Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Asakusa (浅草)! Asakusa's places of interest are Nishi Sando Shopping Street, Sumida River and around the Senso-ji Temple. Asakusa is famous for the Kaminarimon Gates, the temples, the old-school theme park and the Kitchenware Town.
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10 awesome cafes of Asakusa, Tokyo

Here is a list of must-visit delicious local cafes in Asakusa. You'll fall in love with each of them for different reasons and will probably end up visiting again... and again!

Where To Grab The Best Breakfast In Asakusa

What better way to start the day then to have a good hearty breakfast. Here are the best places to have breakfast, let it be sweet or savoury, we got you covered!

The Best Sweets to Eat in Nakamise Street, Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the most famous places to visit for foreign visitors. After seeing Sensouji and if you happen to be hungry, these places are the ones to taste Japanese desserts.

Kameju Sells Some Of The Best Dorayaki In Tokyo

Asakusa is famous for traditional Japanese sweets. Of all famous shops in the area, Kameju is one of the most emblematic. You must try their signature dorayaki.

Unagi Irokawa: Superb Eel Restaurant In Asakusa, Tokyo

Unagi Irokawa in Asakusa is an eel restaurant that you'll surely enjoy! The eel is unbelievably plump and juicy and the atmosphere is the quaintest there is.

Coffee Tengoku and the Perfect Pancake

The little coffee shop in Asakusa rose to world fame after Kantaro, the character from "Kantaro, the Sweet Tooth Salaryman" tasted their perfect pancake.

5 Superb Restaurants In Asakusa Serving Halal Foods

Here is a list of some of the best Halal restaurants in Asakusa. The list includes ramen, sushi, shabu shabu and more! You're bound to find something that you like.

Tsubohachi In Asakusa: Affordable Izakaya Worth The Try!

Looking for a place with a nice atmosphere to have some good izakaya food for cheap in Asakusa? Tsubohachi is definitely worth considering! They have great skewers, grilled fish, karaage, and super spicy dishes too.

Sushi Isshin: Superb Michelin Starred Sushi In Asakusa, Tokyo

Arguably one of the best sushi bars in Tokyo is Sushi Isshin in Asakusa. It boasts a Michelin star! The sushi chef has a special way of making his rice and the toppings are always incredibly fresh.

Yoroiya's 'Twins Egg Ramen' Features a Double-Egg Yolk Ajitama!! [Asakusa]

Asakusa is filled with awesome ramen shops. Among those, 'Asakusa Ramen Yoroiya' is perhaps the most famous in the area. The shop is beloved by locals and tourists alike and often has a line stretching out the door. We went to try the 'Futago Tamago Ramen,' which features a rare egg with two yolks!

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