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Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Nakano (中野)! Nakano's places of interest are Nakano Broadway, Nakano Sunmall shopping street, and the Park. Nakano is famous for its otaku culture and goods.
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Barasobaya For Great Pork Ramen In Nakano

Barasobaya is a popular ramen joint in Nakano that serves strong-tasting tonkotsu ramen.

Additive-Free Ramen at 'Shichisai' in Tokyo uses 'Natural Kansui'

'Kansui' is an ingredient that is absolutely essential to ramen noodles, as it gives the noodles their characteristic springiness and taste. However, there are some who worry about the safety of adding artificial additives to the noodles. For those who worry, there's a shop in Tokyo that makes completely natural and additive-free noodles which use 'natural kansui.'

Delicious Ramen with Fresh Noodles that are Hand-Cut for Each Order!

Near a small station in the western part of Tokyo, 'Daruma' is a gem of a ramen shop that prepares a mouth-watering bowl of noodles that are handmade and cut as each order is placed! If you're a lover of ramen or noodles or food in general, do yourself a favor and head to Nakano Fujimicho Station to try this ramen for yourself!

Creamy Oyster Ramen in Nakano, Tokyo, that will Take Your Breath Away

It's an exciting time to be alive and eating ramen! Today we will be introducing a ramen shop in Nakano, Tokyo that serves an exquisite and unique bowl of ramen made with a foamy oyster soup. It's quite different than any other ramen and definitely worth checking out!

Nakano Izakayas: 5 Places That Are Simply Awesome

Looking for a cool place with a local vibe to eat and drink in Nakano? Then this is the perfect list for you!

5 Nakano Restaurants That Are Incredibly Delicious

There are so many good restaurants around Nakano Station! It's truly a gourmet spot worth exploring. Here are some of our picks in that area! We've included cuisines of all genres so you're bound to find something you like.

7 Koenji Cafes You'll Be Glad To Know About

Naturally, one of Tokyo's neighbourhoods with the highest concentration of hipsters should have great cafes. Koenji does not disappoint! Here are 7 exceptional places that you go to either for the sweets, relaxing atmosphere, great coffee or delicious light meals.

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