Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Harajuku (原宿)! Harajuku's places of interest are Takeshita and Omotesando Street, Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine. Harajuku is famous for its delicious crepes, its wild fashion culture and shopping area.
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Chavaty: The Best Milk Tea You Can Imagine In Omotesando, Tokyo

Chavaty in Omotesando serves milk tea that is made from the world's best black tea for milk tea and Hokkaido's top quality milk, pasteurized at low heat.

YOGORO serves Delicious Green Pork Curry in Harajuku, Tokyo; Limited To 5 Servings a Day!

Harajuku is said to be Tokyo's battleground in terms of curry! Here, at YOGORO, they only have 5 servings a day of their incredibly popular green pork curry.

GOMAYA KUKI's Fall/Winter Menu: A Sesame X Houjicha Parfait in Harajuku (Tokyo)

Only a 3-minute walk from Meiji-Jingumae Station is GOMAYA KUKI, serving the world's richest sesame ice cream. One serving has 9,000 sesame seeds! Their new menu item is the fall parfait made with sesame ice cream, chestnuts, kabocha, and houjicha jelly. It's the ultimate fall flavour parfait. Come try this delicious parfait made with rich sesame ice cream.

ELLE Cafe Serves The Cutest Bonbon Parfaits!

You might have heard of this booming trend from Korea, called the "bonbon parfait". It's an incredibly cute parfait served with tons of fresh fruits. The trend is finally catching up in Japan and ELLE Cafe was the first to make it happen. We came to try the strawberry bonbon parfait for ourselves!

MAISON ABLE Cafe Ron Ron: A Cake Conveyor Belt With All-You-Can-Eat Sweets in Harajuku, Tokyo!

On July 16th, 2018 Maison ABLE Cafe RonRon opened a sweets conveyor belt cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo. On a 38m lane, you have sweets turning around you! For 40 minutes, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat desserts! I went to see the opening of the cafe first hand!

Best Ice Cream Shops in Harajuku, Tokyo!

If you're an ice cream lover, this is are the best possible places to enjoy amazing ice cream in the famous Harajuku district in Tokyo. Harajuku is an inevitable sight-seeing spot in Tokyo while walking around this interesting part of town, you should stop by to have tasty ice cream any time of the year.

Pop-Up World Trigger Cafe In Harajuku, Tokyo (From Dec. 14, 2018)

Good news for fans of the World Drigger Anime! The series will become the theme of a cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo, for a limited time from Dec. 14, 2018 to Jan. 27, 2019.

Matcha Coffee Latte at THE MATCHA TOKYO in Omotesando, Tokyo

On November 2018, a matcha-specialized store called THE MATCHA TOKYO opened in Omotesando, Tokyo. You can enjoy matcha ceremony in a relaxed setting. You can also enjoy a new kind of flavour, an organic matcha and coffee latte!

Colorful Animal Valentine At Kawaii Monster Cafe In Harajuku

Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku Tokyo has some unbearably cute and wacky Valentine 2019 specials.

Enjoy the Chill Vibes of Okinawa Matsuri 2020

In May, Tokyo will host the Okinawa Matsuri, a festival celebrating the food, music, and art from Okinawa. Come get the good vibes!

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