Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Ginza (銀座)! Ginza's places of interest are Mitsukoshi and many more department stores, Kabuki-za theater and Ginza Six. Ginza is famous for its luxury shopping areas and delicious restaurants.
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Have You Tried the Wagyu Ramen in Ginza Yet? 和牛ラーメン!

If you're a ramen head, this is one bowl of luxurious ramen that you've got to add to your to-eat list. The umami-filled bowl is topped with juicy sous vide-cooked duck and chicken chashu, delicious menma, and a big slice of premium wagyu that slowly melts into the soup. Yum.

Customizable Japanese Fried Chicken and Tea Drinks at 'Chawari Ginza'

Have you had Japanese fried chicken (karaage) before? It's boneless, bite-sized, seasoned to perfection, and might just be the best fried chicken you'll ever eat. One of the best spots for karaage in Ginza is a restaurant called 'Chawari,' which serves customizable karaage and tea-based alcoholic drinks. Check it out!

Chronic Tacos is now in Ginza, Tokyo!

Craving some tasty affordable Mexican cuisine? Then you might be glad to know that Ginza now has its own Chronic Tacos restaurant!

Amazing tomato-based sukiyaki at Basara near Ginza

In the Ginza area, near Kyobashi station, you can have one of Tokyo's most original and tasty sukiyaki dinner. Try Basara's tomato-based sukiyaki for a guaranteed delectable experience.

Rich, Gourmet 'Taikotsu' Ramen at 'Taisho' in Ginza

'Taisho' is a ramen shop serving gourmet bowls of specialty sea bream broth "Taikotsu" ramen that recently opened in Ginza. For ramen lovers seeking a refined and unique bowl of noodles, this place is definitely worth a visit!

illy CAFFE in Yurakucho serves authentic Italian coffee and foods

illy cafe now has a location in Japan! The popular coffee chain's location is in Yurakucho. Give it a try for some reasonably priced excellent coffee and Italian foods.

Hip Coffee Shop 'Coffee Mafia' in Ginza Offers Great Coffee and Toast!

Looking for a good cup of coffee in Ginza? You might want to check out 'Coffee Mafia,' a hip coffee stand serving delicious pour-overs, toast, and more inside re:Dine Ginza. It's perfect for breakfast for an afternoon break from Ginza shopping!

re:Dine Ginza has an all-you-can-eat salad buffet!

Eat fresh Japanese veggies to your hearth's content with re:Dine's lunch buffet! It costs ¥800 for non-members, and ¥300 for members. More on the membership system in this article.

[Ginza] Authentic Taiwanese Food and High-End Bubble Tea!

The madly popular Taiwanese food truck 'Taiwan Chaho' that saw crowds of people lining up daily for the delicious bubble tea and food has now moved into a brick and motor restaurant in Ginza called re:Dine Ginza. Anyone seeking outstanding Taiwanese cuisine or bubble tea that's a cut above the rest should head to Ginza ASAP!

Is "Fancy" Ichiran Ramen in Ginza Special, or Just More Expensive?

If you're a fan of ramen, you've no doubt heard of (and probably been to) Ichiran, one of the most popular and widespread Hakata-style ramen shops in the world. But did you know that a new Ichiran opened in Ginza, Tokyo in October of 2019 that serves "fancier" ramen dishes? We went to see if there's really any difference.

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