Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Ginza (銀座)! Ginza's places of interest are Mitsukoshi and many more department stores, Kabuki-za theater and Ginza Six. Ginza is famous for its luxury shopping areas and delicious restaurants.
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re:Dine GINZA In Tokyo, Exquisite Cuisine In A Spacious, Stylish Interior!

re:Dine Ginza is Japan's first shared kitchen restaurant. Enjoy original creations from five different chefs in a spacious, stylish interior.

Delectable Curry At re:Dine GINZA!

From its first line-up of chefs, re:Dine GINZA, Japan's first shared kitchen restaurant, features a delectable kind of curry made by the chef of the popular and original curry house Passion.

Amazing Italian Seafood Cuisine At re:Dine GINZA In Tokyo!

re:Dine is Japan's first shared kitchen restaurant. For its opening, you can have some sublime Italian seafood cuisine among a plethora of other beautiful, original and tasty creations!

Exchange Your Foreign Currency for E-Money At re:Dine Ginza

re:Dine is an innovative cashless restaurant in the heart of fancy Ginza, Tokyo, which only uses electronic money. It is also a shared kitchen restaurant, the first of its kind in Japan! Simply with the swipe of an electronic card, you can enjoy the food of up to five different chefs in the same venue. How convenient for travellers with different types of currencies in their pockets or who ran out of YEN.

Haneda Ichiba Ginza 7 Serves Sushi Of Unbeatable Freshness In Tokyo

Haneda Ichiba Ginza 7 serves arguably the freshest sushi in Tokyo thanks to its direct air delivery system. Looking for outstanding traditional edomae style sushi in Ginza? Then this is the place to go!

Kobe Plaisir Ginza: Marvellous Kobe Beef Restaurant In Tokyo

To experience Japan's legendary Kobe Beef, Kobe Plaisir Ginza in Tokyo is a first-rate choice. They specialize precisely in Kobe Beef prepared teppanyaki style.

Just Caught This Morning! Eat Fish From Around Japan (In One Place!)

Just a 7 minute walk from Ginza Station, Haneda Ichiba Ginza Chokubaiten is a standing-only restaurant that was started by fish merchant serving high-class restaurants in the area. Here you can eat extremely fresh fish that was caught this morning--from around Japan!

Refined, rich parfaits with liqueur pairing by coisof in Ginza

Now located in Ginza, Coisof has renewed its menu and is now serving elegant parfaits with liqueur pairings.

Holiday lunch buffet with main dish from ¥1,980 at Re:Dine Ginza!

Japan's first shared kitchen restaurant, re:Dine GINZA, is introducing a delectable and healthy lunch-time Holiday Buffet. Enjoy 50 kinds of fresh salads and side dishes along with your main order!

Sublime! A summertime lemon parfait now served at coisof in Ginza

Take a moment to indulge in a sublime summer treat at coisof! The famous ice cream shop is now offering a beautiful and refreshing lemon-based parfait from June 6th to September 16th.

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