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Must-Try Gourmet Burger By a 24 Year-Old Chef: 'Farms' [Harajuku]

'Farms by Good Munchies' is a brand new, gourmet burger restaurant that opened in June, 2019 in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood. The restaurant is the second location of a highly-regarded burger shop called 'Good Munchies,' with a focus on artisan ingredients and unbeatable service.

Wondering Where To Eat In Harajuku, Tokyo? Check Out These Places!

Harajuku is a must-go to tourist spot in Tokyo. From eccentric fashion, to high-end fashion, you can find pretty much what you're looking for. But it is also a great place to buy sweets, especially crepes! Before having dessert though, let's eat something a little more consistent, here are the must-try restos in Harajuku...enjoy!

Giant Burgers, Fluffy Pancakes, and More at Harajuku's 'Farms'

Farms by Good Munchies is a new burger shop in Harajuku that has been getting a lot of attention lately. The shop is one of the best places in Tokyo to get a really tasty burger that satisfies every time. Recently, the shop began offering some interesting menu items including a humongous King-Sized Burger!

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