Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Hyogo Prefecture (western part of the Kansai region)! Major cities and places of interest in Hyogo Prefecture (兵庫県, Hyogo Prefecture) include Kobe, Himeji, and Nishinomiya. Hyogo Prefecture is famous for Kobe Beef, kansai cuisine (similar to what's found in Osaka), and for having the Himeji Castle which is a World Heritage Site.
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Akashi Whisky, A Japanese Whisky You Should Get To Know!

Akashi Whisky isn't a major Japanese whisky producer in Japan, but it gained in popularity because of its exquisite taste. It is produced in Eigashima in the Hyogo prefecture. It is said to be one of the smoothest whiskies out there.

Where To Have Lunch Around Akashi Castle in Akashi, Hyogo

Akashi Castle isn't the biggest castle in the Kansai region, however, it does have its charm and is really worth visiting. While you're in the area, here's where to have lunch at the castle!

Kyoto Katsugyu : Beef Cutlets (Gyukatsu) Specialty Restaurant Now In Kobe!

Kyoto Katsugyu opened in June 2018 a new restaurant serving its famous beef cutlets. For any fan of Japanese-style deep-fried foods, beef cutlets (gyukatsu) are a must try! Here's what you can expect to find at Kyoto Katsugyu in Kobe.

Impossibly Cool And Authentic Cocktail Bars In Kobe

Many of the most awesome bars in Kobe are found close to the Sannomiya Station. If you want suggestions about where to go, here is our list of the best bars in Kobe.

5 Best Places In Kobe To Have Awesome Super CHEAP Sushi

If you are looking for a satisfying sushi meal that is easy on the wallet in Kobe, you have got to see this unbeatable selection of 5 great restaurants.

Must-Eat Food in Kobe! (There's Not Only Kobe Beef)

The number one most popular Japanese food is undoubtedly Kobe beef, and is so for a reason! It's so incredibly delicious and tender, it's nothing like you've ever had before. However, there is so much to discover in Kobe. Here is some must-try Kobe cuisine!

Best Shabu Shabu in Kobe

Kobe is worldly famous for its delicious beef. We ranked the best shabu shabu restaurants, from high end to cheap! Take your pick!

Where To Enjoy Kobe Beef For Under ¥4,000 in Kobe!

Can you imagine having Kobe beef in Kobe for less than ¥4,000? Check out these awesome restos to try the world-famous beef for a steal! Cheers!

Have Increddible, Premium Kobe Beef in Kobe at 'Takakura'

Kobe Beef is famous around the world for its quality and is the most expensive of all wagyu (Japanese beef). To be certified as 'Kobe Beef,' the cattle must meet stringent standards and be raised within Hyogo Prefecture (where Kobe is). If you're looking for a delicious kobe beef meal right at the source in Kobe, look no further than 'Kobe Gyu Takakura.'

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Must-Eat Food in Kobe! (There's Not Only Kobe Beef)

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