Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Hiroshima Prefecture (central part of the Chugoku region)! Major cities and places of interest in Hiroshima Prefecture (広島県, Hiroshima Prefecture) include Hiroshima City, Fukuyama, and Kure. Hiroshima Prefecture is famous for Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, oysters, anago (saltwater eels), Hiroshima sake, and the Utsukushima floating shrine.
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One of Hiroshima's Must-Visit Restaurants: 'Chiso Sottaku Ito'

'Chiso Sottaku Ito' is one of the best restaurants in Hiroshima. Period. The chef is a master of dashi, and makes a wonderful array of dashi-infused dishes that are simply incredible. This is unquestionably one of the restaurants that must be on everyone's Hiroshima list!

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