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Best restaurants to enjoy Wagyu in Kanto! Discover Japanese cuisine through favy Japan's food guides of locals' favorite restaurants!
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Kobe Beef in Tokyo - an experience of a lifetime! You have to try it a least once!

Kobe Plaisir Ginza serves heavenly wagyu. The first class Ginza restaurant is renowned and praised for its tender Kobe Beef with an exquisite smell.

Kagurazaka Shozantei: superb Wagyu yakiniku and beef bowls!

Shozantei has it all when it comes to a terrific Kagurazaka dining experience. You can enjoy some top quality Wagyu Beef in a traditional atmosphere.

9 of the Very Best Wagyu (Japanese Beef) Restaurants in Tokyo

In Japanese 和牛(wagyu) means 'Japanese beef' and typically refers to beef from a specific breed of black-haired Japanese cows. All of the most famous and expensive types of beef fall under the category of 'wagyu,' including Kobe Beef, Matsuzaka Beef, Hida beef, and more. Here are some of the best restaurants in Tokyo for enjoying delicious, tender wagyu!

Wagyu Tantanmen Served in a Cup at Jikasei Mensho in Shibuya's PARCO

Jikasei MENSHO is a newly opened ramen shop inside Shibuya's PARCO shopping center that serves a very unique and delicious bowl of wagyu tantanmen! We guarantee it's unlike any ramen you've tried before and is totally worth the try!

FUGA: nice modern Japanese cuisine in a chic decor

For a fancy dinner in central Tokyo, you might want to try out FUGA located in Shinjuku. You can enjoy some course meals of modern Japanese cuisine that include sashimi and teppan wagyu.

29ON GINZA: Member's Restaurant with Mind-Blowing Meat Courses!

The popular 29ON members-only restaurant specializing in meat-based cuisine now has a location in Ginza, Tokyo! Enjoy original courses of sous-vide cooked meats that include top-quality wagyu beef.

Prime Rib Zen: Affordable Wagyu and Japanese Craft Beer in Akihabara!

This is wagyu like you've never experienced it before! Aged for 30 days before roasting at low temperature in the oven for 7 hours, this super-tender prime rib will blow you away! If you're looking for a unique meal in central Tokyo, 'Zen' is an awesome option.

Tokyo wagyu | 5 restos serving affordable & tasty wagyu dishes

Looking for wagyu in Tokyo but don't want to pay a fortune? Then these five restaurants have some amazing options that are tasty, original and under ¥2,000!

Have You Tried the Wagyu Ramen in Ginza Yet? 和牛ラーメン!

If you're a ramen head, this is one bowl of luxurious ramen that you've got to add to your to-eat list. The umami-filled bowl is topped with juicy sous vide-cooked duck and chicken chashu, delicious menma, and a big slice of premium wagyu that slowly melts into the soup. Yum.

Pound-ya Roppongi: Bang for the buck wagyu beef

Affordable wagyu steaks, beef patties and wagyudon are available at this popular branch in Roppongi. Located just a 2-minute walk from Roppongi station.

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