Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Nagoya (名古屋)! Nagoya's places of interest are the shopping and entertainment districts of Sakae, Fushimi and the Nagoya Station area. Nagoya is famous for the Nagoya Castle, the Tokugawa Art Museum, the Atsuta Shrine, and for being a manufacturing and industrial hub.
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Strawberry Spaghetti? Mountain, a Nagoya Cafe Experience

Mountain, a small, quirky cafe hidden away in a quiet neighborhood offers it's own unique experience. Whether you're looking to post an outrageous food picture on your instagram or trying to fill your stomach for a bargain, Mountain is definitely worth a visit. Or two.

Nagoya Halal Restaurants -- Top 5 Picks

This is a brief list of our 5 top picks for halal restaurants in Nagoya. Note that not all of the restaurants listed are certified Halal, so please check the details of each restaurant below the description.

Mega Kebab Nagoya: Yummy Yummy

Mega Kebab has been a favorite in Nagoya since its establishment in 2000. There are now 9 locations across Nagoya, including 2 inside Chubu airport. If you are looking for a delicious Turkish street food bite (that is also halal), find one of these shops and get your fix.

5 Ramen Restaurants You Need to Try in Nagoya!

Nagoya is a fantastic place to eat. What the city lacks for in activities, it makes up for with its delicious restaurants and local cuisine! Here is our list of 5 ramen restaurants that shouldn't be passed up in Nagoya!

The ORIGINAL Miso Katsudon is Still the Best! [Nagoya]

Red miso katsudon is one of Nagoya's soul foods. You can find the dish served at countless restaurants throughout the city, and there are even a couple chain restaurants that specialize in it. However, the original, and perhaps best miso katsudon can be found at a small, local restaurant that has been open since 1949. Don't miss this delicious miso katsudon when you're in Nagoya!

Unknown Nagoya Restaurant With the Best Butadon You'll Ever Eat!

This article is about a restaurant you've definitely never heard of in north Nagoya called 'Donburi Pot.' It's a tiny shop run by a husband and wife that mostly serves customers taking a break from the large pachinko parlor across the street. The absolute must-try item here is the butadon (pork bowl), which I will introduce in this article.

Miyamoto Munashi: Delicious and Affordable Japanese Comfort Food!

Miyamoto Munashi is a go-to spot for delicious Japanese comfort food served in large portions at a cheap price! There are 10 locations around Nagoya, each right outside of a train station, making them super easy to access.

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