Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Nakano (中野)! Nakano's places of interest are Nakano Broadway, Nakano Sunmall shopping street, and the Park. Nakano is famous for its otaku culture and goods.
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"The Hangover" | Tokyo

Want to experience "The Hangover" when in Tokyo? Heck yeah! Grab your friends, don't make plans, and just book a one-way ticket to Tokyo. The Hangover in Tokyo is sure to be an adventure you won't forget!

7 Of The Best Things To Do In Nakano, Tokyo

This is an essential guide to things to do in the popular Tokyo neighborhood. You'll find information on all the iconic attractions Nakano is known and loved for.

Bia Hoi Chop Serves Some Tasty Spicy Pho in Nakano, Tokyo

Bia Hoi Chop is a Vietnamese restaurant only 6 minutes away from Nakano Station. A lot of Vietnamese restaurants in Tokyo use dry noodles to make their meals, however, if you're looking for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you should stop by Bia Hoi Chop in Nakano.

Isshindo: Cheap, Satisfying Tokotsu Ramen In Shin Nakano!

Opened since November 2017, Hakata Ramen Isshindo serves three kinds of tonkotsu ramen, including a spicy miso one that we've tried! The place is worth the go for a cheap satisfying meal. Located right next to the Shin Nakano station.

Discover The Secrets Of "Beer College" In Nakano Tokyo!

In Nakano, there is a pub called Beer Daigaku (麦酒大学), or Beer College, that serves 13 different kinds of beer that come exactly from the same cask! Their secret to making it different is all in the way it is poured! Find out more about this interesting pub in Nakano, Tokyo.

Addictive Hashed Beef And Pork With A Japanese Omelet At Hayashiya In Nakano, Tokyo!

The Japanese have a dish called hayashi rice, which is made of hashed beef and rice. The restaurant Hayashiya Nakanoso serves as one of the most popular hayashi rice there is. Theirs is made from pork too and has a massive omelet topping! Find out why the Nakano resto is so popular!

GARAKU: Soup Curry From Hokkaido Now In Nakano, Tokyo

Garaku, a popular soup curry shop from Hokkaido opened its doors in April in the Nakano Broadway complex. This is the first Garaku ever opened in Tokyo, and people are going wild over this kind of curry packed with vegetables. Look at the pictures and you'll know why people queue for this curry!

Menya Hashimoto: Outstanding Ramen In Nakano, Tokyo!

At an 8-minute walk from the Nakano Station, Menya Hashimoto serves ramen made with an excellent balance of meat and fish broth. Some people say they could eat it every day. Find out more about this popular ramen joint you should try when you are in Nakano, Tokyo.

The Best Restaurants in Nakano, Tokyo

Wondering where to grab a bite around Nakano Station? Here are some of the best restos in the area!

Maguro Mart in Nakano, Tokyo: A Very Popular Tuna Resto Where It's Nearly Impossible To Get a Reservation

Maguro Mart is a very popular tuna-specialized restaurant in Nakano, Tokyo, where it's nearly impossible to get a reservation. However, there's an easy way to get a reservation. We'll let you in on the secret. Also, we'll introduce the signature dishes to try.

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7 Of The Best Things To Do In Nakano, Tokyo

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