Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Ginza (銀座)! Ginza's places of interest are Mitsukoshi and many more department stores, Kabuki-za theater and Ginza Six. Ginza is famous for its luxury shopping areas and delicious restaurants.
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A Local's Guide to Yakitori: Yakitori Tonton in Yurakucho, Tokyo

If you want to know how locals eat, you need to stop by Yakitori Tonton in Yurakucho. It's exactly how you would picture Tokyo's hole in the wall kind of yakitori with delicious and authentic food.

7 chome Kyoboshi: The Best Tempura You've Ever Had!

7 chome Kyoboshi, pronounced 'Nanachoume Kyoboshi' is said to be the world's best tempura restaurant!

Lunch in Ginza on the cheap! 5 best lunch specials!

Looking for some cheap eats in chick Ginza? These five restaurants are really worth the try for their awesome value for the price (around ¥1,000) and original items. The list even includes wagyu beef and foie gras!

Open Today: The Grandest Muji Store on the Planet

The biggest Muji store in the world + Muji hotel opened today in Ginza. We went to see what all the hubbub was about.

The Best of Ginza Restaurants

Ginza has seemingly every kind of food one could want. This article presents our top choice for each of 10 categories: Only in Ginza, Kaiseki, Ramen, Sushi, Soba, Yakiniku, Tempura, French, Breakfast, and Bar. Enjoy!

Tomoki: 2 Michelin Star Sushi In Ginza (Beautiful Decor Too!)

Tomoki is a truly outstanding sushi restaurant in Tokyo, and it has 2 Michelin stars to prove it! For a special evening in Ginza, it's a place to consider!

Michelin-Star Sushi Prepared By An English Speaking Chef!

Relatively new to the Ginza sushi scene, Arai is an elite, Michelin-starred sushi restaurant offering some of the best tuna pieces around. On top of that, English speakers are able to talk directly to the chef at the second counter!

WINE VS. SAKE! All-You-Can-Drink Buffet for ¥1,000 (Through June)

Japan's first-ever share kitchen restaurant, re:Dine Ginza, is offering an all-you-can-drink wine or sake buffet that normally costs ¥ 2,800 for just ¥ 1,000, in exchange for a follow on SNS. Previously, only the wine buffet was offered, but a sake buffet has been added for the new promotion!

2 Really Delicious Conveyor Belt Sushi Restos In Fancy Ginza

Looking for converyor belt sushi (kaiten sushi, sushi train) in Ginza? Good! Because these two restaurants are arguably the best there is for the genre.

Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar In Ginza Is Worth The Try!

Shari The Tokyo Sushi Bar is a nice reasonably-priced option for Ginza for either lunch or dinner. Find out why the restaurant is so popular.

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