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10 Incredible Desserts In Ginza You Must Try!

Ginza is a classy Tokyo district known for its high-end boutiques. It's also an unmissable gourmet dessert spot in Tokyo! It has an embarrassment of riches if you're looking for some refined desserts, so here is a list of some of the best in the area to make your life a bit easier!

Ginza Bakery's castella biscuit sandwich is heavenly

Stop by Ginza Bakery near Ginza Itchome station to try one of the area's famous sweets: the cream-filled castella biscuit sandwich. Available in plain or in rum & raisin flavours.

Budonoki in Ginza: incredible desserts and afternoon tea sets

Ginza Budonoki is a classic cafe of long-standing in Ginza. It serves some exquisite desserts and afternoon tea sets that use an abundance of seasonal fruits and other top-quality ingredients.

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