Discover Favy's food and restaurant guides for Shibuya (渋谷)! Shibuya's places of interest are the Shibuya Crossing, the Hachiko Statue and the Love Hotel Hill. Shibuya is famous for its shopping areas, its pedestrian crossing, and its green areas.
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Sumibiyaki Kobe Beef Ikuta: Where To Have Kobe Yakiniku in Tokyo!

Sumibiyaki Kobe Beef Ikuta is a go-to in terms of having Kobe beef in Tokyo. You can try different types of Japanese cuisine, such as BBQ, sukiyaki and shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot). It's delicious, reasonably-priced and conveniently located!

For A Whopping 360g Burger, Stop By Whoopi Goldburger In Shibuya, Tokyo!

Whoopi Goldburger in Shibuya serves up a 360g burger made with three meat patties! If you have a craving for burgers and have packed an appetite, come try the Charlotte Gainsburger!

J.S Curry has a new location in Shibuya! Serves different kinds of curry too!

The popular curry restaurant J.S Curry has opened a new restaurant in Shibuya. The new restaurant also serves a type of curry you can only order there, the Sammaan Curry. The new dish is made with a tumeric roux and with a nice-sized piece of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cabbage!

Super Spicy Ramen With Coriander At Karamenya Ichirin In Shibuya, Tokyo

Karamenya Ichirin serves ramen from Miyazaki with plenty of garlic, a soy sauce soup, chilli pepper, and beaten eggs.

Where To Have Affordable Sushi in Shibuya, Tokyo

Here is the list of where to have affordable Sushi in Shibuya. Who said you had to pay a fortune to have good sushi in Tokyo!

Must-Try Restaurants in Shibuya!

Here is a list of must-try restaurants in Shibuya, Tokyo. These restaurants include all price-range and genres. Have a wonderful time in Shibuya!

MURUGI Curry House In Shibuya, Tokyo: A Must-Try Joint For Curry Lovers

Murugi is a famous curry house in Shibuya that has been around since 1951. If you're a curry fan, you should definitely write this one on your bucket list when you visit Tokyo.

Best Restaurants In And Around The Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

If you are looking for great restaurants nearby or inside the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo, you should check out this guide!

Best Restaurants Of The Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

The Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo boasts many amazing places to dine and have tea. Here's a guide to the best restaurants and cafes of the downtown Tokyo hotel.

Where To Have Delicious Japanese Curry in Shibuya

Have you ever tried a Japanese curry called "curry rice"? It is based on Indian curry, but it is very different from it in terms of flavor, ingredients, etc. These curry shops in Shibuya will satisfy your stomach.

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