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Tenryuji Temple In Kyoto, A Must-Visit Zen Temple In Arashiyama

Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto is one of the most stunning places in the old capital. Here is information about this Heinan Era site of scenic beauty.

5 Sake Bars In Kyoto You'll Be Glad To Know About

Looking for some really nice relaxing bars where you can have some good quality Japanese sake? This is a list of 5 places in Kyoto where you'll find just that!

Bar K-Ya in Kyoto is a Whiskey Connoisseur's Dream Come True!

Bar K-Ya is an elegant and beautiful bar in the heart of Kyoto where you can try superbly made cocktails and a wide variety of whiskeys. You can sit at the wooden counter and watch the bartender shake up your new favourite drink.

Drop By Bar Fishbowl in Kyoto For a Fun Night Out!

Bar Fishbowl in Kyoto is tourist-friendly spot to check out while in Kyoto. You will find an incredible Japanese whiskey collection served by a friendly, English-speaking staff.

Calling All Chicken and Sake Lovers! - Kyoto's Torisei is a Must-Visit

Inside an old, remodeled sake brewery from the Taisho era, Torisei is a must-visit chicken restaurant in Kyoto. If you love high-quality chicken or high-quality sake, you can't leave Kyoto without stopping here.

Koidai-ji Temple, in Kyoto, Is A National Tresure

The magnificent construction dates back to 1606 and is recognized by the Japanese government as a historic and cultural gem.

Gion Namba: Kyo Kaiseki Cuisine (Most Refined Regional Specialty)

Beautiful, naturally tasty, and very healthy, you've got to try Kyo Kaiseki while in Kyoto, and for that, there is no better place than Gion Namba, located in the heart of old Kyoto!

Kyoto's Yasaka Jinja and Gion Matsuri: A Quick Guide

Yasaka Jinja (八坂神社) is one of Japan's most famous Shinto shrines, located in the famous Gion district in Kyoto. The ancient shrine is a popular tourist destination, and is also hosts the Gion Matsuri (festival) each year.

Must-Visit Shrines of Japan: 2,000 Year-Old Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto

Shimogamo Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto, dating back more than 2,000 years. The shrine has a forest, beautiful buildings, and special 'mizu mikuchi,' fortunes that only appear when you dip them in water. This is a special place in Kyoto that is often overlooked by tourists!

Washoku Lunch Sets + Make-Your-Own Matcha Experience at 'Kyoto Gatten'

'Kyoto Gatten' is a "Tempura Pub" restaurant in Kyoto that offers the chance to experience a wide variety of traditional Japanese foods and beverages all in one place! Starting this summer, the restaurant is offering a 'Matcha Experience,' included with lunch where guests can make their own matcha!

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