Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Asakusa (浅草)! Asakusa's places of interest are Nishi Sando Shopping Street, Sumida River and around the Senso-ji Temple. Asakusa is famous for the Kaminarimon Gates, the temples, the old-school theme park and the Kitchenware Town.
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Nightlife in Asakusa: spend a fun night at these spots the locals love

Asakusa doesn't have any major clubs, but the place abounds in casual old-fashion bars and izakayas. Here are some great spots you should check out when visiting the area.

The Best Affordable Restaurants in Asakusa (Cheap and Delicious!)

Asakusa is an old Tokyo neighborhood that is filled with great restaurants. If you're looking to save some yen while eating a completely delicious meal, check out this list of our recommendations. The genre of food is included in the title. Enjoy!

[Asakusa] Next-Level Miso Soup and Onigiri at MISOJYU

Located in a back street in Asakusa is a quaint, stylish restaurant called 'MISOJYU' that specializes in homemade onigiri and hearty Japanese soups. They put a strong focus on the quality of the ingredients used, serving incredibly delicious versions of Japanese home cooking.

5 good vegetarian restaurants in Asakusa, Tokyo

Here are some good options for people looking for vegetarian or vegan foods in Asakusa! All the restaurants presented in the article are within a five-minute walk from Asakusa station.

Delectable New Kind Of French Toast At IVORISH, Under The Tokyo Skytree!

Ivorish is located on the 2nd floor of the Solamachi mall, at the very base of the Tokyo Skytree. It serves a new kind of French toast that anyone with a sweet tooth will fall in love with!

Ninja Castle: Awesome Ninja-Themed Restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo

Located in the traditional neighborhood of Asakusa in Tokyo, Ninja Castle is a themed izakaya that immerses you in an Edo era atmosphere with ninjas as your hosts serving you delicious Japanese foods.

Eating and Wrestling With Retired Sumo Wrestlers at 'ASAKUSA SUMO RESTAURANT'

One of the coolest dining experiences in Tokyo has to be the sumo meal at ASAKUSA SUMO RESTAURANT in Asakusa, Tokyo. Not only can you enjoy delicious chanko nabe (classic sumo wrestler food), but you can also enjoy and participate in a live sumo demonstration by retired pro sumo wrestlers!

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