry. This article will introduce everything you need to know, including what mitarashi dango is, the recipe of mitarashi dango, and the places to eat mitarashi dango in Japan.


London's Latest Trend, Cotton Candy Ice Cream Lands Tokyo!

Have you ever tried cotton candy? What about ice cream? You might be thinking, is that even a question? Well, how about cotton candy AND ice cream together? Now you might be wondering, what does it look like and how does it taste like? Let's figure it out together!


13 Popular Japanese Summer Festival Food

Summer is here! In Japan, they have summer festivals in many places and the people love to go there wearing yukata (Japanese traditional clothes). They have A LOT of food stalls everywhere at the festivals, offering a variety of food and snacks to eat while watching fireworks.


Mango Boba! Mango Tango! Mango Fair at Monsoon Cafe! (Summer 2019)

This summer, Monsoon Cafe (locations around Tokyo) is having a "Summer Mango Fair," featuring four new mango and coconut-themed deserts! We headed to the Omotesando location to check it out for ourselves. Mango lovers, don't miss this!


Meguro Sky Garden: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of the City!

Meguro is renowned for being a beautiful sakura viewing spot along its famous canal. However, did you know that there's another amazing place to view nature? The place is called the Meguro Sky Garden. It's a linear, loop-shaped roof garden on top of highway intersection. A must-see spot if you during your next stroll in the area!


Two New Ukai Restaurants In Roppongi Hills You Need To Try!

Two new restaurants will be opening on March 29th 2018: Roppongi Ukai-tei, a teppanyaki restaurant, and Roppongi kappou ukai, a Japanese cuisine restaurant.

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Stone In Asakusabashi (Tokyo) Has Been Serving Cheesy Curry For Over 20 Years!

Stone in Asakusabashi, Tokyo has been serving piping hot cheese curry in a dish for over 20 years. This popular resto has appeared both on TV and in magazines.

Lili Wanderlust

Japan In May: 6 Best Things to Do

Visiting Japan in May is arguably the best time because the weather and temperature are so comfortable. There are also some very interesting spring events happening. Here is a list of 6 things you should definitely consider doing while you are in Japan in May.


Yakinikudon Tadon In Ikebukuro, Tokyo: Awesome Place To Enjoy Some Hearty, Succulent Meat Bowls

Yakinikudon Tadon is located just a 3-minute walk from the East Exit of the Ikebukuro Station. If you're craving meat, this is the place to go because they serve yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) topped rice bowls that way up to 800g and include four different types of meat!


Hasegawa In Ginza Offers Exquisite Japanese Yakiniku Courses

Near the Ginza station, try Hasegawa, an exquisite yakiniku restaurant serving a variety of delicate dishes of Japanese cuisine as part of its courses.


Akakara (Sunshine Street in Ikebukuro): Excellent Affordable Izakaya!

Akakara on Sunshine Street of Ikebukuro is the perfect izakaya for a fun evening with friends. You'll love their tasty Nagoya specialties and the awesome atmosphere.


New Form of Souvenir! Learn How to Cook Japanese Food at Cooking Class in Tokyo!

Who said Japanese souvenirs can only be things like snacks and chopsticks? Bring back some cooking skills! Here is a list of cooking classes in Tokyo that you can take and learn how to cook Japanese food!


L'Amitie: An Authentic French Bistro In Tokyo You'll Fall In Love With!

There are a good many French-style bistros in Tokyo but few stand out as much as L'Amitie for authentic quality at a reasonable price. Here is more on this Takadanobaba French restaurant you should definitely try out!


Harajuku Gyozaro : Craving Some Real Dumplings?

Have you always been curious about why there is such a long queue when you pass in front of Gyozaro in Harajuku? Well, the answer is simply that it has amazing gyoza! Here is more on the famous shop.


The 5 Best Beer In Japan You Need To Know About

Arguably, the 5 best beer in Japan from major labels are Asahi, Yebisu, Sapporo, Kirin, and Suntory. Here are their characteristics.


February, March Plum Blossoms In Tokyo | Here Are The Best Spots

From mid-February to mid-March, enjoy plum blossom season in Tokyo at these three impressive spots!


7 chome Kyoboshi: The Best Tempura You've Ever Had!

7 chome Kyoboshi, pronounced 'Nanachoume Kyoboshi' is said to be the world's best tempura restaurant!

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Late Night Ramen in Harajuku. 5 Great Shops Open Past 10 pm

For being such a hip and popular spot, many of Harajuku's restaurants close fairly early (when compared to somewhere like nearby Shibuya Station). Searching for a late-night bowl of ramen can be more of a challenge than you'd expect! We're here to help. This is a list of 5 ramen shops that are open late!


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