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The Best Kaiseki Restaurants in Tokyo!

Kaiseki cuisine is the absolute refinement of Japanese cuisine, it is a succession of incredibly meticulously made beautiful dishes. Here's a list of the best possible places to have kaiseki cuisine!

Cozy Kaiseki in Central Tokyo at 'Suzunari'

looking for a cozy, local spot to enjoy a fantastic Japanese kaiseki meal that's central yet off the beaten path? If so, head to Yotsuya in Tokyo to a small restaurant called 'Suzunari' to have a delicious and unforgettable meal.

Ginza Yamaji: Famous Kaiseki and Half Year-Aged Sea Bream Chazuke!

Ginza Yamaji is one of the best places in Ginza to get a high-end kaiseki course meal. If you've got the money to spend, you won't regret choosing Yamaji for a fancy dinner night in Ginza.

Unforgettable Kaiseki Meal in Roppongi, Tokyo at 'Yoshizawa'

'Yoshizawa' (よし澤) in Roppongi Hills is the second location of a well-known Ginza kaiseki restaurant that has a Michelin Star. The food here is just as good, but it's much easier to get a reservation since the Roppongi location doesn't have a Michelin Star... Yet. If you're searching for an awesome kaiseki meal in Tokyo, Yoshizawa is a great option!

'Jushu', a 2 Michelin star kaiseki restaurant in Tokyo

Reservation link included in this article! Want to try the pinnacle of Japanese traditional cuisine. Then Jushu's kaiseki cuisine might be what you're looking for!

Experience a Beautiful Wagyu Kaiseki Course at 'Rokkon' [Iidabashi]

'Rokkon' is a wonderful restaurant in Tokyo's Iidabashi neighborhood that specializes in wagyu (Japanese beef). All of the dining rooms are private, providing guests with a special dining experience. The must-try course is a magnificent wagyu kaiseki course featuring 24 different dishes for ¥6,000.

Sasanoyuki: Intricate Tofu Cuisine You Must Try In Tokyo!

Want to discover Japan's vegetarian and tofu cuisine? Then you have got to visit Sasanoyuki in Tokyo! The tofu maker is legendary for its sublime tofu-based cuisine.

Sushi Hasegawa In Nishiazabu Offers Some Amazing Sushi And Kaiseki Cuisine

This clean-lined beautiful traditional restaurant is a real gem in the Roppongi area. You can have some sublime sushi and rare Japanese delicacies as part of a kaiseki course.

Kikunoi in Akasaka, Tokyo, Will Transport You Right to Kyoto!

Akasaka Kikunoi is a 2-Star Michelin Restaurant right in Akasaka, Tokyo. Although it is in the centre of one of Tokyo's most famous and business district, you will feel as though you are in calm and beautiful Kyoto. What a wonderful escape for a few hours!

Ginza Koju - One Of The Best Kaiseki Restaurants In Tokyo

For sublime kaiseki Japanese cuisine, one name that is known by connoisseurs of the genre is Ginza Koju, in Ginza, Tokyo. Here is what to expect at this high-end Tokyo restaurant.

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