Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Ginza (銀座)! Ginza's places of interest are Mitsukoshi and many more department stores, Kabuki-za theater and Ginza Six. Ginza is famous for its luxury shopping areas and delicious restaurants.
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Amazing Breakfast in Ginza Hotels

Do you know how to start a perfect day? Eating breakfast in Ginza Hotels is gonna give you a great kick start to begin a day!

The Top Yakitori Restaurants in Ginza!

Here is a list of the top yakitori restaurants in Ginza with an authentic ambience and of course delicious cuisine!

Salon Ginza Sabou: The Best Of Modern & Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Ginza Sabou Salon is at the crossroad between modern and traditional Japanese cuisine. They offer visually pleasing dishes, which are just as delicious! You can have savoury food as well as sweets here, although their claim to fame is the Matcha parfait. It incorporates Japanese aesthetics and typically Japanese flavours to make a beautiful modern dessert.

Sushi Ya, An Exceptional Sushi Restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo

Sushi Ya is a Ginza sushi counter run by chef Mamoru Hashimoto, who is a master of bringing out the natural flavors of the fish as he creates incredible sushi. If you're seeking high-end sushi in Ginza, this place is highly recommended, as it is likely to one day find its way into the Michelin Guide.

Sushi Yoshitake: A 3-Michelin Star Culinary Experience [Reservation & Info]

Sushi Yoshitake, a hidden-away restaurant offering creme de la creme Edo-style sushi in Ginza, Tokyo. If you want to know what amazing top-notch sushi takes like, then you should make it a priority to eat here at least once in your life. Don't forget to make a reservation way ahead of time!

5 CHEAP Sushi Restaurants In Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza may be synonymous with high-end sushi, but there are also some cheap and really delicious options. Here are five restaurants that are easy on the wallet and really good.

Hands Expo Cafe: Incredibly Cute Japanese Sweet Dumplings, Ginza

Hands Expo Cafe is located on the 7th floor of Plaza Ginza. They have a secret menu from which you can order a colourful set of four sweet dango rice balls.

Tsubaki Salon: Delux Fluffy Pancakes In Ginza, Tokyo

The super fluffy pancakes at Tsubaki Salon are made of quality ingredients from Hokkaido. If you are looking for an awesome dessert in Ginza, give this cafe a try. They have savoury options as well.

Michelin-Starred Cuisine Starting From ¥380 At TimHoWan in Hibiya! No Wonder There's Always a Line-Up!

In April 2018, TimHoWan, a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, called the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, has made its appearance in Tokyo's Hibiya neighbourhood. We went to see what it is like a little bit after their opening.

5 Affordable Yakiniku Restaurants In Ginza

Ginza is known for its many high-end restaurants that can cost up to ¥30,000 per evening. There are some much more affordable options, however. Here are 5 yakiniku restaurants that are really good and that will cost you at most ¥5,000.

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