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Izakayas Around Nagoya Station That Are Well Worth The Go

Have you ever been to izakaya (居酒屋)? It is a causal Japanese style bar or pub where you enjoy drinking sake, beer, and other kinds of drinks with Japanese traditional dishes usually shared on your table. Here is a list of recommended izakaya around Nagoya station that would give you a great and exciting night experience!

The 5 Best Authentic Bars In Nagoya You'll Be Glad You Tried!

If you like bars with an awesome quaint atmosphere and great drinks, you will absolutely love this selection.

Nightlife In Nagoya: Some Spots You'll Be Glad To Know

This selection contains information on some of the best clubs, live houses, izakayas and authentic bars in the city of Nagoya.

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Izakayas Around Nagoya Station That Are Well Worth The Go


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