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Best restaurants to enjoy Ramen in Tokyo! Discover Japanese cuisine through favy Japan's food guides of locals' favorite restaurants!
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10 Best Ginza Ramen: Ramen Connoisseurs' Selection 2020

Ginza is known for its chic boutiques and expensive restaurants. However, there are some ramen joints that are amazingly good, original, and not at Ginza-esque prices! You should definitely try these 10 selected restaurants!

The First Ramen Restaurant to Ever Get a Michelin Star Has Moved On

Tsuta was the first-ever ramen restaurant to earn a Michelin Star 5 years ago. However, the shop has packed up and moved to a new location in Yoyogi Uehara, and plans to start a new chapter with a new menu.

Ramen Served in a 300-Degree Piping HOT Stone Bowl! (Sekki Ramen)

Sekki Ramen is a new ramen shop in Tokyo's Takadanobaba neighborhood that offers a very unique bowl of piping hot ramen. The stone bowls that this delicious ramen is served in are heated to over 300 degrees Celcius before the ramen soup is added (and consequently boiled). For interesting and tasty tonkotsu ramen, give this place a try!

This Ramen Shop Made it Into the Michelin Guide After Just 1 Year

Nishiogi Tou is a newcomer to the ramen scene that was good enough to be added to the Michelin Guide after just a year of operation! The shop's ramen features handmade noodles, incredible soup, and sakura woodchip-smoked chashu that make it a standout bowl!

10 of the Most Interesting, Unique, and Wacky Bowls of Ramen in Tokyo

Tokyo is ramen heaven, with more ramen shops than anywhere else in the world. Among all the ramen, there are a few bowls that stand out for various reasons. Here are 10 of the most interesting bowls of ramen in Tokyo!

Creamy Oyster Ramen in Nakano, Tokyo, that will Take Your Breath Away

It's an exciting time to be alive and eating ramen! Today we will be introducing a ramen shop in Nakano, Tokyo that serves an exquisite and unique bowl of ramen made with a foamy oyster soup. It's quite different than any other ramen and definitely worth checking out!

Coffee Ramen In Tokyo, Here's Where To Have It!

You like coffee and you like ramen? How about having them combined in one mind-blowing coffee-ramen dish! You can have it at Aroma, a neighbourhood restaurant in the east end of Tokyo.

15 BEST Things To Do In Harajuku, Central Tokyo!

No matter how many times you visit Tokyo, Japan, Harajuku is always one of the best places to explore. Why? Harajuku is the most trendy place in all Tokyo, maybe even Japan! From the most classic to the most trendy, here is a list of things to do in Harajuku!

Secret ¥590 in one Shinjuku's most iconic building! Here's how to get it!

You can have a tasty bowl of ramen at one of Tokyo's most famous landmarks: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building! Here's how to get it!

Tokyo Local Shows us His Favorite Shinjuku Lunch Spot

We were curious to know where the people who work in Shinjuku like to eat, so we asked a Tokyo local named Tomo who works in West Shinjuku. He took us to one of his favorite lunch spots and showed us 'niku soba,' a delicious noodle dish that we're glad we tried!

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