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Best restaurants to enjoy Ramen in Osaka! Discover Japanese cuisine through favy Japan's food guides of locals' favorite restaurants!
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Why Does Osaka Have so Few Ramen Shops?

Osaka, the city at the center of Japan's second-largest metropolitan area, is surprisingly known as a ramen wasteland. Sure, you can find good ramen there if you know where to look (see below), but the ramen shops are surprisingly sparse when compared to the rest of Japan. Read on to find out why.

10 Best Ramen Joints In Osaka!

Osaka is a foodie prefecture, and there are a lot of amazing ramen places. If you're in Osaka, or if you're going to Osaka, check the following list!

Ichiran in Dotonbori Osaka | Locations, ordering system info included

Try some pretty amazing tonkotsu ramen at one of Japan's most reputable ramen chain restaurant in Dotonbori, Osaka! Ichiran has two restos in the district. Read on to learn about the locations, ordering system and the ramen.

Exciting New Ramen Collaboration Shop Opens in Osaka! (Ramen Purism)

'Ramen Purism' is a brand new ramen shop that opened on May 18th, 2019 in Osaka's Soemoncho. The shop is a collaboration between 'Sousaku Ramen style Hayashi,' and 'Jinrui Mina Menrui,' two very highly-rated Osaka ramen joints.

Ramen Honolulu For Halal Ramen in Osaka!

Ramen is a Japanese staple, but unfortunately, it is often made with pork broth making it is unsuitable for Muslim patrons. To counter that, Ramen Honolulu developed their own Halal ramen and now have many branches across Japan, including one in Osaka.

[Namba] 4 Best Ramen Shops You Should Try

Osaka Namba has many creative ramen with delicious and flavorful soup. Soy sauce, pork bones and seafood stock... ... which one do you like?

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